My Favorite Way to Wear Wide-Leg Trousers


Show me a menswear-inspired trend and I’ll probably like it. Boyfriend blazers, slightly oversized button downs, slouchy jeans…give ’em to me. A pair of wide-leg trousers are definitely another I cannot and will not brush to the side. In fact, ladies, I think they may just be my new favorite way to throw some good old androgyny into the day-to-day mix.

In order to make these particular suit-like pants work on me, I knew I needed a decidedly more feminine top…ya know, to balance it all out a bit. Also, I was dead set on them working with sneakers, because…sorry I won’t be wearing heels. If I could hit that sweet spot with it, life would be good. This could be an outfit I want to keep coming back to, day after day.

Well, not only did I find the perfect top (that is actually like a sweatshirt. YEP. amazing), my favorite sneakers of all-time work sososo well with the trousers. I am ALL ABOUT THIS MENSWEAR-INSPIRED outfit. In fact, I felt so good in it I won’t even attribute it to the menswear at all, but instead simply call it CAM’S WEAR.

That’s it.

I have found a look that truly makes me feel like I am presenting myself and my style, in a very genuine way that makes me feel good.

It’s so exciting when that happens with clothes!

wearing wide leg trousers for everyday

wide leg pant outfit

how to style wide leg pants for fall

grey striped wide leg trouser pant women

striped wide leg pant

off the shoulder top with trouser pant

styling wide leg pants for the weekend

the outfit

top: Daily Ritual Cold Shoulder Top (TTS, wearing small) – looks dressy, but feels like a sweatshirt. I don’t think I need to say anything else. This is going to be well-worn by the time this coming Winter sees it’s end.

pants: Halogen Wide Leg Pants (TTS, wearing 4) – the striped pair I am wearing appears to be sold out, but the navy is fully stocked. Also, I found them in plaid. Ummm and hi, 1901 Wide Leg Sailor Pants.

shoes: Golden Goose Sneakers (superstar distressed) – always my favorite sneaker to throw on with anything. Too expensive? Totally get it…P448 has a line that’s a tad more affordable and their John Sneaker is very similar to my own.

bag: Kate Spade Satchel (old) – this was my first ever *big* designer bag purchase. I was so excited. I had wanted a Kate Spade for years! While I have been having a love affair with Minkoff backpacks, I still go back to this classic satchel when I want a more refined look…and BTW: I have been considering the Mulberry Street Bag for years. Classic.

sunglasses: Polarized Aviators ($12 off of Amazon!) – remind me of Ray Bans. They are cheap, but do the trick. I have had them for about 4 months now, and they haven’t broken, so. Good enough for me!

necklaces: faux crystal necklace, borrowed from daughter (not joking) – my grandmother used to wear this necklace and when she passed, it was given to Maddie. I have since claimed it as my own (since Mads doesn’t appreciate it at all)…and I love it. I took a look around on Etsy, and they have a lot of similar options — for example, this beauty. I love the layering possibilities with necklaces like that. Also! — It’s something not everyone else will be wearing.



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  1. You look amazing! I love wide-legged trousers and have a hard time styling without looking too sloppy (I mean, a cashmere hoodie does look good, but a bit tomboy-ish). This is such a cool look and thank you!

  2. This is such a great look! I absolutely love it! Even with the Golden Goose sneakers that I can’t bring myself to love (fully aware I might be the last female alive that feels this way, but just can’t love dirty sneakers). They really are perfect with this outfit, though. How do you think the sizing of that top runs? I’m thinking I may need one for myself!

  3. I love this outfit, but I don’t envision a time I would reach for it with casual sneakers. Would love to see this styled with work shoes (flats or low heels/wedges)! I don’t do big heels at work, and am unsure about wide legs without them. Thoughts?

  4. Candace – Try platform oxfords. Zara always has a ton that are reasonably priced. They have a bit of a platform (not a heel) so it gives you a little more height and looks more refined than sneakers. Google Diane Keaton for ideas!

    Cam – I own two Mulberry bags (Bayswater) and can attest to their gorgeousness and durability. I say ditch the Goose sneaks, wear Vans and spend the cash on a Mulberry.

  5. And speaking of goose sneaks, how does the sizing run on those? I recall that you are a 9.5 I am a narrow-footed size ten, but in all running shoes (except adidas and merrill) I’m a 10.5. Since most of us who might be talked into those shoes would have to order online, some sizing hints could be the final push needed.

    You look amazing, as always!

  6. I would totally do them with a flat. Either in animal print or a really vivid color. I don’t usually like the look of a wide leg with a shoe unless the pants leg almost meets the ground, which can be pretty impractical. I can see it with an Oxford too if you are really going for a menswear look.

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