From Insecure to Confident in a Pretty White Lace Top


Insecurities, why do they have to exist? Has it ever happened to you that you get dressed and even though you like how you look you feel super insecure? That was me the day of these pics. Honestly, that’s me pretty often. I’m too self-conscious and tend to overthink everything a lot. Part of it I blame it on insecurities and other on my introverted nature.

The day of this shoot I got dressed and looked in the mirror one, two, three times and couldn’t feel good. As pretty as this white lace top is, the fact that is snug around the stomach area made me feel uncomfortable. If you remember my belly shot I have some bumps and lumps due to my stretched skin that I thought would be very obvious in this top despite my high rise jeans.

I stood in front of the mirror and turned to the left to see one profile, then to the right for the other profile. Then my back and finally the front running my hands on my stomach. I sucked my pooch in the most I could and thought “if only I looked like this all the time.” Even though I’m working on strengthening my abdominal muscles, I’m not there yet and my belly bulges out more often than I like. So, when I was about to change the top, my younger sister who was visiting from Colombia said she loved the top and that I looked good. Sometimes all you need is a little push. At the end I decided to leave it on and stop looking at the mirror looking for reasons not to.

As the day went by, I started feeling more comfortable. Comfortable enough that I let my sis take these pics. She’s the sweetest and kept encouraging me all the time.white lace top white lace top

white lace topTwo things I learned that day:

  • Surrounding myself with people who lift me up is super important. I hate that my sisters are thousands of miles away.
  • Sometimes I get too caught up on the things I don’t like that I can’t see what I do like. The best thing I can do is avoid the mirror and enjoy my day, take pics and let it go. Days later I’ll grab the camera and check the pics and notice it wasn’t as terrible as I thought.

I kept the top on all day and went through my day (trying) not to care. At the end my babies love me whether I’m wearing an old t-shirt or a pretty white lace top.

To my little sis: You teach me and inspire me more than you could ever imagine. I love you.


Top – River Island Bardot flared sleeve white lace top Pretty and cute top. It runs TTS and I love how it looks paired with straight or flared fitting jeans and pants.

Jeans – Levi’s Wedgie Icon Jeans (or super similar for less) If you love Levi’s, vintage cuts and rigid denim, these jeans are for you. I know is not a fit everyone loves, but I do love it a lot. Your regular size will fit tight at first especially on your hips and waist but it’s meant to be that way. They will break in and mold to your body. If you want to rush the break in progress just get in the bath tub wearing them and let them dry while on. I know! It sounds crazy but it works. If you prefer a looser and more relaxed fit size up. Almost forgot to mention they are %100 cotton so they will shrink if exposed to heat, so avoid hot tumble dry. I just lay them flat.

Shoes – Caslon Gilda Sandals Run half size big.

Bag – Asos (old) Similar styles here and here.

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Chao, chao. Julieta


  1. This top is adorable and you look fab in it! And I totally get what you’re saying. There are so many days that I love my outfit, but hate how I look in pictures, so I never post any pictures of them. I give you guys all the credit in the world for posting so many pictures of yourself! Keep them coming!

  2. I soooo appreciate your honesty and your willingness to put yourself out there! This post and the one where you bared your tummy let me know that I’m not alone. I think you look great here! Keep up the fresh perspective, I really appreciate it!!

  3. Julieta, I have diastasis recti, too. Read this article recently and it’s been a game changer! My abdominal separation is almost closed and the best part of all – haven’t had a single day of lower back pain since starting to practice this exercise (apparently lower back pain is common with diastasis recti – I had no idea!). You’re lookin’ gorgeous in that lace top! Best, Amie

    • I read it too!!! It’s amazing. I’ve been doing and it has helped. However my tissue is torn and I got an umbilical hernia too. That’s something I’m trying to get help with. My bellies were so big and my stomach so weak that the damage is a little bit more than usual….anyways I’m so excited and happy your diastasis is almost closed! All my love, Julieta

    • I’m always telling new moms about diastasis recti. I’ve had a lot of success with the Mutu System Shana recommended on here a few years ago. I’ve been doing their system (I call it physical therapy) for about two years and all I can say is it works for me. If I get lazy and stop doing it, I definitely notice a regression and I get back to it.

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