Winter Play Clothes For Stylish Mamas and Kiddos. (At Lands’ End.) I KNOW, Right??


Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 2.22.54 PM What the heck, Lands' End?  (Or, as Raines would say, "Wha EE heck??")  I thought I had left you behind years ago….back in my childhood when I would brave Upper Michigan winters in your Squall Jacket and snow boots.

I never (NEVER!!!) thought I'd be writing about you now.  Especially in a thanks-for-the-inspiration-I'm-getting-my-butt-to-the-nearest-store kind of way.

And just to clarify, I'm not talking about Lands' End CANVAS, mind you, who we've come to expect a certain level of fabulousness from….but Lands' End.  The Lands' End of elastic-waist tapered pants and sensible sweaters. 

But seriously…something is up with Lands' End.  And while their clothing collection still seems to be geared to…uh…a demographic that I don't necessarily fit…I am LOVING their winter gear for stylish mamas.

You see, I am a mama who plays.  We play hard, the boys and I.  Hailing originally from MI, I take 'em outside in rain, sleet, and snow.  And we play even harder in lots and lots of snow. ("wots and wots" says R)

So I'm loving the perfectly styled, but totally cozy warm and comfy outdoor looks from Lands' End.  If the toggle coat and hybrid winter/street boots pictured above didn't getcha….check out these harder core winter looks:


LOVE the striped knit hat + checked scarf with the parka and skinny cords.  Well played, Lands' End.  Well played.

Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 2.21.32 PM
(item featured: Lands' End Squall Parka)

Looking for some puffer action?  (The puffer in the middle is slightly shimmery – so pretty!)

 (items featured:  Lands' End Shimmer Down Coat, LE Shimmer Down Parka, LE Diamond Down Jacket)

I love how all of their down parkas seem to nip in at the waist (via a belt or just the cut of the parka).  It's a nice touch, and much more flattering than most.  

But I'm also intrigued by their PolarThin collection.  I had talked myself into going for Patagonia's Down Sweater Hoodie this year….but at $250 I was having trouble pulling the trigger.  Lands' End's version is only $99.

 (items featured:  Lands' End Polar Thin Parka)


The Polar Thin parka looks adorable in the above pics…but when I compare the two online….


 (items featured:  Patagonia Women's Down Sweater Full Zip Hoodie, Lands' End Polar Thin Parka)

Yeah.  Patagonia's (above left) still looks much more modern, much younger.  Lands' End, you are close, guys!  C'mon!!  I hope you are listening….

It's still worth a trip to the store, tho'.  And one area where Lands' End is ROCKING it?  The kid's outerwear.  You know how M and I urged you last summer to get Patagonia's down sweater for the little ones?  Before it sold out in the Fall?  Since it was so light and so warm and comfy and was the ONLY thing most of the Denver littles would willingly wear in the winter (without tears)?  Yeah…check it:


(items featured:  Lands' End Boy's Polar Thin Insulator Hoodie, Patagonia Boy's Down Sweater Jacket)


Whoa.  I actually like Lands' End's $50 version better than Patagonia's $100 version. 

Wait!!  Lands' End ONLY makes this jacket for boys, not for babies or toddlers! GAH!  Land's End!!!  C'mon!  Our babies and toddlers also need the lighter weight jacket!!  You try wrestling a baby/1/2/3 yr old into a stiff winter parka and then buckling them into a car seat!!!!!!!  Not. fun.  (If you have this problem, go check out M's case for the Patagonia jacket.  Seriously.)

Sigh.  I'll get the LE version next year for R. 

HOLD ON.  HOLD THE PHONE.  This Lands' End's Boy's Polar Thin jacket goes all the way up to size 18-20 (aka XL in BIG BOY)………Mamas, I think I just found my new winter jacket !  And for only $50.  Ooooooo….totally worth a trip to SEARS.*  Granted, it isn't coming from a company as socially concious at Patagonia….sigh.  Nothing is easy.

Anyway, what do you think, Mamas?  The LE line is worth checking out, right?  



*Lands' End has a shop in most SEARS stores…

ps.  BTW, they totally have snow pants for Moms!

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  1. I am *this* close to buying that first coat in the row of three. It’s gorgeous and I love the fur detailing. I have another one of their simpler down coats and I’m in love with it.
    I can’t decide between that one and the same one that’s a little longer (above the knee?). What’s the criteria for needing what coat length? I live on the East Coast, where it’s often cold, but not Alaska, if that makes sense.

  2. The Patagonia jacket looks similar to this season’s Uniqlo down jackets (just got their email in my inbox) which are a bit more in the Land’s End price range. Should probably clarify – I’m nothing to do with Uniqlo at all but I do like their stuff!
    And thank you for making me think it might be possible to look glam and run around after my crazy toddler at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have the women’s version of the Boys Polar thin insulate and it ROCKS MY SOCKS! It’s warm, as flattering as one can expect a polar insulate coat to be and easy to wipe clean when your toddler spills something on it. My only complaint is that I will it were just a a couple of inches longer for when I am bending and twisting when we play in the snow. It’s called the Dory coat and it can be found here (on sale with free shipping!):
    Lands End tends to run a little bit large, so you probably want to size down.

  4. Too funny. I bought my new winter coat on clearance from Lands End over the summer and am really looking forward to wearing it. It’s so stylish! I noticed that I really like some of their newer clothes — ll bean has some cute outdoors-y stuff, too.
    I live in MI so I know what you mean — looking cute while being out and about in MI weather is a must. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I know, right? I just bought the shimmer down coat in steel gray, the same one you picture on the left. I’m in Wisconsin, and I will be warm and stylin’ walking my son to and from school this winter! (I also bought Sorel’s Joan of Artic boots in shale to go with: )
    I also love this dress by LE: It’s much cuter in person than it is in their photo. Though of course I can’t actually WEAR it until I’m done nursing…

  6. I’m not sure when it happened either, but I have been loving Lands End for the last couple of years. So glad I’m not going crazy!
    LL Bean has also been expanding their stylish wears – and good quality for a good price. I love the LL Bean toddler rain gear, and for a fraction of what it costs at REI, etc.

  7. Hello Ladies,
    I just recently discovered your blog and am working my way backwards and forwards through posts to find my own mom wardrobe basics!
    I just bought my oldest (3 kids) a LE parka and am loving all their stuff…
    Loft is doing their fall 40% off promo and I was wondering if you have found any pieces there that are worthy of purchase?? I just bought a pair of gap legging jeans, and am looking for some nice flat boots so would love some tops/ tunics/cardigan advice!
    please please please!!!
    Many thanks Shazia

  8. I’m still kicking myself for not buying one of these Boys Polarthin Insulator Hoodies – I didn’t find out about them till a year later in December 2012 – I’ve been searching on EBay for 6 years now waiting for a Dark Blue one of these in XL-18/20 to come up – no luck – I got one in Grey and it’s wonderful – but I still want the blue one. Seems like they are so good that no-one wants to get rid of them !! If anyone has one and wants to sell it, I will pay good money to get it !!

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