All A Wants for Christmas (The Gift Guide for Any Mom, Any Holiday)


A (Adventurous, Athletic, A little Crazy, And Always Late)

Is anyone else teaching a kindergartner to read?  And self-studying simultaneously?  ‘Tis the season.

What do I really want for the holidays?  PEACE.  Globally, Locally, at HOME.  That’s all.  Is that so hard???

And maybe…more TIME.  More hours in a day, more days in a week, more weeks in a year?  That, yes, that too,


But if you can’t give me PEACE and TIME, then any of these things would be more than lovely!  It’s my wishlist, but it might be yours too!  xoxo A

woman gift ideas



1/  HELLO COAT RACK  This is my favorite right now.  I want to hang it in EVERY entrance EVERYWHERE!!!

2/  CARL MERTENS 14.2″ STAINLESS STEEL LIGHTER SHHH…Don’t tell Mike D, but this is what he’s getting.  And yes, I’d like one too.


4/  NIXON MEN’S A045957 TIME TELLER BLACK STAINLESS STEEL BRACELET WATCH My favorite everyday watch, to replace the previous edition, which I beat the you know what out of, over 5 years.  A sharpie can only fix so much, you know?

5/  MR. EDWARDS CLOCK I love a kitchen clock.  In spite of the fact that it’s always telling me NOW.  Now is when you take the kids to school.  Now is when you go get the kids.  Now it’s time for hip hop, breaking, karate, ballet, soccer, etc.  Just NOW.  I would like this clock.

6/  CHLOÉ – SOREL CROSTA LEATHER-TRIMMED SUEDE AND SHEARLING BOOTS – BROWN Not cheap.  For sure.  But I’ll wear them for 15 years.  And love them all the way through.

7/  CLOCKCLOCK 24 DIGITAL CLOCK Ok, fine.  It’s a million dollars.  Or actually $6k.  But a girl can dream, no?

8/  EXTŌ +4 EXTENSION CORD ITEM # A0182 Mike D and I agree on this:  sexy extension cords are our jawn.

9/  VILLAGE WROUGHT IRON TC-L LARGE TRIANGLE CHIME BY VILLAGE WROUGHT IRON My mom always rang a bell.  Is that weird?  And/or hysterical?  She never raised her voice.  She instead just rang a bell and we call came:  for homework, because it was time to leave, and best of all, for dinner!!!!   Love you Mom.

10/  FIT FLOP LIMITED EDITION SHEARLING SLIDE SANDALS These are silly.  But so are my girls.  And I like to be like them.  So let’s just do silly.  Yet sexy.  And fun!

11/  JOYJOY! TRADITIONAL CAMO TACTICAL INTERCHANGEABLE SILICONE WATCH JJ-4049W We all have these watches, and we all share them, and they do in fact bring great JOY JOY!!!

12/  STEEL BIOETHANOL FIRE PIT Love an outdoor city garden sized pit.  This is my current Fav!!!

13/  THERMACELL MR-9SB PATIO SHIELD BRISTOL MOSQUITO REPELLER PLUS LANTERN  Do you have a bestie that the skeeters love???  I do.  So we need these.  Just to keep her safe.  And not complaining.

14/  FIT FLOP LIMITED EDITION QUILTED METALLIC LEATHER SLIDE SANDALS These I actually love.  Maybe b/c I wanted to be an astronaut?  Maybe b/c I love my toes out.  Maybe b/c how do you not love these?

15/  COTE & CIEL MEN’S ISAR SMALL CAMO BACKPACK, STONE GREY, ONE SIZE Serious envy.  Every time I carry my navy blue one.  And there are so many others I’d love to sport.  This one in particular!

16/  RAG & BONE – ELLIS LARGE TEXTURED-LEATHER BELT BAG – BLACK I wore my same fanny pack (front ways) from 19 years old to 42 years old, when S announced one day:  “it’s tired.  retire it.”  Ok fine.  Next.

17/  ADIDAS STELLA MCCARTNEY PURE BOOST X SLIP-ON SNEAKERS After helping and/or encouraging the tie of 3 kids worth of shoes to get to school on time, I have no time for laces and self tie.  These are the best!

18/  WOOLRICH WOOL BLANKET I just LOVE the colors in this one.  It is wool blanket happy perfection!!!

19/  GIORGIO PLUMETI TOTE Is anyone else dreaming of summer days to come?

20/  ADIDAS X STELLA MCCARTNEY ULTRA BOOST SNEAKERS These are my go to.  Every day.  Always.

Just some wishful thinking.  xoxo A


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