Bloomingdale’s Is Having A Massive Sale & We Are HERE FOR IT.


Gang, do you ever shop at Bloomingdale’s? I tend to forgot about Bloomies, and then stumble upon it during one of my intense internet searchings and BAM! I’m suddenly like where have you been all my life and omg this is on sale??

This is one of those times. Big sale. HUGE.

Also, it’s basically my birthday so THANK YOU Bloomingdale’s, for such a well-timed sale. You really didn’t have to!!! [she exclaims, fake blushing and simultaneously tearing open a present]

But first, a quick primer:

What You Really Must Know About Bloomingdale’s

  1. Free Shipping & Free Return Shipping: This is always true if you join their Loyalist program (basically just an email sign-up), and true for everyone else if you spend at least $150.
  2. 365 Day Return Policy: not joking – it’s basically as good as Nordstrom
  3. They carry all of our usual suspects: (rag & bone, FRAME, MOTHER, Theory, etc.,), as well as more affordable brands (we’re especially big fans of their in-house brand, Aqua).

We good? Good. Now…

Our Top Sale Picks At Bloomingdale’s Right Now

Shana | Scotti | Linzi | Emily | Julieta | Laura | Cam

Shana’s Bloomingdale’s Sale Favs

Scotti’s Bloomingdale’s Sale Favs

Linzi’s Bloomingdale’s Sale Favs

Emily’s Bloomingdale’s Sale Favs

Julieta’s Bloomingdale’s Sale Favs

Laura’s Bloomingdale’s Sale Favs

Cam’s Bloomingdale’s Sale Favs


S & Team TME

PS: This one’s for the pinners…

Gang, do you ever shop at Bloomingdale's? Free shipping & returns; 365-day return policy; some of our fav + affordable brands. Well-timed sales help, too.


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