5 Winter Outfits For Warmer Climates


We’re officially past the halfway mark of winter. And while Spring may be on everyone’s minds, there’s still some wintery weather to be had. For many that means snow, for others that means gloomy skies, and for a lucky few? It simply means less of a chance to get sunburned. Living in San Diego, riding out the rest of winter means a little bit of everything (ok wait, except for the snow part).

With morning temps in the low 40’s, afternoons bringing sunny 60’s, and a heavy dose of rain mixed in there (ahem, an atmospheric river, to be precise) I’ve gotten good at throwing together layered outfits (this has been a surprising lifesaver – also this shockingly great version), even whipping out my rubber boots frequently as of late. 

5 Outfit Ideas To Get Through The Last of Winter, With A Southern California Twist

I’m finding inspiration from a handful of styling ideas – outfit recipes, if you will. Whether it’s strategically layering with cardigans, making sportswear feel more elevated, or even bundling up in a lightweight puffer for a winter sunset, these 5 outfit ideas are my favorites to revisit over and over again while riding out the rest of winter in a mild climate. 

Outfit 1 – Layers Upon Light Layers

winter outfit for warmer climates, gray cardigan layered over a tee, red scarf, baggy jeans, red ballet flats, ganni beanie

sweater (L) | scarf | similar tee | jeans (27) | hat | flats

I’ve never felt like I needed to dress in layers more than I do living in San Diego. I’m not talking about long johns under a sweatsuit under snow pants kind of layers of which keep you alive, but more so the light layering that I am CONSTANTLY rotating throughout the day.

When the mornings are chilly but that afternoon sun is going to shine, I need the ability to wrap up in a blanket scarf, warm up with a beanie, strip down to just a t-shirt, and then layer it all back up again by the evening. It’s madness, but actually really cute when putting together an outfit.

gray cardigan layered over a tee, red scarf, baggy jeans, ganni beanie

sweater (L) | scarf | similar tee | jeans (28) | hat

Lately I’m leaning more into maximalist dressing, so I like to opt for a graphic tee underneath my cardigan and pull from the colors for my outer accessories!

Size Notes: I sized down in these jeans and they’re still big (but the drawstring saves the day). Size down one for a loose fit, or twice for a more fitted waist.

Outfit 2 – Elevated Athleisure

winter outfit for warmer climates, gray lounge set, camel coat, sling bag, adidas sneakers

similar coat | hoodie (L) | joggers (L) | sneakers | similar bag

While I feel like athleisure dressing has been a staple in my personal wardrobe for my whole life, the momentum for this kind of comfort dressing only keeps growing stronger on and off the runways.

An easy way to think of this outfit is to put on something sporty or loungewear-esque, say your morning yoga outfit or a cozy matching sweat set, and add an unexpected, dressier layer. This could be an oversized blazer with your bike shorts, hoodie, and running shoes, a dressy loafer with your sweatpants, or my personal favorite, a longline coat wrapped around anything.

gray lounge set, camel coat, sling bag

similar coat | hoodie (L) | joggers (L) | sneakers | similar bag

I can’t stop wearing this cashmere set (it’s SUCH a good price point, BTW). I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – cashmere, while in some of our minds seems better for brutally cold winters, is wildly perfect for mild winter dressing (it’s that whole temperature regulating magic of the material). 

Size notes: I sized up in these joggers based off reviews and should not have. The waist is quite big, however I do love folding it over once for a laidback style.

Outfit 3 – Sunny With A Chance of Atmospheric River

winter outfit for warmer climates, blue oversized sweater, shorts, tall boots, free people carryall bag

sweater (L) | shorts (L) | bag | similar boots

Every year at this exact point in time I think to myself “I should really invest in some good rainboots.” But then the rainy winter months move along, we enter a warm summer and an even hotter fall, and I think NAHHH. I don’t live in the PNW!

But the rain we’ve been getting here can be so wild and wooly in January and February, that simple tasks like getting my toddler to preschool in the morning would be boatloads easier with proper footwear. Currently I have these old rubber boots doing the trick, but what I really need to do is watch the spring sale sections and actually take the rain gear plunge. This time next year I know I’ll be happy I did. 

blue oversized sweater, shorts, tall boots, free people carryall bag

sweater (L) | shorts (L) | bag | similar boots

My favorite way to rock rubber boots? With an oversized sweater and shorts. In fact, an oversized sweater and shorts is easily my most worn outfit combo since living in Southern California. The ability to pull off this outfit is probably one of the best parts about living here!

Outfit 4 – The California Classic 

winter outfit for warmer climates, gray oversized blazer, straight leg jeans, tote bag, loafers

similar blazer | similar tee | jeans (27) | similar loafers | hat | bag

In the world of current fashion, there is nothing more California feeling to me than a blazer and loafers. Between Los Angeles and here, I see it everywhere. A white sock and ball cap to top it off aren’t far behind from the norm, either.

Honestly, I get it. It’s an easy look to throw together but still feel put together. The ball cap lends to the sporty, laid back nature of the coast, and while loafers are arguably just a practical shoewear choice, they also lead the pack in being the most trendy, of-the-moment footwear worldwide. 

gray oversized blazer, straight leg jeans

similar blazer | similar tee | jeans (27) | hat | bag

The combination of a coat, jean, sock and heavy shoe can feel a bit warm to pull off here in the summertime, making it a great winter uniform in a mild winter climate. 

Outfit 5 – Winter Sunset At The Beach

puffer jacket, striped beach pants, ugg slippers, tote bag

jacket (M) | tee (S) | pants (M Tall) | boots | bag

While I know first hand that a snowy, icy sunrise or sunset can be one of the most magical experiences to take in, there’s nothing quite like sitting comfortably on the shore of the ocean as the sun goes down in the wintertime (anyone who didn’t grow up with this winter luxury understands how truly special this can be). 

I don’t like to fuss with an outfit if I’m lounging around in the sand. I stick with flowy, beachy pants (the easiest for sand to fall off of), and bundling up with a lightweight puffer on top.

puffer jacket, striped beach pants, ugg slippers

jacket (M) | tee (S) | pants (M Tall) | boots | bag

I’ve been lovingly laughed at this past winter by friends and family pointing out my new description of what is cold, but those of us in mild winters know that we certainly are getting chilly in those dusk and dawn hours – especially if you’re plopping down in the rocks and sand. The beach pant + lightweight puffer combo is equal parts easy and cozy, while also being practical for chasing my toddler around (who, in turn, is chasing seagulls). 

Of course, the one item not included above that definitely deserves a mild winter climate spotlight: The Vest. Oversized is my preference, and I have it on regular rotation in my wardrobe during Southern California winters – this post is proof. 😉 


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