Whoa….S’s New Fav Skinnies Are Under $50. (Even Designer Denim Snobs Will Like These)


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(wearing: On S – Levi 535 Denim Leggings, Vintage Havana plaid shirt, J.Crew leopard scarf, Mia Buckaroo boots, Salt sunnies…..on R – Joe's Jeans, Ugg Australia Half-Hitch sneaks c/o Ugg, Grateful Dead tee from Target)

So I picked these up on a whim this past summer.  At Kohl's.  For $46.  Actually, they were less than that (I had a coupon for 30% off).  Then I forgot about them.

Now that the weather has actually turned, I started packing for our weekend in NY a couple of weeks ago.  Mike was in town supporting a Data Without Borders Datadive (read: geeks doing good), so the whole fam (including my mom) was going to NYC to support him.  And…uh…just hang out in one of the coolest cities in the world.  This wasn't a hard-sell, let me tell you.

Wanting to pack light, I brought only one pair of jeans.  And after a marathon try-on sesh at home, guess which ones?  

Yup.  Not the $200 denim that I (so) love…but these $30-something denim leggings by Levi.


I wore these babies all weekend….and they continue to be my go-to skinny right now.  They have a higher rise than most denim (but no so high that I'd classify them as high-rise), they are soft, comfortable, and perfectly stretchy.  The fit is much more legging than denim, so they hug your ankles and tuck easily into short boots.

Best of all?  They look amazing on each friend I've convinced to buy them…regardless of body type (apple, pear, etc).  Everyone seems to love these jeans.  Even my mom. 

So.  Denim snobs, you want to see details?  I know, you want to see the bum.  


It's good, right?  AND these hold up during wear – only minimal bum sagging, even when worn all weekend.

These are Levi's 535 Denim Leggings.  Kohl's carries them for $46, and so does Macy's.  Diver Dark wash is my favorite.



  1. Oooh those are awesome AND in my price range! But dang, am trying to get pregnant… maybe I can sport a bella band with them. Hm, I see a trip to Kohl’s in my future. Thanks Shana!

  2. Oooo….Amber, nice find!!  And in terms of the fit?  They are in between leggings and denim.  So, not quite as easy a cotton stretchy leggings, but not a total fight to get into.  They do hug your legs, so once on and buttoned, I do have to shimmy the leg fabric up a bit so I can bend.  But once on, totally comfortable, and no additional shimmy-ing required!
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  3. I just ordered them! I saw them at Dillard’s, too, but they only have two sizes, 1 and 3. I couldn’t get those over my feet. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to try them on! Thanks!

  4. Megan – I actually prefer my skinnies to be hemmed just above the ankle bone, so they might work! I have a decent amount of fabric at the bottom. But…uh…I’m pretty short. πŸ™‚
    Lena – The sizing is in Juniors, which I find really annoying. I’m typically a 26, but take a 1 in these. A 2 wasn’t bad either. The 0 was iiiiity biiiity and never gonna happen.

  5. Are jeans this tight acceptable for not tiny sizes? I’m 6’1″ and would be a size 17 in these according to the sizing guide. Don’t want to look ridiculous.

  6. Also, what size did you take in the top? Not sure if I should go for the S or M, I think we are about the same size.
    Ps. love your blog! This momma’s finally getting back in style, thanks to you!

  7. Your posts are always so timely! I was just going to write and ask for some decent, cheap skinny jean options. I feel great in my Citizens for Humanity skinnies but don’t want to wear them to the playground. Thanks!

  8. Yeah! How did you know I was looking at these a few days ago on Zappos? Trying to use up the last little bit of a store credit! I’ve just ordered (they were $40), I can’t wait for them to come in. I ordered a 9, I’m a size 29 (6) in my J Crew Matchstick skinnies. I was too lazy to go and measure myself, so I compared the measurements in the size charts and thats what I got.
    Thanks for the tip!

  9. Megan – One of my good friends picked up a pair…she’s typically a size 12? 14? and it 5′ 8″. I can’t remember what size she ended up buying, but I *think* they run small. At least I know I was shocked when I ended up fitting into a 1. They STREEEETCH.
    MommaOz – My Mia Buckleys were bought last year on Zappos….WAIT! I have the wrong name! Shoot – I’ll update the post. They are Mia’s Buckaroo boot, and if you google, there are a few sizes left. Like here: http://www.endless.com/MIA-Limited-Womens-Buckaroo-Western/dp/B0033Z6DZK/182-4480020-0034300?ie=UTF8&suppressRedirect=1
    Also, I have a size M in the Vintage Havana top. It’s a big too big, but I’ve been totally into over-sized tops lately.
    Tamar – Whoa! Thanks for the link!!
    And thanks for the comments, girls! I so love reading them. πŸ™‚

  10. Do you think these would work okay unbuttoned with a bella band for a 3 week postpartum belly? I am in this awful transitional period and would LOVE so cheap denim that actually fits me compared to my saggy maternity stuff…

  11. Just another sizing point of reference for anyone ordering online…. I am typically a size 29, gap size 6-8. I went to Kohls this morning and tried on sizes 7, 9, and 11. Surprisingly, they all worked pretty well! The biggest difference was in the waist. I actually ended up with the 7. The smaller size actually seemed to provide more butt lift πŸ˜‰ These are really comfy! Thanks for the tip Shana! πŸ™‚

  12. Vera…..my only hesitation is that the waist actually come up a bit higher than most jeans without being a high-waisted jean. So depending on where they hit you, you might end up with a crazy-mid-stomach-muffin-top.
    But hey – they are probably worth a shot.
    Otherwise, Forever 21 has some truly highwaisted skinnies and flare jeans…you could ZIP that pooch right up for about $20. (I was a big fan of the high-waist, post-partum.) Then layer your tops over the high-waist and no-one will know….

  13. Love it! Cheap, stylish, comfy and I can get them shipped to an FPO address! S., can you answer a style question for a clueless new mom? I am 3 months post p. and rapidly losing weight (though not as fast as I would want πŸ˜‰ I am reluctant to spend money on size six-ish clothes when I hope to be back in my pre-p. two, what things should I invest in? these jeans seem like a good choice. Any other suggestions?

  14. Thanks for sharing this find! I also ordered these on Amazon! They fit great, stretchy and comfy…Even gives my flat booty a nice lift! My only complaint is that they ride down in the back so whenever i squatdown *ahem* Mrs. Plumber? Hmmm?! I’m wondering if I can deal with it by making sure I’m always wearing long top? OR Is it just too small for this “non junior” 7 months post-partum mommy?

  15. Oh wow. These are amazing. I just went to Kohl’s to try them on, thinking they’d never work for me. They totally do. And I’m 16 weeks pregnant (with my second, so it’s not like I’m not out and proud). They are low enough and stretchy enough that I think I’ll get some good maternity miles out of them before I use them “for real.”

  16. If you’re thinking about signing up for one of the upcoming competitions, needing a little more help/critiques on form or just looking for a coach to help you understand lifting- Most of the competitions usually involve a weight lifting/barbell component, don’t let this be the chink in your armor! Also we have quite a few people getting ready for the CrossFit Open. CFS will fill a team this year and this is a great way to get ready for that.

  17. Wow! These are amazing. I liked them in the store (35 bucks at Macy’s) but when I got them home I fell in love! Even my husband said, “you need to go buy 2 more pairs”. Thanks for the help in my “I want sexy jeans but am only 3 months postpartum and want cheap ones” quest.
    For the record I’m currently in between a 10 & 12 (I go between an 8 & 10 in pre baby life). I can currently squeeze into a 31 citizens but a 32 would be comfier. I bought a size 11–perfect. The 13 was huge at the waist.

  18. I was happy to find these on sale at Kohl’s and picked up a pair in the same wash you have, Shana. I wear a 27 or 28 in AG jeans (my usual faves) and got a 7 in these. The 5 seemed super-tight in the dressing room but I wish I had persevered and given them a shot because the 7s are quite stretched out with lots of bum saggage (eek what a terrible word) after wearing them all day. Lesson learned: size down, people!

  19. Just another size reference – typically a 4 28/29 – I purchased the 5 in the super dark wash (online) – and I’m thinking of sending them back for the 7. My husband (bless his little fashion-challanged heart) suggested they might be a smidge tighter than they should be. He’s kinda right. I might wear them around the house the next couple of days with the tags still on (what? don’t judge – this is important stuff here) to see how they feel 2 wears in. Also – I bought skinnies at H&M for $19 and I LOVE them. I’ve spent the majority of black friday and cyber monday shopping for myself. HORRIBLE.

  20. I ordered these jeans a couple of weeks ago and wanted to report back that I’m IN LOVE. I wear them every day. I like them even more than my Citizens jeans, which cost a fortune. Not sure I’ll ever go back. Crazy, huh? Thanks so much for the tip!

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