I was going to start by talking about the weather, but OMG WHY?? (It was cold, then it was warm, now it’s cold blah blah who cares).  

Sorry ’bout that.

I do have a few fun links.  Let’s talk about that instead:

I collaborated with Mom.me on an article about the Mom Fashion Bloggers to watch in 2013.  This group of women are so inspiring – and range in ages from young 20’s to 50’s.  I was beyond thrilled with the results.  Check it out.

On that note….Kat from Does My Bum Look 40 In This? is discussing the oxford shoe trend and is attempting to find one that is actually comfortable without socks.  The no-sock-comfort issue is exactly why I have yet to embrace the oxford trend, so I will await her results eagerly.  (Also, if anyone has found the elusive no-sock oxford, please let me know!!)

Lena from Quality Rivets is doing a Friday fashion feature where she posts other blogger’s takes on a trend.  Last week was camo, this week’s topic is sneakers.  You may recognize a certain blogger in her lineup. Ahem

Mom.me, BTW, has the best roundup I’ve EVER SEEN on clothing for tween boys.  Seriously cool, on trend, and stuff boys would actually like to wear.  Awesome. 

The Denim Blog editors round up their favorite eight pairs of jeans.  And these gals try on a lot of jeans.  

Postpartum Mamas!  MODG also did a jean round-up…but she’s looking for skinny jeans that work with, uh, a post-baby body.  True to (hysterical) form, she’s got all the gory details here

I just bought this shirt.  It’s over-sized (ignore the model), comfy, a totally bizarre color combo, and on sale.  But I think it works.  You? (BTW – it’s called the “Split Hues Henley” by Splendid. I chose Mint.)

This weekend, I plan on making the healthy Super Bowl snack recipe Baked Zucchini Sticks found on The Weigand’s blog, and cleaning out my basement.  Ya…ay?

A HUGE (HUGE HUGE!!) thank you to those who left comments on the hair post.  We now have a mile-long list of styles to try.  So AWESOME!!  And I’ve been updating the post with your pics as I get them in.  But we’re not the only ones with hair on the brain.  Shopbop’s blog just featured some pretty gorg hair accessories.  I kinda like the starfish, myself. 

Lastly…start thinking about your fav make-up products.   Reader Sara came up this killer idea:  do an article about makeup, similar to our hair styling post.   So.  At the end of next week, I’ll pull together a little something-something on my favorites, and I’m hoping that you guys will once again play along.  At this rate, we’ll all be gorgeous by Valentine’s Day.



  1. Besides me love affair with Bare Minerals (I’ve now moved to the Ready Wear for more hydration..i blame my dry climate..not the increase of my birthday number ha!) I LOVE maybelline’s Dream Lumi touch Highlighting concealer. I didn’t want to spend $40 for YSL touche eclat, and I found this in walmart in the $6 dollar range. It works great for me to hide away those “I constantly feel pregnancy tired even though I am NOT pregnant” tired eyes. As well as Maybelline Illegal Lash mascara. BTW, I seriously haven’t had this much thinking and reading about hair in…well…before children happened! Thanks for helping “doing my hair” seem exciting again! I look forward to the make-up! LOVE your Boy and his Balloons 🙂

  2. Your recent hair post has me convinced for the first time that fake hair is an option. That starfish clip is very cute. Did you see that in Shopbop’s accessories section they sell a Marc Jacobs scrunchie. Please don’t tell me those are making a comeback.

  3. Please, please make a post on short(er) hair too! I have a bob and I need advice!
    What’s the name of your Anthropologie shirt? Some of the links don’t work from Europe(Anthro included).
    Thanks, xoxo
    Ps: your site keeps advising me too visit a “mature” dating site, Rebecca (with photo) is just 3 miles away, I got to know today. Sorry, I just had to share this slightly disturbing fact. :))

  4. How about including some info on general skincare products with the upcoming makeup post? Since I became a mom 3 yrs ago my skincare regimen has become pretty much nonexistent but I’ve been noticing that some of those fine lines are turning more into wrinkles and I’m realizing that I’m no longer 25 and should probably step up my efforts. That said, there are a zillion products out there and figuring out what to use and what really works is crazy (what is toner, anyway?? Help!). I’ve been doing tons of research but would love some more thoughts on this Thanks!
    (ps – Regarding the post on puffer vests, I love a good vest, puffer or otherwise! I wore a basic black one yesterday to my son’s parent/child class and I just noticed a friend of mine over the weekend with the one your mom got and thought to myself that I need to look for something similar. Very cute!)

  5. I am new to your blog, and being a working mama, it is a delight to my inbox everytime it arrives! I am looking forward to this makeup discussion… expecially those concealer recommendations. My “can’t live without” is L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. I keep trying others that claim to give me more beauteous lashes, but I always come back to that gray and gold tube.

  6. I love this!
    My makeup/skincare HGs are:
    Cerave Renewal lotion
    Monistat (yes, THAT Monistat) chafing relief powder gel as a primer…blurs pores and fine lines on the cheap
    L’oreal Voluminous mascara
    I also use whatever sheer lipstick/balm/gloss I’m wearing on my lips, on my cheeks.
    As for the sockless Oxford dilemma…I have wimpy feet so I wear these: http://www.hue.com/Socks/Foot-Liners/HUE-Hi-Cut-Cotton-Liner.aspx
    They don’t show under my Oxfords or my Sperrys (yup, my feet are that sensitive) and I can get them at my Macy’s.

  7. 2012 was the year I learned to use concealer. That would be my beauty tip. Even if you don’t do a full-on foundation, just the concealer and a dab of foundation on those areas that need it (spots, under eyes, etc) – and a swish of lipgloss really help you look and feel put together.
    About the oxfords without socks. You might like to try GEOX Mariuccia. Geox does shoe soles with holes/pores which allow feet to breathe. My boys have been wearing Geox since they can walk. They’ve just(I think?) branched out with a women’S line – but I haven’t gotten around to trying them yet…

  8. I had the same problem with the Anthro link from Germany. Please post! I am glad I don’t get “Rebecca 3 miles away”, but I get ads for tacky, gold lamé “Partymode” dresses on this page, which I would consider the opposite of this site’s general advice. 🙂

  9. I have been obsessed with Benetint for ages, that plus a little bare minerals (I use it more like concealer) and some mascara and lip gloss and I look more awake and pretty. I think blush is underrated; I’ve never really managed to get on board with bronzer. And I have a love affair with NARS blush and Benefit mascara. I used to be all about cheap make up, but at some point I realized it was worth investing especially if it’s something you wear every day.

  10. The shirt is the Split Hues Henley by Splendid. And OMG those ads!!! We’ve just been using a network because it’s easy (although not that lucrative). Since they are so annoying, we really need to bite the bullet and start doing our own. Sigh. Sorry ’bout that. xoxo

  11. Liz, sing it, sister! You definitely get what you pay for and I’m psyched to see what Mamas are paying for. Like my hair, my makeup has room for improvement. May have to investigate Benefit now. I’ve never found a mascara that’s worth paying for- they seem the same for $3 or $30. And I’m with you on the blush not bronzer thing- just makes me look dirty. Stila convertible color blush in peony is amazing, as is Nars the multiple. I’m partial to Malibu and G Spot. Their Ophelia gloss is also the perfect nudie pink for fair skin. Add a little Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and giddy up!

  12. Happy weekend S! Full disclosure: I am officially cheating on you since reading your list of fabulous mom bloggers. Wowzers there are some really hilarious stuff out there. You will always be my #1 enabler and fashion twin though 🙂

  13. You MUST check out Everyday Minerals. They are VERY inexpensive, goes on smooth and thin, doesn’t cause a breakout on my skin, and come in ten gizillion shades. It was annoying to find the right shade at first, but they do free samples so it was worth a try. Now this is my make up regimen: california baby wash, cerave lotion, multi use concealer from everyday mineral, medium shade bamboo powder also from EM, their nick nack blush or wild vine, and I use the blush on my lips. Oh and Tarte mascara.

  14. So, here’s my trick for super glowy skin: I layer benetint under my foundation (just a light coat of bare escentuals), and then follow with NARS Angelika. It’s perfect for winter. I find NARS Orgasm to be a bit too much for me in the winter, it works better when I have more color.
    And I keep buying drugstore mascara, because it’s so much cheaper, but my favorite right now is a sample of Benefit’s “They’re Real”… I like Maybelline’s “The Falsies”, but it’s not as smooth and easy to layer as Benefit.

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