What’s Your Pool Float Personality?




Did you know Memorial Day is less than 3 weeks away?! What? We’ve had a few false starts to spring here, but today was finally warm enough to imagine that summer’s on its way. Maybe.  Since we’ll have access to a pool this summer I’ve been browsing water toys for the kids but ended up finding all these amazing pool floats I want! There are so many cool options now that I was almost overwhelmed by choice (back in my day, this guy was about as exciting as it got) so I rounded up the best of the bunch in hopes someone may benefit from the many, many hours I waste conduct research online.

To make shopping even more fun (because looking at giant, adorable inflatable animals is so taxing) I created fun little pool float personality capsules – are you a GLAMama, junk foodie, American beauty or the resident mermaid on duty?



Are you the one who swans delicately into the pool so you don’t get your hair wet, or wear a swimsuit made of material that isn’t meant to go in the water? Prepare to get even fancier.

gold swan pool float: You totally wanted to be on T. Swift’s #swansquad last year – stay golden with this year’s upgrade of the famous swan float.

ett: twa pink & gold sunglasses: The slight 50’s vibe of these sweet shell pink + gold sunnies would look so good with a tan or fair skin.

“sunny” sun hat: I love Eugenia Kim’s witty hats – the hand embroidery is gorgeous.




Love unhealthy food in all its forms, including plastic? (Possibly the one instance where pizza might actually taste bad). Indulge your kid-at-heart.

donut pool floats: I couldn’t decide on a flavor, so you get both!

bando pink cooler: Oh, how many times I say this to my minis every day especially regarding food, so it’s fitting on a cooler.

ice cream plates: The unexpected color combo and modern ice cream design scream summer.



American Beauty

You’re spot on trend for major summer holidays.

watermelon pool float: Seriously, that looks delicious.

S’well water bottle: Love the shiny gold stars and that it comes in multiple sizes from personal to family (or extremely thirsty person) size.

fouta beach towel: The tomato/navy colors are so fresh and this type of turkish towel just gets better with use.



Because who doesn’t want to be a mermaid during beach weather, with the possible exception of my husband?

shell pool float: Like many of the floats featured here, this baby is humongous – note the cup holder on each side, there’s room for at least 2.

Mermaid Hair shampoo: I’ve wanted to try this for.ev.er. – the scent is described as “fresh orange blossom, coconut + ocean breeze” and the internet loves it.

S’well water bottle: Beyond gorgeous sparkly sweet mint water bottle is so summery.

Coolest Pool Floats 2016



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