My Fashion-Girl Layering Trick





You know, I bought this darn leather jacket so I am going to get some USE OUT OF IT.  I want a cost-per-wear in the pennies, people!  THE PENNIES.  Which, by my rough estimate, means I will be sleeping in it from now until June.

So.  Exhibition A (or F or G, rather) is….my leather jacket + huge plaid woolly scarf/cape/poncho/blanket/whatever.  Does this fashion-girl combo actually work in real live life?




Mostly!  This wouldn’t be my outfit for playground excursions, but for general running of errands, museum trips, or cruising over to friend’s houses this is totally my speed.  Heck, I’d probably wear it on date night, too.  With a cross-body bag, I was surprised by how well everything stayed in place.  We were actually on our way to my friend’s art opening WITH the boys in tow, so I wanted to look cute, be comfy, yet be able to make sudden moves. DONOTTOUCHTHAT!! kind of stuff.






Did you guys catch this comment from Trish a few days ago?

…kudos to your blog for perhaps being the only one in the whole fashion blog arena that actually shows what real moms wear in real weather. I just went through my bloglovin feed and deleted most of the fashion blogs I follow because even the ones based in Chicago had girls walking to the train in 19 inches of snow in long wide cut jeans not even tucked into proper snow boots. And don’t get me started on hats and scarves and mittens…..I mean, I can’t.

No proper snow boots?? In CHICAGO?  WHA????  Trish, as you know, that’s crazytown.

Man, I miss the snow.  Philly winters are freezing, but virtually snowless – a combo that does nothing for my sanity.  The boys will happily play outside in the snow for hours on end (even in negative temps), but without it?  We’re looking at 3-4 minutes TOPS before they start cranking up the whine machine.  GAH!


But also:  my shirt.  Normally I wouldn’t walk around with my jacket open (nod to Trish), but I had to show off my shirt.






Story of my life, you guys.  STORY OF MY LIFE.




cape/oversized scarf: Anthropologie, sold out, but this tweedy Clairaut Cape is similar (and on sale!)

leather jacket: Iro Tamie Belted Leather Jacket  (all of my favorite leather jackets can be found here.)

tee: X Tyler Sorry I’m Late Gavin Tee (wearing XS/S for reference)

jeans: Rag and Bone Skinnies in Surf (or at Nordstrom)

boots: Marc Jacobs quilted booties  (DV by Dolce Vita Analee quilted boots are similar and on sale for under $100.  I’m loving the lug sole this winter – it gives me some height, but is totally walkable.)

necklace: Macramania from Sugarcube boutique in Philly

hat: Sole Society c/o

bag: Kate Spade, old, but this baby blue Kate Spade cross-body is similar and on sale (ends tonight I think!)




ps.  For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine)…you can see I got over my temper tantrum / middle finger issue.  Sooooo….yeah…..there’s thaaat.


  1. I love those flowers, what kind are they? Reminds me of poppies, but the petals seem to be at a deeper angle and the white is so striking.

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