Hey, hey, HEY!! Week one of our Winter Style Challenge has just completed, and our lucky winner of a $50 gift card is….a secret. It’s between us and our special friends, our newsletter subscribers. Feeling left out? Don’t be: you can be one, too.

I feel the need to mention that our winner each week is picked at random, not judged or scored on their outfit or something horrible like that. To play along, you upload an image to Instagram, tag us (@themomedit) and use the hashtag #TMEStyleChallenge, and then we just basically applaud, give you some love and feature you in the newsletter.

Like this:

Readers — & SPECIAL readers, mwah haha — get ready for Week 2 of the Winter Style Challenge — all black with a pop of color. Show us what ya got, Mama!

The newsletter gets updated everyday with new entries — the outfit ideas have been SO freaking fun. We’re beyond thrilled by how many of you are indulging (and playing along!!) with our particular brand of crazy.  Thanks. Really.

Week Two of the Winter Style Challenge: Wear All Black With a Pop Of Color

OK, for THIS week (1/16 – 1/23), we’re going to be rocking all black (which is basically all I want to wear anyway — remember this??) but adding in a pop of color.

Some rules: I consider white, beige, and gray to be colors.

More rules: But if you go with white, beige, or gray, that pop better MATTER.

Last rule: Probably better off with a pop that’s not beige, white or gray. Also, makeup counts.

As always, tag @themomedit and #TMEStyleChallenge, and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card of your choice.

You’ll find my interpretation of this challenge….in tomorrow’s newsletter. SUBSCRIBE HERE.




  1. This week speaks to my soul! The biggest challenge for me is deciding which of the all black outfits I wear this week should be the one I post! Even my nail polish is black right now! ? Side note…every time I read anything about this week’s challenge, I read it as Jay Z… “Get y’all black tees on…All black everything…Black cards, black cars…All black everything” from Run This Town. Which makes this the second TME post this week that has an older hip hop song stuck in my head!

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