What Moms Wear: Ann’s Perfect Outfit For Active Mommy&Me Classes


LeggingscardiReader Ann sent in this adorable pic of the outfit she wore to a mommy-and-me gymnastics class.  She styled her cardigan as a dress over a simple tee and leggings, then added tall boots.  It's a cute outfit for running around town…then remove the cardi and boots and voila!!  Here comes Mary Lou.  And I love how she demonstrates black and brown living so happily together. 

Ann's take on cardi-as-dress is actually a brilliant idea for those active mommy-and-me classes.  I was taking R to a gymnastics class (gosh, over a year ago now…) and getting ready was always a dilemma.  I get bored watching from the sidelines, so I was often found in the foam-block pit…and I'll admit to a slight obsession with the trampoline (which wasn't necessarily appreciated by the "coach" since I have 100 lbs on the actual "gymnasts").  But whatever.  It's fun.

Back to the clothing dilemma – Yes.  Next time, styling a cardi-as-dress over a pair of leggings and simple top is the way to go.  It'll at least keep my pant legs from being pushed up over my knees in the block pit. 

And dontcha wanna just jump right in?



(BFF Beck & Meara with my guys in the foam block pit.  Local?  Gotta check out Broomfield's Rec Center.  Outside the city, but cah-razy fun gymnastics classes for kids.  And…uh…moms.)

Thanks for sending us the pic, Ann!!! Nice job!




  1. I have totally adopted this look after reading about it here, and it’s really working for me. This site is seriously changing my life! Or at least my wardrobe.

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