Where To Crop Your High-Rise, Wide-Leg Pants (Or Jeans)?


If you’ve been following The Mom Edit for a while, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that Julieta is a pro at rocking denim’s latest silhouette: the high-rise, wide-leg. I’m just a skinny-jean-and-sneaks kind of girl in a changing world, so she headed on over to Philly to help me figure things out.

First up? Where the heck should these things hit on the leg? Too long and you’ve decidedly missed The Crop, too short and you’re stuck in some sort of Oliver-Twist-Knickers-Meet-Captain-Hook situation. A situation that can be easily exacerbated by footwear — like booties. Nothing says A’HOY MATEY like a bad crop job and the wrong boots.

Thankfully, Julieta and I went through a bunch of footwear, trying to get the right crop. Hope this helps.



What I’m Wearing With High-Rise Cropped Pants

Most of the pieces I’m wearing are sold out, but I tried to find similar. For the pumps, these are my old and still-beloved Vince Clair D’Orsay pumps — your best bet is to find them on eBay, here. The leopard flat boots also have a few pairs available on eBay – here’s the right search.


What Julieta Is Wearing With High-Rise, Cropped Jeans

Her jeans and pullover are in stock. She also found a similar pair of combat boots, which she LOVES.


S & Julieta

This one’s for the pinners:



  1. Loving the super timely post!! I just picked up several wide cropped pants/ jeans. My clogs seem to work well with them and also ( this surprised me a bit) my old tan Frye Campus boots. Both shoes kind of have kind of a 70’s Annie Hall vibe thing going on that matches the wide, cropped shape, and both shoes have a little bit of chunky heel height that seems to help things along. It must look fairly ok since I was stopped about 5 times at the local science museum on a super busy rainy Sunday. Oh- also my old cowboys boots look pretty good too- basically any of my taller boots that have been forsaken over the last few years for booties have been pulled back out. Yay!

  2. Great post! I’m very tempted to get out of my skinnies/booties thing and try something new! You guys looked like you had fun with this video!

  3. I love this! I am like Julieta and I have been loving this trend for a long time. It took me a very long time for come around to skinny and so I think this trend is just taking a little longer to catch on!

  4. Thank you for this! I’m also not very tall, and I had no idea where my wide leg pants should hit. Can’t wait to crop them and get on with this trend!

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