Sweatpants & Snowboots: 5 Winter Outfits For Northern Vermont


We’re back in Vermont for the winter, and have – finally – settled into a little routine. The boys have their school and skiing/snowboarding, and Mike and I have also managed to get some time on the slopes. Happily, I’ve convinced him to cross-country ski with me enough to warrant a season pass to Trapp, too. (It’s a sure sign of love – the man hates cross-country skiing.)

Not only is life slower up here, but, much to the boys’ chagrin, we’ve declared Monday – Wednesday a no-screen zone, and are now finding plenty of time to cuddle up around the fire, play some games, or – Raines’ favorite – teach Mike and I their rail park tricks on this board.

Despite all of Raines’ attempts to turn me into a park rat, I’m still a blogger (although I think we’re called ‘influencers’ now) and so I’m still Getting Dressed. But since this is Northern Vermont, and winter, and most of my outings consist of driving my kids to the mountain, heading to the grocery store or walking the dog…

what to wear in northern vermont in winter

hat | jacket (s) | sweatpants (s) | boots

…I’m wearing a lot of sweatpants & snowboots.

5 Cute(ish) Winter Outfits With Sweatpants & Snowboots

If anyone else is waiting for spring to put on real pants, here are a few of my daily looks in sweatpants, snowboots, aaand some fleece-lined flared leggings (which is just a fancy way of saying sweatpants, if you ask me).

1. The Warmest Outfit: Sweatpants Layered Over Leggings + Moonboots

cute moon boot outfit for winter

sweater (m) | sweatpants (s) | moon boots | leggings (under, size s) | baselayer top (under, size s)

Whenever the temps dip down low, this outfit is what I wear to venture outside. While the Moonboots are a little comical, they’re also rather charming, and I end up getting a ton of complements whenever I wear them. (Weird, I know, but true!) They also happen to be the warmest boot I own (warmer, even than my Sorels).

And I’m always amazed by how much warmer sweatpants are with some leggings layered underneath. It’s not just double the warmth, it’s more like…triple (at least). And these aren’t fancy sweatpants, Gang – they’re just GAP. But I love that there’s a drawstring at the bottom, which I can use to keep hems from dragging.

warm outfit for dog walking in winter

hat | jacket (s) | mittens | sweater (m) | sweatpants (s) | moon boots | leggings (under, size s) | baselayer top (under, size s)

I finish the look off with Adidas’ super warm, hip-length puffer, a pretty pop of color & cute mittens.

2. The Early Morning Outfit: GAP’s Fuzzy Set

easy winter mom style outfit for school pickup

hoodie (s) | sweatpants (s) | puffer (s) | UGGs | similar hat

Um. So this slightly ridiculous outfit is…[she types into ChatGPT, “what is a stronger word for bliss?”]….ecstasy. I love sleeping with the windows open (yes, even in 20 degree weather), and then when the alarm goes off and I crawl, shivering, out of bed, I put this set on and ahhhhhh. It’s the rare sweatsuit that needs zero layers and still manages to be incredibly warm!

I don’t always wear it out of the house, but when I do, a cute puffer, hat, and platform UGGs (to keep the hem from dragging) is my move. (NOTE: These are also GAP sweatpants, and they also have the drawstring at the ankle.)

3. The “Real” Outfit: A Cute Sweatshirt + Layering Turtleneck

cute winter outfit idea with moon boots

sweatshirt (s) | athleta turtleneck (s) | fleece-lined flare leggings (s) | moon boots | belt bag

If I’m trying to look like I’m wearing a Real Outfit, rather than just loungewear, I’ll layer a legitimately cute sweatshirt over what is basically a workout top. In case you are confused, the sweatshirt is the “real clothes” part. Think Sezane, think Anine Bing.

And I added a belt bag because I freaking love a good belt bag. Of course, the belt bag requires a shorter jacket, but that’s where Halfdays comes in. Their packable puffer is basically magic – it fits over the bulkiest sweaters, cinches at the waist (or not) and is bizarrely warm.

winter outfit idea with athleta fleece lined flare leggings

hat | puffer (s) | fleece-lined flare leggings (s) | moon boots | belt bag

4. The “Real Outfit,” Part 2: Colorful

Cute winter outfit idea Sezane sweatshirt

sweatshirt (s) | athleta turtleneck (s) | joggers (xs) | boots

This is basically the exact same outfit as above – a sweatshirt layered over a turtleneck – but with actual joggers instead of flared leggings, and I’ll sometimes layer leggings underneath for more warmth. The big difference? Slightly more color. Observe:

cute winter outfit idea black sweatpants pink North Face jacket

jacket (s) | hat (color sold out, try this one) | sweatshirt (s) | athleta turtleneck (s) | joggers (xs) | boots

It’s kiiiind of amazing what these little hits of color do for my outfits & mood. Dopamine dressing is definitely a thing.

5. The One That’s Almost Fancy: Sweater Set

cozy winter outfit idea mou boots

sweater (s) | matching joggers (s) | boots | hat | mug

This cute little matching set is made from a sweater material (rather than fleece, like regular sweatpants), and has some elevated details: a gold-trimmed waist tie, a modern, boxy shaped top, a well-designed mock neckline (not squeezy) and seriously fantastic drape. While I was tempted to brush it off as Just Another Black Sweatsuit, it’s shockingly cute on, and I end up getting complements whenever I wear it.

I also like how the pants slide nicely into snowboots, with the perfect amount of slouch.

what to wear to walk the dog in winter

puffer (s) | sweater (s) | matching joggers (s) | boots | hat

Honestly, I love winter.



Oh hey, Pinners…

From the slopes to the fireside, these sweatpant & snowboot looks are perfect for Northern Vermont winters. Includes Moon boots, GAP sweatpants, Athleta fleece-lined pants & more.