How do you feel about skorts?  I haven't tried them myself yet, but I get why they would be practical for moms.  And I was tempted, last year, in our article on Denim Minis for Moms, but never succumbed.  So when reader N sent in a guest post on skorts…I was skeptical at first.  But she managed to find such cute ones, I'm now drooling over several.

Here's reader N's take on skorts….


As a kid I remember wearing bike shorts under my dresses to church on Sundays because there was an awesome tree outside the church office and if my mom got busy talking to people (like she always did) my brothers and I could climb it for a few minutes before we had to go home…but I didn’t want to either

a.) not wear a dress/skirt or

b.) have my undies showing!

And now as a mom, I find myself doing lots of running, jumping, and climbing again as I play with and chase my toddler, but I still like skirts and still don’t like my undies revealed to the general public. So what’s the solution?


Yup, you read that right – skorts. A lovely made-up combo word (like spork or tangelo), “skort” means a combination of a skirt and shorts. The ones I recommend for stylin’ young moms on hot summer days are basically a super simple pair of shorts with a skirt over it so that the shorts aren't showing.  At all. 

I personally feel like the ones that only have skirt on the front side are well, pretty lame. (NOTE FROM S: Is this like party in the back and business in the front?  snort)

And there are actually some cute skorts out there.  Like these….

More skorts



But as with many fashion options, you have to be careful with skorts. So here are a couple of rules I’ve developed for wearing skorts without committing any major faux pas:


1.) Sport-Skorts are for Sport Activities ONLY*

There are tons of really sporty skorts available now in stretch comfortable materials. If you’re golfing, playing tennis, in a summer volleyball league, or some other sporty activity, they may be an awesome cute option for you. But if you’re going to the grocery store or park with your kid, the fact that it’s shaped like a skirt does NOT suddenly make spandex workout gear appropriate apparel. (On the other hand, if you go to a park where most moms are in workout gear, then have at it…basically wear these skorts anywhere it’d be appropriate to wear yoga pants.)

Sporty skorts




2.) Keep the Rest of the Outfit Chic

One hazard of skort wearing is the potential to look like you’re in denial that you’re the mom instead of still a kid. The easiest way to avoid this, in my opinion, is simply to pair a modern, chic top with your skort. It doesn’t have to be boring or non-colorful, just stylish so it’s clear your outfit choices were intentional and not because you accidentally dressed yourself from the kid’s closet this morning.  Like this….

hot weather skort




3.) Don’t Buy a Skort unless You’d Buy it as a Skirt

This rule is easy, but sometimes is easy to forget. Would you buy a skirt that looked like a school uniform? No? Then avoid skorts that are plaid and pleated and long. Would you buy a frumpy skirt? Then avoid frumpy skorts! There is a pretty wide variety of skorts available so I would guess most people could find a length and cut they liked. A few of the ones I found online were actually silk, so they might be a better choice for special events, like an outdoor wedding where you might end up chasing a kid or getting dirty but also need to look nice than for day to day wear, but most are durable fabrics that can be washed and worn a bazillion times. I personally have a khaki colored one from Royal Robbins and a denim one from JCPenney and love them both and wash them often!


Jean Skort Chic




— N

Reader N is a stay-at-home mom with a two-year-old boy who love dionsaurs, football and talking to his Grandmas on the phone.


Thanks, N!  What do you think, dear readers?   Of course I'm loving the less-practical silk ones from Juicy and Robert Rodriguez….but am also thinking that the little yellow ruffled number from Nike might work. 

*While most sport-skorts I think should be left to sports-only activities, ones like the Nike skort could actually cross into street-wear with the right styling.  I'm thinking something like this….




Yes?  No?





  1. 🙂 I actually have the athleta skirt pictured and love it! I wear it with a simple black JCrew tee and sandals…or some converse type sneakers for the park. It washes and wears very well and I get a lot of compliments on it!

  2. I was thinking about sending you a picture the other day. I was wearing a cute skort with a tee and some Toms. I looked decent and felt good while chasing the punks I gave birth too. I’m a fan.

  3. I am a huge fan of skorts, but I totally agree with all of the “rules” that she posted here. Especially this one, never buy one that you wouldn’t wear as a skirt. Having that shorts for help getting around with your kids is no reason to buy an ugly skort.

  4. Omg I JUST bought my first skort! Thanks for the timely post with styling tips. I also just got a mini skirt with coordinating, gasp, bike shorts. I know it sounds awful but I swear it works.

  5. All this skort love…I may have to try it!
    Kristen – PLEASE send the pic! I’m running low on our mom street style pics and a skort pic would be perfect!

  6. The word made me cringe and think back to some awkward preteen numbers I owned as a kid, most of which were only skirts in the front. The practicality of this, though, makes short frilly numbers like that super cute Juicy skort above wearable. I wouldn’t normally do a skirt that short while chasing little ones, but the skort I could. I’m not completely sold on most of them. Maybe if they gain popularity, more fashionable choices will emerge. Could we change the name, maybe? Every time I type the word it hurts a little 😉

  7. I have a skort report! 🙂 I remember talking about this on ANMJ last year. I found a “skirt” at Land’s End (online) and was poised to buy. THEN I discovered that it was a skort and thought, Wheeee! I could do a little test drive. So it came in the mail months ago and I wore it for the first time yesterday. Check and check! It totally looks like a skirt and a flattering one at that – skims the bumps but still trim enough to make me look awesome. 😛 I will try to take a pic of myself if the skort now that I have test-driven one and will post it here so you can see that the skort can work very well.

  8. Seanna!!  Thanks for the skort report, LOL!  Yes – PLEASE send a pic.  Am dying to see it.  And so running behind on Mom Street Style pics….

  9. The look like…skirts. So, yes I would wear them. I like knee length or longer skirts (broomstick) and I still wear bike shorts underneath for thigh comfort.

  10. I thought you’d jumped off the deep-end for sure. But these are SO GREAT. I’m lusting after the silk one by Juicy (which is on sale now, btw). I think it might be my “back to work” purchase this week!

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