White Boots: My Three Favorites Are On Sale!


If there’s one trend I’m excited about, it’s the white bootie trend.  It hit hard last fall, is still the biggest thing for Spring, and will be around well into next Fall.  If there’s one way to modernize your go-to pieces, it’s white boots.

I’ve been wearing the heck out of my studded pair (now on sale!!), but I’ve been on the lookout for an update for Spring:  specifically, a white boot with a wooden heel.  I’ve had my eye on a few….and then Bloomingdales F&F sale happened (and Nordstrom is price matching), so the end result?  All of my favorites are currently 25% off.

So.  I did a quick order, and thought I’d compare the results, if anyone is interested.

The Winners: DVF Devon Booties

My favorites were the wood-heeled DVF Devon booties.  The leather is super soft, the heel walkable, and I like how they look with both skinnies and bare legs.  However, it was CLOSE.  (I do a more in-depth comparison later in the article.)

similar leather jacket | scarf | similar jeans (same style, different wash) | boots | sunglasses


The White Boot Comparison

Vince Vaughn White Booties

These are the booties that started my white-boot-with-wood-heel obsession.  These boots are soft, with a higher shaft, and a very walkable heel.  My only point of contention is that the boot is pointy, which gives the whole look a slight 80’s vibe (or maybe a western vibe???).  Anyway….this is not a bad thing!!!!  I just happened to be looking for a 60’s mod vibe – it fits my personal style a better – but both are equally on trend!  It just depends on your style.

Vaughn Booties on sale at Bloomingdales…or price-matched at Nordstrom


Vince Blakely White Booties

The Blakelys are another wood-heeled, white bootie by Vince….but this time, they have that mod vibe I’m going for.  Same high shaft, but with a rounded toe and taller heel.  They’re also slightly creamier (less white) than the Vaughn booties.  I absolutely love this pair.  The heel is high, yet walkable.

Vince Vaughn Booties 25% off at Bloomingdales….or price-matched at Nordstrom

DVF Devon Booties

What you need to know:  These boots have the softest (and whitest) leather of the bunch.  The heel wasn’t quite as high as the Vince Blakelys, but it was higher than the Vince Vaughn booties.The boot shaft, however, was a little lower than the other two which initially I thought would be a bad thing.  Not so.  This boot also has an interesting seam detail, and a nice knot detail on the zipper.

How The Heck Did I Decide?

Truthfully, my Mom helped.  🙂

I had already set the pointy-toe Vince Vaughn booties aside.  But the Vince Blakely and DVF Devon boots?  They were tied for first place. So we looked at how these boots looked with bare legs.  From there….it was pretty easy.

The Vince Blakely boots had a slightly longer shaft, and they happened to hit me at a slightly unflattering spot on my legs. (This may not happen for everyone – I’m only 5’2″.)   The end result is that my legs looked a lot shorter and stumpier with these boots on.

The DVF Devon boots, however, hit a little lower on my leg (and the leather was softer, too).  So the net result was cute and flattering.  Done.

Here’s the comparison (Vince Blakelys on the left, DVF Devons on the right):

Vince Blakely boots | DVF Devon boots | dress (xs for reference)


See what I mean?




  1. I cannot possibly be the only person who thought of the actor when she saw the Vince Vaughn bootie.

    And if I were in the market for white booties and had $300 burning a hole in my pocket, I’d have chosen the DVF pair too. But I am in Florida and it is already flip flop season here. I love the idea of white booties, but don’t think they would get enough wear to justify the price.

  2. Shana, you were reading my mind on buying white boots. Can you do a post on more ways to style and through various seasons?

  3. Thanks, Shana! I snagged the Vince Blakely at Nordie’s and can’t wait to see how they look. Must admit, when you sported those first pair of white boots last year I never thought they would have a place in my closet. But since then I’ve seen them dressed up and dressed down and they look so FRESH!! Your Aquarian instincts are spot on, lady! XO

  4. Thank you for sharing that styling info but mostly thank you for the heartwarming photos of you and your mom. I was needing a boost and you generously gave it to me. Also the tie-dye dress, need details, please…

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