Weekend 12.23


We are currently en route to Vermont. The kids’ ski/snowboard training started last week (in Park City, which was no hardship) and now here we are, almost at Christmas. This is a tough time of year for us (and it’s honestly been a pretty terrible month), but I’m finally feeling something that feels like…peace.

One might assume that these peaceful feelings are the result of having all of our gifts wrapped and under the tree. HAHAHAHA–no. Or perhaps because our house is decorated, glowing with candlelight, Christmas music playing? Also no.

Instead, the car is packed haphazardly (my pet peeve), with clothes and boots and hats and jacket and mittens stuffed into every nook and cranny (opening the back will be fun) and I have Christmas gifts “hidden” in no less than eight(!!) different places, which means that I’m the only one who can really unpack. So after we get settled tonight, we have 24 hours to find a tree, decorate, grocery shop, and wrap all of the gifts.

Those peaceful feelings, tho? I have a hunch that they have something to do with the fact that my mom is also coming tomorrow. She’s literally bringing an extra suitcase packed with cookie dough because moms are the best. And I find it almost hopeful that I’m forty-something years old and still need my mommy. Gives me hope for my future momming, too.

I mean…it might also be the Prozac. But either way, I’ll take it. 😉

Sending you guys so much love. I hope you find a moment (or two) of peace, feel surrounded by love, and can soak in a bit of the magic we’ve worked so hard to create. Happy holidays!

For serious. Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly sale started, and if anyone was hoping to score an investment piece, I can recommend this Theory wool & cashmere wrap coat. It’s unlined, which I prefer (comfortable to wear, pack, or tuck under your arm and carry around), and the ‘mink’ color is dark, but not black, so it’ll go with virtually everything. The other investment piece I can recommend is this TUMI backpack. TUMI still makes the best laptop bags I’ve ever tried, and I love this cool twist on neutrals.

For fun. I also love using these post-holiday sales to look for fun little gems. Case in point? Satin blazers solve almost every fancy-party-topper problem I run into, and I’d pair this one with these shoes (they work with socks or tights, too), as an accessory set with dresses, jeans, trousers, etc. Literally anything.

Biggest steal. I can’t get over how expensive this jacket looks. On sale for $38 (a whopping 66% off).

The coolest jacket I’ve ever bought. I picked up this A.L.C. puffer at Cake, in Park City. It’s pricey, but it’s sooooo freaking good on. It’s warm enough for most days, but cute enough for a night out. The sleeve zip off, too, so it converts into a vest for spring. I love, love, love it. Highly recommend.

Elevated UGGs? Abby just found these seriously cool boots by Laidback London, and reviewers are calling them ‘elevated UGGs’. They look amazing.

Laura certified. Laura recommended these waterproof Blondo boots in the Nordstrom half-yearly sale, and a reader (who described herself as ‘another Laura’ haha) just left a comment about how gorgeous they are in person. Man, we love when you guys like our recommendations. Made my day.

The best flannel PJs ever. I finally(!!) tried Printfresh’s flannel PJs, and they’re great. Their flannel is suuuper thin, but still has that brushed flannel feeling, and they’re definitely more comfortable than any other flannel PJs I’ve tried. I have them in ‘frosted lake‘ (a playful, ski-inspired print), size small. They run a little big (but I love them slightly oversized).

A sucker for sherpa. I just ordered GAP’s recycled sherpa sweatpants and matching hoodie. The sweatpants have that drawstring bottom so I can wear them like joggers or straight-leg sweats. Love it.

For winter dog walking. I took an “informal poll” (aka I asked my friend Amy) about the best shoes for walking/hiking around with dogs & kids in Vermont in the winter. These Sorels were the hands-down winners. I have a pair from a couple of years ago, and just threw them into my duffle.

Plus size pick. I don’t know how I missed this before, but Vince’s boiled cashmere funnel-neck sweater (a team fav because this cashmere is impossibly thick & soft) is also available in plus sizes. While only the oatmeal color is on sale in straight sizes, all of the plus-size colorways are on sale!

WOW. These Sezane earrings are….like nothing I’ve seen before. And you don’t need pierced ears to wear them, either. I want, I want.

Light & fluffy romcoms only. I can only handle a happily-ever-after right now, so I just finished Catherine Walsh’s Holiday Romance and am in the middle of Snowed In. They’re both predictable and silly, but the dialogue is actually witty (I cracked up several times), and is exactly what I needed.

Our Christmas Eve tradition. As long as I can remember, Christmas Eve meant a party. And long after my parents’ friends stopped having their Christmas Eve parties, my parents kept the tradition going with apps & champagne at home. We still do this – it’s such a fun & easy way to make a night feel special. In addition to shrimp cocktail (it’s required), I love making a few special apps. Minimalist Baker just pulled together 20 vegan apps that look seriously fun.

Before I forget: My teenagers are no longer kids, but I still want Santa to bring some sort of toy (maybe just for nostalgia). Two years ago Santa brought these hoverboards, and they were a HUGE hit. The kids still tool around on them. In the past, I’ve also gotten them balance boards, new soccer balls – literally anything they can play with immediately (that’s not, ya know, an iPad or something). Anyway, I deliberated too long this year, and the thing I ordered (this) isn’t going to get here in time. So. Next year, I want to pull together a list of toys for teens. While this topic is top of mind, if you have any ideas, please share!

Ok – gas station pit stop up ahead. Fingers crossed that they have a frisbee (or something) for a Santa gift. 🙂