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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about personal style and fashion. What is personal style? What is my personal style? Yes, friends, these are the first world problems rattling around my head. My style has constantly been in a state of flux. Always pushing forward and still holding on tightly to some constant vibes. I know my look is definitely a little more “edgy” — though I don’t like self proclaiming that. But, I’ll probably always have that element. Nothing makes my heart beat fast like some chunky accessories on a tattooed surfer chick. An all black outfit will always have my name on it. Skinny jeans and booties?…yep my go-to for always. And I’ve never met a pair of distressed denim I didn’t love.

But lately I’ve been feeling the pull to push myself. To lean in to my flux. To practice what I preach and try harder. Try something new. Study fashion. Learn trends. Learn designers. And just clean up my vibe. Mostly because, a lot of you have commented and sent me messages encouraging just that. Or have sent me ideas. Or told me that you think the smaller shoes look better than my oversized Uggs (my husband thanks you for that one).

So, while I will always be a hippie at heart, I’m trying something new this week. And trying to be a little more pulled together. Baby steps!

So here’s what I’m loving and trying out!

Outfit #1

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I wore this to our photoshoot with the kids for my Nordstrom Anniversary Kids and Baby post. Easy to move in. Comfortable. But still more effort than my ripped up jeans and tee.
Also PSA: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates end tomorrow so if there is anything left on your list better get it today! Check out our shop with all our top picks here!


Top: This top is super old. But these have a similar vibe and I am seriously crushing on them! I had to include the Free People top because it is gorgeous and even better when I saw it in person but super expensive. (similar- Free People) (similar-Urban Outfitters) (also similar- Urban Outfitters)

Shorts: BDG Low-Rise Dolphin Short Sold Out in the black but available in denim and mustard

Boots: My boots that I hacked off the top! I am especially loving these with shorts! Pre-hack

On Miss Roman: Peek ‘Luxury’ Crewneck Sweatshirt and Sweatpants



Outfit #2

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So Miss Roman had the stomach flu the week before. Seriously, is there anything worse?! Yes. Yes there is. That week happened to coincide perfectly with Dave having a big pitch at work. So while my man was MIA all week at work, I was holding down the home front. You know. Running out of every last drop of food and milk. And throwing all kids in PJs in the car to drive to the grocery store down the street for Milk and
wine food. Then (of course) Roman vomited all over herself. And the boys. So I turned around and came home empty handed and forced Dave to leave his work and bring me groceries! The next day I took her to the doctor with both boys in tow. This time she projectile vomited on the drive. I mean, it hit the front windshield from her seat in the back. For this vomit episode I stopped at Walgreens next to her doctor and we ran in, covered in puke, and bought new clothes. My personal favorite was Miss Roman’s shirt that said, “I Work Out. Just kidding. I take naps.” (Not bad Walgreens… not bad)

So yeah, after a week of being covered in puke Dave finally finished his pitch, I took a long uninterrupted shower, finally washed my hair, and got dressed in something that made me feel pulled together. More girl. Less mom with a sick kid. And we did what was best for a sensitive stomach post-flu — got donuts. And of course I ate one myself. Then took a bite of each of the boys. Then finished off Roman’s chocolate with extra sprinkles. Guess I am really celebrating the new week!


Top: Madewell grid-mix short-sleeve shirt ON SALE!

Pants: Madewell tall skinny skinny jeans in edmonton wash

Shoes: Old (But totally crushing on these with fringe instead of a fold)

Bag: My mom’s Vintage Chanel Clutch (similar Kate Spade at a much better price point)



Outfit #3

A photo posted by OE Soderberg (@girlmeetsbaby) on

We’ve had a couple rainy cooler mornings here. Reason #6543 I love Colorado (every kind of weather you can imagine — but mostly sunshine). I am obsessed with this whole oversized sweater with shorts look. I’ve seen it a bunch but actually just tried it for the first time this week. And, I am thinking this is going to be my go-to for the transition into fall/winter. And the lace on the shorts matched the sweater which just kind of pulled the look together IMO.


Sweater: Free People Moonshine V-Neck Pullover

Shorts: Free People Lacey Denim Cutoffs

Sunglasses: Free People Twiggy Round Sunglass



Outfit #4

Eek! Trying something oh-so-new for me: A dress. I Never wear dresses. But, like I said, I am pushing myself. I mentioned on Instagram how this dress was hard to photograph. I almost feel like it needed a video to really show how it looked on. But I can’t praise this shift dress enough. The cut on the shoulders is super flattering and the POCKETS! I die. And like most shift dresses, to really get the “no-shape” look to work, it’s all about accessories and shoes. Even how you wear your hair can make a huge difference. I’d think this would be a great dress for early pregnancy and postpartum too. It hides a multitude of sins.


Dress: Free People Getaway Shift Dress – Available in 3 colors! 

Boots: My favorite go-to boots that I hacked off the top! Pre-hack

Sunglasses: Free People Twiggy Round Sunglass

EarringsJ.Crew Neon Tassel Earrings ON SALE! These are amazing! Hands down my favorite jewelry right now.

Clutch: Cleobella Mexicana Clutch



Outfit #5

Casual Sunday with my family. We’ve got big plans for today that include TV and laundry and deep cleaning the bathrooms after church… which we quickly abandoned for a train ride to Downtown for burgers and scooters through the fountains. Man, every time I write these #everydayedits I realize how much of my life is centered around adventures where the destination is food. FOOD! WHY DO I WORSHIP YOU?!


Top: Madewell la saison d’été sun-up tee

Pants: Madewell tall skinny skinny jeans in edmonton wash

Boots: ONCE AGAIN, my boots that I hacked off the top! Pre-hack

Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples Emmy





Your Turn!

As always, you guys have been awesome!

Hot Instagram Mom Fashion

@elletrain Girl! Your boots hack seriously made my day! You look so good and you cut them right at the perfect spot for your leg! I seriously love seeing this!

@tanreni Why do I never remember how perfect a classic white shirt can be!? I have pulled mine out and have rocked it twice since seeing this pic.Thanks for the inspiration girl!

@chrissiesunshowers This outfit is great. The pops of color with the bright white. You nailed it! And girl, where is your bag from?! I need that in my life!

@madabymada Ok Love this — obviously totally my vibe. I just found this girl on #myeverydayedit and am loving her. I swear, I feel like we’d be BFF’s in real life! And guys check out her blog post to go with this picture. She lists 26 great pieces of advice!

Thanks for reading and for coming along with me on my fashion journeys! Can’t wait to see what next month brings. I’m always a little surprised how much my style is evolving just being a part of this blog community!

peace ’n love — OE



  1. Hey OE! Just the article I needed- in the total same boat! Very inspiring, that refined but dirtbag line is a hard one to walk. Hey- what’s your beautiful LV bag in outfit #1? I may have just figured what ask for fr xmas!

  2. I think you should just go for what you feel most comfortable in and what is you. I really like outfits #2 and #5, but that is my own personal bias because that is what I could happily live in every single day in spring/fall/winter where I live (with the addition of some extra layers at certain times). I tried a few years ago to jump on the capsule wardrobe bandwangon and have this diverse but minimal wardrobe with skirts and dresses and shirts/blouses but the reality is its not me, so I have all these beautiful items that I never wear. I have quite happily settled myself on more of a uniform now and I don’t really care if other people think I should break out and try something new. I have narrowed down my own uniform/personal style to skinny jeans when its cooler and shorts when its warmer, flat shoes (booties, saltwater sandals, loafers), a tee (anything goes, but I have lots of stripes and bright shades), a sweater (grey, natural or cream solid, or striped in a color), a blazer or jacket, then I accessorize with scarves and gold jewelry.

    • I love this. Your Momiform sounds a lot like mine. For awhile I was kind of obsessed with the idea of a capsule wardrobe but I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work for my life. Like many organizational systems etc., I think it’s a much better idea in theory than in practice because life just doesn’t fit into neat little boxes all the time. The problems I’ve run into with the capsule is that a lot of pieces simply don’t go as seamlessly from casual to dressy nor do all items layer as comfortably and easily as purported. At least for me. I also live in Wisconsin so these thin little cardigans over a long sleeve shirt just aren’t going to cut in in January. What I love about this blog is I feel like Shaina and friends do a great job of mixing pieces from casual to dressy as well as layering in ways that are realistic and doable.

      Part of the whole capsule craze, as well as the 10 item wardrobe thing, is the point that most of us buy way more clothes than we actually need and can ever wear. I’ve noticed I get overwhelmed and obsessive about my clothing when I have too many choices but on the other hand I could never do the minimalist thing. First of all, the aforementioned point about life just not working that way. Secondly, I’m cool doing laundry once a week but I don’t want to have to wear every item I own every week to make that work. Some variety is good!

      Oh, and OE? If you want to change up your style to broaden your personal horizons that’s totally cool. But don’t do it because other people think you should. You certainly don’t seem like that kind of girl! Your outfits may not be my personal taste and style but I think you always look great and well put together. And you are killing that dress!

      • You guys! Thank you for these two comments! I am always so intrigued how the capsule wardrobe works for mommas. And I, too, am all about the momiform!!
        @Beth – Thank you for your words of encouragement! I so needed that! 🙂

      • Beth, I hear you on the seasonal realities of a capsule wardrobe! When you can see a 40 degree swing in the course of two spring days, hard fast rules go out the window after the weather. I’m working toward a year-round wardrobe from that perspective, so that I can pull out the tank one 90 degree day and add the military jacket when it’s 54 and raining the next. But I’m also working toward a boundless capsule wardrobe – with lots of pieces that cross from Mama days to office days. Working in a casual office and creative field makes it easier, but I’m curious whether it would be doable in a more business casual world, too? Here’s to better choices with fewer choices!

  3. I love how strong your sense of style is! Like exhibit A of how to have a personal style, which I often need help with to break out of boring blue jeans and tee. Example, you have been my black jeans inspiration. And I can still see you in these “out on a limb” choices. Don’t stop doing you! Most of us moms could use a little more (accessible) edge in our lives. And I love-love your hair dude.

  4. It’s an inspiring blog for moms! I also read Trust my Paper to write my perfect essays when I’ll be able to work, but your posts are special, they are not boring. Thanks!
    Bzw, what shampoo do you wash your hair?

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