My Winter Capsule Wardrobe..STYLED


If you saw my recent post, you know I’ve been wanting to give my wardrobe a little update. Partly, I’m tired of dressing too casually all the time. But, also, I think we all want a little boost this time of year when it’s between seasons and we’re bored with what we’ve had on-repeat lately.

So, I set out to try updating my day-to-day look with 5 pieces. This outfit uses two of those pieces with other items I had in my closet. Check it out!

I’m liking this combo for any day event out and the leather tee is comfy enough this would be a great work outfit. Just swap the black skinny jeans with some ponte knit pants for the office (these are my favorites!)

Outfit Details

H&M Faux Leather Tee – Love this find. It laces up the back for easy on-off and and good fit and is surprisingly comfy on over other tops. I’d like to try it over my lace turtleneck, too, for an evening look.

Striped Button Down Tunic – This one is similar to mine (Madewell too but sadly sold out). It’s great under sweaters and I like the longer length.

Madewell 9″ High Rise in Black Sea – You probably know these are my favorite by now. I love how they have enough stretch but are still actual denim. They just wear well, don’t stretch out and the 9″ rise is perfect for my torso it seems.

Dolce Vita Macie Boot – I got these right before our London trip and they have become my new go-to boot for just about every occasion. They add some interest to even the most basic outfit. More sizes here, too.

ASOS Oversize Gray Scarf – On sale! Love that I can really wrap this a lot.


Stay tuned for a few more outfit combos featuring some of my 5 pieces. This is turning out to be a fun experiment so far! Would you like to see this type of thing seasonally? Either from me or another TME contributor? Would love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. Wow! I think these are my favorite type of posts (capsule collections)! Love the ideas and how simple it can be achieved. The back of your leather top is soooooooo cool! Thanks for the great iedas!

  2. Love these posts – yes please, do more of them more often! Capsule collections that are achievable e.g. a small 5 piece addition worked into your existing wardrobe vs full Marie Kondo-style wardrobe overhaul are something I definitely would love to see more of, from you and all the TME contributors.

    • This was a rewarding challenge! I’d love to do more. I guess we kind of do this haphazardly each season, but it’s nice to see it all pulled together in a cohesive format! 🙂 Thank you!

  3. So cute! I love that H&M t-shirt! What size did you order? I always find H&M weirdly small. thanks 🙂 (Ps also love the capsule posts!!!)

  4. Very interested in more capsule-type posts. I’m looking for ways to pull seasonal/on-trend items into my existing wardrobe, not a full wardrobe overhaul. THANKS for doing this!!

  5. Great post. If you’re ever looking for a challenge I’d love to see a teacher style post from you– i.e. your style but no denim, leather, distressing, cleavage, legs, or graphic anything (and not so casual as to look like a student or so fancy as to look like a banker)… Like I said, if you’re looking for a challenge! I’ve enjoyed Scotti’s posts on this but I think I fall most in line with your style on TME!

    • That is quite a challenge! I wore a version of this outfit recently with just a moto jacket on top instead of the leather tee and ponte knit pants instead of black denim. Maybe a place to start! Another of my outfits using some of these items will be appropriate for what you’re looking for, too, so stay tuned!

  6. Hi! I’m planning to get the boots. How do you like the fit? They look a bit narrow in the front. Just wondering if i need to go up a size. Do they stretch a lot? Thanks for all your help!

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