These Winter Boots Will Change Your Flare Jean Game





Based on reader comments/questions/etc., most of you are generally thrilled that flare jeans are having a moment.  The biggest complaint, however, is footwear.  We’re all kinda partial to flats (sneakers, in particular), and while I’ve tried to address the flares + flats combo in the past, there’s no doubt that heels and flares are a match made in sartorial heaven.

So.  What would you say, dear readers, if I told you that I’ve found a pair of wedge boots that are as comfortable as my sneakers?  Like really, seriously comfortable – Scotti babywears in hers – while being high enough to rock the flare?  And that they’re both waterproof and warm?

Bold words, I KNOW.



This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned these magical Sorel wedges on The Mom Edit before, but they’re so good (SO. GOOD.) I felt that a public service announcement was in order:

Sorel has create magic wedge boots to change your winter flare-wearing game forever.  They will spoil you for all other wedges to come.






Outfit Details

Coat: DKNY

Sweater: Joe Fresh cashmere sweater (on crazy sale for $40) or this similar cashmere from LLBean

Blouse: Tuxe Bodywear The Coach (size S)

Jeans: JBrand Lovestory Flares (70% off) also available here on major sale.  I’m also seriously digging the wash on this similar pair of flared Joe’s Jeans.

Boots: Sorel 1964 Premium Wedge Boots (or Sorel’s Joan of Arctic Wedges if you’d rather a single color – they’re basically the same)

Accessories:  Bag, similar gloves (40% off), lipstick (shade: rosewood)


Lest you think these boots aren’t cute enough to shine on their own….



….I especially love them with boyfriend jeans.  (Or ‘girlfriend jeans’.  Tomato tomahto.)








Outfit Details

Coat: Similar Iro leather jacket – Iro really makes the best leather jackets, but they’re crazy expensive.  When I was searching last year, I was reasonably impressed with Madewell’s leather jacket and the leather jackets from All Saints.  I especially like the look of this one.

SweaterBoden Relaxed V Cashmere Sweater (size 2, mushroom melange)

Jeans: Rag and Bone Dre (33% off – mine are an older wash, I linked to the newer one…but order down one size – they run big)

Boots: Sorel 1964 Premium Wedge Boots (or Sorel’s Joan of Arctic Wedges if you’d rather a single color – they’re basically the same)

Accessories:  Prada sunnies, Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Julian Backpack, Pyrrha Necklace

Stroller: Quinny Yezz (c/o Quinny and I freaking LOVE it.  Super light, folds like a dream, and handles public transport like a champ.)


The exact colorway of my Sorel wedges is long gone, but I might actually like the black/bluff combo even better.  In any case, these are amazing wedges.  Shockingly high, given the comfort, yet they feel like a very low heel.  I have a pair, Scotti has a pair, my nanny Gwen has a pair….and we all wear them to the park/babywearing/running around with the kiddos.  They’re even good for all-day walking.

Anyone else have a pair?  Do you love them as much as we do?





  1. But how warm are they? Please share. I have indecently cold toes in the winter and after like 10 years of wondering why my yellow wellies weren’t cutting it, I figured it out… So love the Sorrels but worry that my toes will still be cold. Thoughts?

  2. I bought mine during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale based on your recommendation. I love love love them!!! Crazy warm and comfortable.

  3. I really hate wearing heels, but I can wear these all day with no trouble. With Smartwool socks, my cold feet are completely comfortable. The only footwear I manage with my flares! Now what will I wear in the spring?

  4. I have a pair that I wear for my job as a teacher and for travel. They are warm and comfortable and the traction is great. I get tons of compliments on them when I wear them. I can’t wear classic Sorel winter boots – they are just too heavy & bulky for me – but these are my absolute favorite.

  5. Are you happy with the Boden cashmere sweater? Is it pilling? I’m on the hunt for the perfect vneck cashmere sweater. Have any recommendations? I’m afraid of making the wrong choice on such an investment! Yikes!

    • I am!! But I’ve only had it about a day. It’s super soft, and perfectly drapey. I wish the sleeves were a tad longer (but I have oddly long arms). To be honest, I’ve never met a cashmere sweater that doesn’t pill, so I expect this one will eventually. I just use a sweater shaver to take care of it.

      • Garnet Hill Cashmere doesn’t pill, or at least it didn’t! My husband use to work for them (5 years or more ago) and they would sell damaged ones for $1! Sometimes it was a small hole, easy to fix, sometimes too small button holes (easily stretched!) Anyway- long story short I’m still wearing those sweaters 5 or more years later, the only pilling is at the armpits- I wear them to work as a teacher, and I sweat like crazy- a normal person probably wouldn’t have the pit problem.

  6. I have the black/buff and love them. I was just in Park City for a ski trip and wore them out to dinner every night (because I am fancy 🙂 with jeans or faux leather leggings. They have good traction – even walking uphill in a few inches of snow.

  7. I love these boots but don’t need the height and I’m thinking I’m too wobbly. There are another pair that I like that popped up suggested by Amazon , the Major Carly boots. Any thoughts there?

  8. Just ordered the Sorel 1964s – they are on sale on Amazon right now, and my birthday is next week, and that was all the justification I needed. I have been looking at them for a couple of months and this post convinced me. Thanks for helping this mama-in-her-40s feel stylish.

  9. I have the exact same pair in the green/black combo…I could write a love letter to those boots. They keep my toes warm (with my Smartwools), have good traction and stability and, somehow magically, are not too warm to wear in the office all day. They have withstood a Montana winter and the outdoor antics of my two boys…plus I get stopped all the time by women of all ages marveling at these beauties. I take boots seriously and cannot say enough good things about the Sorel wedge!

  10. I bought these a couple of weeks ago and they are THE BEST. The fact that it’s a heel but weather proof and crazy comfortable makes me feel like I can conquer the world. I haven’t worn them with my R&B Dre’s because I was thinking that may be too boyish, but now I think I must give it a try.

  11. Those are cute… but a lot of us wear flats because we don’t need the height! I’d love to figure out how to wear flares with flat shoes so I’m not towering over everything- I’m already 6′ and although I’m comfortable with my own height, there are times (like using the bathroom at work) where i just need to be closer to the floor 🙂

  12. I really like your style and suggestions, but not sure I understand why you put your size on there. Great for you that your a size small/ size 2!

    • I’m so glad you commented!! You sound *mildly* annoyed, so I’m sincerely glad you asked. I put my size out there just to help with ease of shopping. I sometimes use other blogs as shopping tools, and there’s nothing I hate more than when a blogger is like, “LOVE THIS SWEATSHIRT” and I do too but I can’t figure out which size to get because it’s not a brand I’m familiar with. Does it run big? Long? WHAT??? For example, I know I’m shorter than Mary and Julie from Happily Gray and Sincerely Jules (respectively), but waaayyy bigger than Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook. So if Mary is wearing a medium, I know it’ll probably fit me the same…just longer. And jeans…BOO. The randomness of jean sizing drives me nuts. My size fluctuates even within a brand, so I try to list the size I ended up buying just as a point of reference. (In hindsight, it might be more helpful to say “buy one size down” rather than just list my size.) In any case, when I don’t list the size, I typically get at least one or two readers asking which size I’m wearing.

      You know when you’re shopping with a friend and she tries something on that you love….the first question is often “what size did you try on”? Yeah – I’m trying to answer that question….NOT be annoying. Again, thanks for commenting! Hope this helps. xo

  13. Is the leather jacket you are wearing cropped or how short/where does it hit on you? (Hard to tell from pics!) I love your look!

  14. Bought the shale color at lord and taylor in an 8, usually I am an 8.5 but they fit. They were all sold out. I am now debating if I want the black/buff combo instead from Amazon. Anyone else think they run big? And what color should I keep, get? Help! I love this blog, so many great styling tips for busy moms!

    • Yes! I’ve read a bazillion reviews for various Sorel boots and they seem to run 1/2-1 whole size large. I bought a 9.5 and have not bought that size in shoes in at least a decade.

  15. After thing about them for a month, I ordered the black canvas/tan leather ones on eBay and they came today. I’m in love. Three inches taller and my feet don’t hurt? Like someone else said, I feel like I can conquer the world in these! Thanks for the recommendation and for helping me try new things!

  16. Would you wear these for a weekend in Paris? I’m at a loss at what is smart to do all that walking in and still be warm. Do these still work if I’m not a fan of walking in heels??

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