Where to Buy Plus-Size Bathing Suits


‘Cause she’s a brick…house…She’s mighty, mighty, just letting all hang out…” Wait, what? Hold up. That is not the vision, especially not when it comes to swimwear! I get it, it’s no small feat finding that unicorn swimsuit with style and practicality that won’t spill your goodies every time you have to hustle out the path of little Johnny’s CANNONBAAAALLL. I would say just grab something, anything that makes you feel like the super-amazing boss woman you are, but for some gals, that’s a little easier said than done. Plus-size mamas, I’m looking at you. Seriously, I promise I’m looking at you eye-level. We are gonna do right by those curves, ya’ heard?

I’m just gonna set a few retailers right here to help you get straight to the good stuff. No more crossing your fingers that they’ll have your size. These are the retailers that are pretty much killing the plus-size swim game right now. Obviously, I had to throw my picks in there, so let’s do this!

Shop the Best Retailers for Plus-Size Swimsuits

Amazon Plus-Size Swimsuits

Of course, Amazon’s selection is insane and they have up to size 24, which is pretty good, too!


ASOS Plus-Size Swimsuits

The swimsuits here go up to size 24 also, but tend to sell out fast. When you find ‘the one’, go with it, and consider throwing in another option or size, just in case.


HerRoom Plus-Size Swimsuits

The selection is still really good and goes up to size 16.


Nordstrom Plus-Size Swimsuits

I didn’t see any brands with individual number sizes, but the range (0X-3X) covers up to size 24W.


River Island Plus-Size Swimsuits

The selection is limited, but they’re so fashion-forward and up to size 24, so that kinda makes up for it.


Swimsuits for All Plus-Size Swimsuits

The name says it all. They have the widest selection and go up to size 34. Model Ashley Graham has a line here, and it’s gorgeous!


Target Plus-Size Swimsuits

Target swimsuits are BOGO 50% off this week! The plus-size selections go up to size 26, which is among the most extensive.


I can’t believe my vacation was two long months ago! My outfit is completely sold out, but I hope you’re digging some of the bold suits I picked for ya. I did find a similar jumpsuit and sandals, so there’s that. You know the deal, I’m living vicariously through your summer beach plans, so tag me when you get your swimsuit. I won’t be jealous, I promise.

You know where to find me, right? I’m @beingtiarra on Instagram; you can find me on LiketoKnow.it, too, so you can instantly shop all my outfits. Clearly, I want to stay in touch, so c’mon, let’s make it social official.

Photos by Sweet Leaf Photography


  1. Tiarra, I love your posts! I love the way you write so conversationally and the way you relate to your readers/fans. I may not be plus-sized, but flattering is flattering no matter your digits. Thanks for your inspiration and for sharing your talents with those of us that may be, um, fashion-ly challenged!

    • Mary, thank you! It’s a lot easier to write these posts if I just write how I talk to my girls. So yeah, you’re my girl now, LOL!

  2. I second that! I love your writing style – you are hilarious and upbeat. I also love the color and style that you bring to your outfits. But mostly I just love that you are being your authentic self and having fun with it. That’s pretty refreshing in the blog-o-sphere!

  3. This round up is really great! I just bought new swimsuits after 2 years of avoiding wearing one. I decided on some 2 piece sets with shorts from Nike that offer coverage and are comfortable. Spent Father’s Day at the pool and spent the time having fun with my kids and friends, not worrying about how I looked in my swimsuit. Love the body positive message you share, Tiarra!

    • Ah, that is the absolute best. I also went through the anti-swimsuit period and had the same experience of just having a great time with the family and not caring. I am so glad you found something that lets you be confident and have a good time. That’s what it’s about!

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