Winter Layers (Hello, Leather Jacket)




Mike and I had our day date on Saturday.  It was….glorious.  Truly, there is no other word.  We wandered around Philly, popping into shops, bookstores and coffee shops AT OUR LEISURE.  I realize, as I type this, that waxing so poetic about a day that would’ve been considered a very ordinary Saturday pre-kids may be discouraging for a new mama, but….aw, hell.    [cue hallelujah chorus]  OUR DAY WAS GLORIOUS.

It’s like when my sister was a newlywed and watched “this is 40” and was like, “this is supposed to be funny?”, and then Mike and I saw it and laughed so hard we were clutching our sides and had tears streaming down our faces.


But the one decidedly UN-glorious aspect of our day date was the fact that it was 20 degrees outside.  With a pretty biting wind.    I sort of resigned myself to puffer-land (it’s just what I do), but I had recently “invested” in a leather-jacket-soul-mate (Mike loves when I use words like “invested” to describe shopping) and was kinda dying to wear it.



With fuzzy pink mittens.





The one mistake I made was that darn hat.  It’s so cute, and it works in MOST situations, but a hat with holes (even fancy crocheted holes) does not stand up to a 20-degree biting wind.  Thankfully, Sugarcube had some really cute (and WARM) options.



I mean yeah:  there’s a little bit of a blogger-posing-thing going on here…I certainly did not walk around all day with my coat off and my jacket unzipped….but this leather-jacket-layering thing is SOLID.  I was honestly, actually, WARM.  Which is pretty rare.  Typically, I’m a cold-blooded girl, much like a snake.  (This is probably where I should confess that I was wearing fleece-lined tights under my jeans, a bodysuit, AND structured my entire outfit around flat, over-the-knee boots, because, WARM.)





Coat: Goodnight Macaroon Houndstooth Notch Stand-Collar Coat c/o (wearing an XS for reference)

Leather Jacket: Iro Tamie Belted Leather Jacket exclusive to Intermix (wearing a 38 for reference)

Sweater: Zady Essentials Sweater  c/o (wearing an XS for reference)

Bodysuit: Bradamant Coach Bodysuit in Ivory Silk c/o (wearing an XS for reference…also comes in tall sizes)

Jeans: Rag and Bone Skinnies in Surf (size 25 for reference)

Tights: Plush Fleece-lined tights (size XS for reference)

Boots: old Nine West…here’s Nine West’s current version, or a seriously cool waterproof over-the-knee boot

Hat: The light gray crochet hat was Sole Society c/o – long gone, but this Gap pom beanie is similar or this  Tsuyumi beanie is pretty fab….the DARK gray hat I’m wearing above is Ulla Johnson from Sugercube boutique.

Mittens: old, but Spyder’s Twisty Hand-Knit mitten is shockingly similar (I’m seriously all about mittens-for-color)

Bag: Kate Spade Henry Duffle

Sunglasses: Oxydo (from the very top pics)


When I lay it all out there like that…I should get a prize or something.  That’s a lot of clothes all at once.  GOLD STAR!!

But I’ve gotta mention these bodysuits:  I have a bunch, and they’re all great for warmth (I’ve even worn one of them sledding)….but this silk ivory bodysuit is one of my closet MVPs.  It’s warm, I love the collar peeking out of anything, and it’s crazy sexy when worn alone.  It has become my date-night staple.




Bodysuit: Bradamant Coach Bodysuit in Ivory Silk c/o (wearing an XS for reference…also comes in tall sizes)

Jeans: Rag and Bone Skinnies in Surf (size 25 for reference)

Necklace: Chan Luu – I still can’t find this darn necklace!!  But this silver bar Chan Luu necklace has a similar vibe, though a bit more delicate.

Bra:  super old, but this one is similar and GORGEOUS


Don’t you guys sneek back into the house – shhhh!!! – while the nanny finishes putting the kids down and you silently drink one more scotch in the kitchen hoping (HOPING!!) that they won’t hear your footsteps less they come romping downstairs all, “PARENTS HAVE RETURNED FROM THEIR LONG JOURNEY” and you get suckered into ending your date night by putting two over-exited kids to bed?  Cause you know you won’t be able to outlast them – it’s 9PM, for crying-out-loud!  You’ve partied like a rockstar!!!  [insert eyeroll from the nanny as she goes home to – leisurely – get ready for her Saturday night which won’t start for several more hours]






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