The White Sneaker Trend is Still Going Strong in 2018


Similarly to white jeans, white sneakers and I have had a love-hate thing going for years. I kept trying to find the right pair and kept NOT finding the right pair that was flattering on me. It’s like the bright white was just too loud saying “here are my white sneakers!”

There’s something about the sole of this style that just finally works. I think it’s the grounding color of the gum sole that breaks up the oh-so-bright white shoe, but it’s also got a preppy-sporty 1980’s vibe here that I’m adoring. I of course love mine with my favorite black jeans and graphic tee. And I layered jackets (because it’s still cold here) but ooooh watch out I’m baring my ankles in the hope that actual spring will come.

Yes, there was a little glass of day-drinking going on here…at one of my new favorite brunch spots in St. Johns. It’s so fab. Dare I tell you so it stays insanely busy? Eek. Portland brunch is laughable how long the lines are. I mean, it’s insane. I don’t want to, but I want them to stick around, so I’ll divulge. It’s called Paiku and it’s delicious! We really needed a spot like this in our ever changing little part of town. Well, honestly, you can never have too many brunch places in this city. It’s unreal.

It seems the majority of this style exists in men’s sizes so be aware. The pair of Reeboks I have on are a men’s size, 1.5 sizes down from my regular women’s size and these are super close more well-stocked. They’re currently tricky to find in stock online, but I’ve rounded some that are similar up at the end of the post, have no fear. Ooh and I just found this women’s pair that is super close to mine and well-stocked.

Outfit Details

Reebok Club 85 C – I love these, BUT they’re sold out. This Reebok men’s sneaker is SUPER close. They make me think of tennis in the 80’s. They’re comfy and soft terry cloth on the interior (I mean THE 80’s IN A SNEAKER). They fit TTS if only the slightest bit small. I have a feeling they’ll break in perfectly though so I didn’t size up. I’m wearing a Men’s 6.5 and usually wear a Womens 8. These pink Supergas are one of the few womens pairs I found that have a true gum sole and they’re super cute. They would have a similar vibe but give you a non-white option. Or, just found, this women’s version of mine with slightly different details.

Madison Jacket – You’ve seen it before. I love this thing. It’s become my favorite to wear over workout wear too to add a little grunge/less prep. It’s perfectly oversized. Wearing a small. I love layering a gray hoodie underneath like this one when I need a little cozy layer there.

Gray Hoodie – Mine is from a trip to Canada, but this one is great. Essentially it’s a basic gray hoodie that works so well under other jackets as an added layer. If you prefer a thinner layer underneath, I also have this one and it’s great under more fitted jackets, like my leather jacket.

Peace Sign Tee – A new fav in my rotation. Wearing the boyfriend fit tee in a Medium in White Fleck.

Madewell 9″ High Rise in Black Sea – There really isn’t another jean I grab almost daily. They fit TTS, hold their shape, but soften so amazingly. This is my second pair after I literally wore the others out (after years of wear).

Rebecca Minkoff Nylon Backpack

 Lip Color

Posy & I were so into this lip color I got recently during Tamara’s (Consign Couture Boutique) latest Portland shopping tour, that we had to snap a few pics.

This rad lip balm stain changes to the perfect color for your skin tone AND is clear AND has a gorgeous chrysanthemum in the bottom. I mean. It’s fun. On me it’s a light, slightly bright pink and for a friend on the shopping tour who has gorgeous dark skin it turned a beautiful berry color.  Love. It’s called Winky Lux Flower Balm Lip Stain and it hydrates, but does stay on nicely, through brunch and day drinking!

By the way, these shopping tours are a blast and if you’re in the Portland area you should come!! It’s a full day of consignment/boutique shopping, snacks, wine and fun! The next one is in June. Check it out!

Shop Gum Sole White Sneakers

I shared a couple more mirror selfies in these white sneaks a bit ago over on my Instagram (@elletrain) and will be sharing more soon! So head on over and check those out.

Do you have a favorite white sneaker? Since finding these I’ve actually branched out into the Adidas Superstars, too, but I didn’t like them until they weren’t gleaming white anymore. Haha.



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  1. Funny, I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of white sneaks too. I’ve been a faithful Converse girl for years but need to move onto something new. I got really excited about the hi-top Vans but they made my feet look like boats, was so bummed! (I’m an 8). I like the look of the Vans with the gum sole that they have at Madewell, thinking of giving them a try…
    And I love that tee!!

  2. Laura, I LOVE your peace sign tee–and after spending way too long on that seller’s Etsy site I want to buy ALL the things! 🙂 I am curious if you could help me with sizing? You are tiny and wearing a medium? Do her shirts run small? I always either buy too big or too small of Etsy shops and would love some guidance from someone who has bought there before! Thanks in advance!

  3. Like most symbols, it has multiple meanings depending on the context. It can be a peace sign, or a V for victory, or, or, or. If the creator intended peace sign and you like that interpretation, I’d go with that! Either way, it’s a great outfit.

  4. Thanks lady! I know. I love her stuff!! I typically like my tees a little bit oversized. This one in a medium is perfectly that, not too tight. My rib cage and waist/mom tum aren’t super tiny so the medium on this was great! Many times I wear a small tee from Madewell, etc, but have trouble with button down shirts gaping, if that at all helps! Maybe more info than you needed. Haha.

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