When Your Swimsuit Selfie Accidentally Ends Up on Facebook


I received an awesome email from reader J – it’s one part cautionary tale and two parts GO MAMA.

J had ordered a few swimsuits from our swim guide, and after they arrived, she took 5 minutes out of a crazy morning to try one on.  She snapped a quick selfie with “zero intentions of sharing publicly” and got back to morning craziness.

Imagine her surprise when, several hours later, she sees Facebook comments in her stream saying things like, “great suit!” and “looking hot!”  Horrified, J realized that her swimsuit selfie had accidentally made it onto Facebook.  (Thanks, Kids.)  So she promptly took it down, the mortification burning (can you even imagine?? I cannot.).

But guess what happened next?

J’s accidental Facebook Selfie



J writes:

This one made Facebook at 8 am. By preschool drop off time at 9 am I saw some Facebook alerts saying nice suit. And I was puzzled. I did not post any new kiddie pics. Then I started thinking surely not. Then I flipped out and jumped onto Facebook and there it was. My selfie for all to see. Agh! Ha ha. I took it down ASAP. But then….I had so many comments and funny stories and call outs from friends that I just put it back. For all. #reallife #kidswithphones

Not only did J put it back, but she included this caption:




I especially love this part:

I would have sucked in, put on some fake tanner, taken the price tag off, fixed my hair, not had undies hanging out….

J, I GET YOU, GIRL.  This is totally my life, too.

And since J figured that – well heck – it’s already out there, she sent in a few additional swimsuit pics in the spirit of helping a mama out.

So if any of you were wondering about the colorblock situation, here’s another example of how flattering it can be:



wearing: Vince Camuto Color-Blocked Swimsuit (also in strapless, which doesn’t have the side cut-outs)

But the suit J ended up keeping was J.Crew’s ruched halter:


J says:

“This is the J Crew Ruched Halter. I love it. I look like I have boobs. I don’t need to suck in. Much. The suit is comfortable. The long torso option is for me even though I am only 5’5″. I cleaned my mirror for you on this one. Sorry about the bathroom selfie. Sorry about the white thighs. :)”

J, you babe, you’ll never have to apologize to us for white thighs, dirty mirrors, bathroom selfies, no make-up, ponytails or undies on the floor.  This is so totally our reality, too.  I love you for sending these in, and for having such a damn good sense of humor.

And for whatever it’s worth, I think you could totally pull off either one of these suits.

So….there you have it, Mamas!  J’s cautionary tale with the best-ever ending.   J, a huge thank-you for helping us keep it real ’round here.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!




  1. My younger sister sent me an awesome pic of her 8 pack that she’s been working so hard for. I sent a goofy picture of my fat self in my underware (mom of 3, 5’3″ 185 lbs.)to my sister in response, and the chat program auto posted to her facebook. There was a good frantic 15 min. of trying to get a hold of her, since after we finished chatting she went off to the gym. I finally got her roommate to login on her laptop and take it down. At first I was mortified, and then I thought it was HILARIOUS. I should have just written “before” and then posted her abs as the “after”. Everybody likes those kinds of pictures. When my sister got back to her phone after her workout, it exploded with texts, and FB msgs telling her that I was exposed! She called me crying. I just told her that I was tougher than that! I’m always working on loving myself, no matter what I look like at the moment. It was a just another opportunity to say, hey! I’m not that bad, and I am allowed to occupy space here on the planet without shame!

  2. Go, J!! We all think about giving our daughters body confidence, way to start at home- every sense of the word.

  3. Omg… J, you totally lived out one of my big fears. Way to come through with such a courageous and positive attitude. : )

  4. J, you look great in both suits. Glad you found one that you felt good in. This is exactly why I don’t take bathing suit selfies. This is a real fear of mine.

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