Winter Sneakers…It’s A Thing


One of my favorite things about the Topshop Parka I bought this winter is its versatility . . . as in, that HUGE faux fur hood that I love wearing in the cold wind and snow detaches.  Since the jacket itself isn’t a huge puffy down-filled coat this means that I can wear it well into the coming months when the snow is gone.  Which brings me to my recent discovery . . . winter sneakers.

I had NO idea they were a thing, really, until I came across these Converse shoes that are literally called “Winter Knit High Top.”  Because I live in crazy snow country, it never occurred to me that such a thing existed.  And even though I live in Winterville, USA, (or because I live here?) I’m always cold well into March, April . . . and even May sometimes.  By then I’m over boots, but my feet get cold so easily.  Solution?  Winter sneakers.  They might be faux fur-lined or waterproof or a sneaker-boot-hybrid and they’re warm, comfortable and seriously cute.


Topshop Coat (with the faux fur hood detached)

Converse Chuck Taylor Winter Sneaker: Run a tad big, wearing 7.5 . . . SUPER warm and comfy

Eyelash Sweater: Super soft and currently 40% off!

Hudson Jeans: I obviously rolled these up, but I think the ankle length would be perfect!

Rebecca Minkoff Backpack: (Loving this light pink color for spring!)

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Special thanks to Lutey’s Flower Shop in Marquette for the gorgeous flowers!  If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, Lutey’s is the place to get it!




  1. This is my favorite of your outfit posts, maybe because this is exactly something I would wear…anyway- just so darn cute. Wondering what you thought about the sizing of the jeans, and if you recommend them for curvy gals (wide hips).

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