End of Winter Outfit Inspirations: Nordstroms Part 1, Playground


P1161764Feeling the winter blahs?  Me too.  Despite all of the the NY Fashion Week reports coming out of the blog-o-sphere last week, I still need a bit of cold-weather inspiration to get me through the next month or so.  So we hooked up with Leisa Payton, a Personal Stylist at Nordstroms to glean some ideas of how to mix up our winter clothing with a little dose of Spring.

Leisa's first look (pictured on Becky at left) layers a Spring safari jacket over cozier winter items to create a warm, yet cute look that can easily go to the playground. 

Becky is wearing Hudson Jeggings, Coach snow boots, jacket by Tory Burch, cardigan by Phillip Lim cardigan and t-shirt by Alexander Wang.

Ideas to Takeaway:

  • Try layering Spring jackets (safari, army or trench) over cozy cardigan sweaters to make them winter appropriate.
  • Look for cardigans with fun detailing like ribbon trim or ruching to dress up an outfit.
  • Don't be afraid to continue wearing your cute snowboots with Spring items (or invest in some – most snowboots are now on sale)
  • Try jeggings aka jean leggings.  They are thick enough to be warm and flattering, and unlike leggings, cover all cellulite issues.

If you'd like to contact Leisa directly, she can be found at the Cherry Creek Nordstroms in Denver, or by emailing leisa.a.payton@nordstrom.com

Thanks Leisa!




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