What’s The Deal With Wit & Wisdom: Under $100 Jeans, Sweaters, & Work Pants Review


Wit & Wisdom is one of those intriguing brands to me. Almost everything is under $100 and I’m always drawn to their classic-esque styles (many with interesting details)… BUT when shopping online I never quite believe their jeans or sweaters or work pants are going to be that good in person.

A few Wit & Wisdom under $100 pieces HAVE found a place in my wardrobe, though, and they’ve incorporated themselves quite fabulously. So much so that I felt like it was worth doing a deeper dive to try and get a better understanding of what the deal is with this brand.

Wit & Wisdom Try-On & Review: Sweaters, Work Pants + Those Wildly Popular Jeans Under $100

If you’re in a hurry, the winners in this post are these fantastic jeans that Shana and I are both loving (size down), these ultra-comfy wide leg work pants, and these cute patch pocket wide leg cords.

Tons of selfies and detailed reviews (per my usual monster posts), so keep scrolling for my pros, cons, fit details, and whether or not I would ACTUALLY wear these pieces –as well as some strong opinions on Wit & Wisdom’s sweaters.

Wit & Wisdom Review

jeans (6) | sweater (s) — scroll down for my thoughts on the sweater

Under $100 Jeans Is Where It Started

Although my favorite Wit & Wisdom jeans right now are the wide-legs shown above, my interest in this brand actually started with Wit & Wisdom’s bootcut jeans (shown on “2021 Linzi” below).

Under $100 Jeans

jeans (size 4 in 2021)

Almost every year in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, there’s a pair of Wit & Wisdom’s Ab Solution Bootcut Jeans for SUPER cheap. Like under $50 cheap! If you’re interested in a basic blue wash pair of bootcuts…and can wait…my prediction is the basic ones will be back in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this summer.

Their bootcut jeans are stretchy, comfortable, fit my curves well, and are available throughout the year in a wide variety of washes with occasional distinct detailing (some detailing that works and some that’s a little off). I will be clear here… I do not like these bootcuts as much as my beloved MOTHER flares, but in the under $100 category, the Wit & Wisdom’s are often a win for me.

This past summer their ponte wide leg pants (which feel more like lounge pants than work pants) joined my closet unexpectedly when I went in store to specifically search for budget-friendly gems. Wit & Wisdom’s fabulous carpenter jeans were also a recent fun find, and I noticed this winter I wasn’t the only one taking notice of Wit & Wisdom’s pants and jeans. Shana has been rocking their gray cords and carpenter jeans…and Laura looks ah-MAZING in her fabulous winter white Wit & Wisdom wide-legs. So good!

So I decided now was the time to take a deeper dive into Wit & Wisdom’s collection to see if there were any other gems I was missing.

Wit & Wisdom Carpenter Jeans & Work Pants Are Wins: You Can Skip The Sweaters

The takeaway from this try-on? The carpenter jeans and various comfy work pants are total budget-friendly gems, but you can skip the sweaters — unless you really love the styles and are okay with fibers and materials that feel low quality-ish.

What I’m finding from Wit & Wisdom’s collection is that I like the fit and styles so much with their pants that the fact they’re using less expensive materials to remain in that budget-friendly price point doesn’t bother me. Despite the lower price point, the washes and colors are good or definitely good enough, and they all have amazing stretchiness, fabulous all around comfort that my body REALLY appreciates, and a fit that’s JUST right.

Laura, Shana, and I all have different body shapes…I’m curvier on bottom, Shana’s straighter, and Laura has a more athletic build and yet we all have found Wit & Wisdom pants and jeans that we love.

The sweaters are another story. The styles are super cute, I love the neutral (but not boring) colorways and details, but the quality in the materials just isn’t there. That being said, if you’re looking for a cute budget-friendly find and aren’t particular about your sweater materials, I was quite pleased with the way most of them looked (just not the feel).

What’s The Deal With Wit & Wisdom Sizing

A quick note before we get started with the try-ons about Wit & Wisdom sizing for pants and jeans. Size down! For reference, I am 5’2, 140-ish lbs, and curvier on my bottom half. I am typically a 29 in MOTHER denim or a size 8-10 in other brands, but my typical size for Wit & Wisdom is a 6 (and even a 4 sometimes). There’s AMPLE stretch in all of the jeans and pants I tried, so don’t be afraid to try a smaller size.

Wit & Wisdom: Jeans, Work Pants, & Sweaters Review

Alright, here we go…a review of several Wit & Wisdom jeans, pants, and sweaters with my pros, cons, fit notes, and whether or not I would actually wear these pieces in “real life.” Hope it’s helpful!

1. ‘Ab’Solution High Waist Wide Leg Carpenter Jeans

Under $100 Jeans

jeans (4) | cami (s)

Wit & Wisdom Review

jeans (4) | cami (s)

Pros: A breath of fresh air in the denim department for me. Interesting carpenter jean details, but nice and stretchy and not overly baggy on my petite frame. Once I sized down, I LOVED the way the more fitted hips and waist felt in combination with the wide leg looser-on-bottom shape. Comfortable in the waist and hips (essential if I’m going to wear high-waisted jeans).

Cons: I wish they came in petites (like some Wit & Wisdom pants/jeans). I’m wearing these jeans with tall-heeled boots here, but am likely going to hem so I can wear them with sneakers instead. Because of the detailing on the side, though, they won’t look exactly the same after hemming.

Fit Notes: I am typically a 29 in MOTHER denim and a 6 in Wit & Wisdom jeans, but I actually sized down to a 4 here and like the fit in the waist and hips better. If you’re looking for a slouchier look, though, stick with your regular Wit & Wisdom size.

Would I Actually Wear It? Absolutely! Once I sized down, they’re pretty darn fabulous for an under $90 pair of jeans.

2. ‘Ab’ Solution High Waist Wide Leg Carpenter Pants

Under $100 Finds

pants (6) | cami (s)

Work Pants Wit & Wisdom

pants (6) | cami (s)

Pros: SO many! Stretchy and comfortable to start with. Second, I’m loving the dark charcoal coloring (instead of my usual go-to black work pant). Easy to throw on a basic black top, sweater, or blazer (especially since the pants have interesting detailing built in) and avoid the heavier head-to-toe black ensemble I often end up with. Same carpenter detailing as the carpenter jeans I love from Wit & Wisdom. Makes them a bit interesting while still maintaining that easy-to-wear-on-repeat quality. Also…I really like the look of the pockets on the back compared to some of their other trousers/pants.

Cons: Again…like the carpenter jeans, I wish they came in petite. I’m wearing them with tall heeled boots here and they’re still pretty long. I will definitely have to hem them. But keep in mind, I’m only 5’2. The material is stretchy and plenty comfortable, but not ULTRA soft like Wit & Wisdom’s ponte line.

Fit Notes: I’m wearing my usual 6 here. I think I could size down to a 4 (like I did in the carpenter jeans) because there’s so much stretch. They’re a little roomy for me in the waist.

Would I Actually Wear It? Yep! If I was in an office on the daily, I would ABSOLUTELY wear these on the regular. I’d pair them probably with a more feminine black or cream top to balance out the more masculine vibe of the carpenter style.

3. Wit & Wisdom ‘Ab’ Solution Skyrise Patch Pocket Wide Leg Pants

Under $100 Finds

pants (6) |cami (s)

Wide Leg Pants

pants (6) | cami (s)

Wide Leg Cords

pants (6) | cami (s)

Pros: True to Wit & Wisdom’s reputation, these ALSO make the cut for comfy and stretchy enough to wear on the regular. Cute patch pockets in the front and really pretty color options (both the byzatium and the steel gray). Great length on me for sneaks.

Cons: After years of focussing on mostly neutrals in my core wardrobe (with pops of color and print accessories), this particular color (although REALLY pretty) requires a bit more thought with getting dressed than I would like. Also…I wish these pants came in various lengths. At 5’2, I like the length for sneakers on me, but they weren’t quite right with tall-heeled boots. If you’re taller, though, they would fit as intended (slightly cropped).

Fit Notes: Wearing a 6 here and I like the fit. They are snugger than the carpenter styles, so if you’re curvy on the bottom I would recommend your typical Wit & Wisdom sizing. For reference, I wear a 29 in MOTHER denim.

Would I Actually Wear It? Hmmm…maybe. But I think I would have been happier with the steel gray. You can see them on Shana here.

4. ‘Ab’ Solution Skyrise Wide Leg Jeans

Wit & Wisdom Jeans

jeans (6) | cami (s)

Under $100 Jeans

jeans (6) |cami (s)

Pros: Cute side detailing that you can see better on the model here. Stretchy. I like the style, but would have preferred a different wash/fabric.

Cons: These just weren’t quite right on me. First of all, I didn’t like the wash – too dark and the feel of the denim wasn’t as soft as the carpenter jeans. They also gave off “western vibes” to me, which again…just wasn’t quite right. The back pockets, although similar to the pockets on the cords I tried and liked, didn’t do much for me on the denim.

Fit Notes: Wearing a 6 here and would stick with the 6. Wearing tall-heeled boots and length was good for those or heels.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope. Didn’t like the look or feel, but would consider trying the same style in a different wash.

5. ‘Ab’ Solution Skyrise Wide Leg Ponte Pants

Comfy Work Pants

pants (6) | cami (s)

Under $100 Work Pants

pants (6) | cami (s)

Pros: Super stretchy and comfortable….like lounge pants! These DEFINITELY do not feel like you’re wearing work pants.

Cons: Sizing availability limited right now. BUT…these pants have been going in and out of stock since the summer, so they will likely come back if you’re interested. I prefer the pockets that are on the carpenter pants, but as I mentioned, these are so comfortable and stretchy that I kept them anyway. Note: the pockets on these aren’t actually pockets…they’re fake…and they don’t have a front zipper either (they just look like they do). For me, this isn’t really a positive or negative.

Fit Notes: I’m wearing a 6 here and they fit, but I like the slouchier fit better that they had when I bought them (and I was slightly smaller), so if you want a slouchier fit, I would consider getting a size bigger than your typical Wit & Wisdom size.

Would I Actually Wear It? Yep, for sure.

6. Fair Isle Pointelle Sweater

Wit & Wisdom Review

sweater (s) | jeans (4)

Under $100 Sweaters

sweater (s) | jeans (4)

Pros: The design and colorways are perfect! The fit is also JUST right and I SO wanted to fall in love with both of these sweaters.

Cons: I was really disappointed in the feel and material quality of this sweater. I’m particular about sweater materials, and this one didn’t make the cut. I wasn’t expecting cashmere (the makeup of this guy is mostly acrylic and nylon), but this particular blend felt especially low quality. To me, the low quality material showed more in the lighter color (and less so with the black). If you’re not particular about sweater materials, though, this IS a very cute sweater at a good budget-friendly price.

Fit Notes: Size small fit was great Not too tight, not too oversized…perfect for this style of sweater.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope. Didn’t like the material.

7. Cable Stitch Mock Neck Sweater Vest

Wit & Wisdom Review

sweater (s) | jeans (6)

Pros: Super cute and a quite versatile style. I’d wear this type of vest over a long sleeve top or on its own with jeans, pants, skirts, tucked in or loose.

Cons: Once again…the material. Similar to the Fair Isle Pointelle sweater, the material wasn’t as high quality as I had hoped. Not as soft as I expected it to be.

Fit Notes: A little gapping under the arms, so I would likely try the XS if I had plans to keep it.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope…not the right fit or material for me.

8. Wit & Wisdom Yoke Cardigan

Under $100 Sweaters

cardi (s) | jeans (4)

Pros: The feel of the material felt much softer to my skin and better in general than the sweaters above that I tried. It’s still not cashmere, cotton, or wool (which I prefer), but it has a lower acrylic content than the other sweaters I tried. This is a cozy sweater that “touch-wise”, I’d be happy to wear.

Cons: Not in love with the style. Personally, if I’m going to wear fringe right now I kind of want it to “scream” fringe, and this felt a little meh. It hits at that in-between spot of not being a wear-forever classic cardigan, but also not being a fabulously bold statement cardigan.

Fit Notes: Size s fit just as I would want it.

Would I Actually Wear It? If it was in front of me as I was walking out the door on a cool-ish day, sure, but if I’m trying to be selective about what is making it into my closet, this wouldn’t make the cut.

9. Scallop Trim Pointelle Sweater

Under $100 Sweaters

sweater (s) | jeans (4)

Pros: Super pretty design at a great price. Material is softer than the vest and Fair Isle sweater I tried, but definitely does not feel high quality.

Cons: A little too much material and too much flounce for me. The sleeves are cute, but felt too fussy for me to actually wear in the winter. I tend to keep things simpler this time of year for layering under puffers and parkas.

Fit Notes: Size small felt a smidge big on me for this type of style.

Would I Actually Wear It? Nope. Quality felt low-ish and style not right for me.

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As always…would love to hear from you all. Any Wit & Wisdom opinions you have on pieces you already own? Any Wit & Wisdom gems or budget-friendly finds under $100 you want to share?


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