The Complete Guide To Winter Coats Is Here!!


Earlier this month, I had the honor of announcing our brand-new downloadable style guides, and your response has blown us away. And in the spirit of Taylor Swift’s new album release, we left a few metaphorical “easter eggs” around the site hinting at our next big guide for October.

But, no, we’re not talking cardigans this month, Swifties…we’re talking COATS.

The Complete Winter Coat Style Guide: How To (Warm) Up Your Outerwear Game

For many, the weather is juuust starting to crisp up to the point that has us thinking, “Gee, maybe this thick sweater and a long-sleeved tee are enough to carry me through my eight-block walk to work this morning in 48 degrees…” Wrong. So wrong. You need a coat, girlfriend.

…that’s me — I’m the one who needs a coat. But luckily, I have super-stylish friends who know things. Things about coats. So, let’s take a peek at our newest downloadable style guide, shall we?

What To Expect From This Style Guide: We think that having the right winter coat makes everything easier.  It’s easier to get dressed in the morning, easier to get (and keep) the kids outside, and it’s easier to get party-ready, knowing you have the right winter coat at your fingertips. 

So how do you define the “right” winter coat?

While this answer does depend, in part, on lifestyle, personal style, and location (climate), in this guide, we identify four main winter coat types worth considering. Having one of each of these coat types will make sure you’re ready for anything and everything, from date night to school drop off, from winter hikes to fancy holiday parties. 

This 58-page guide includes example winter coat “wardrobes” – for colder climates, warmer climates, budget-friendly, and plus-size – as well as the most comprehensive guide to our favorite winter coats in each category, so you can create your own winter coat wardrobe.  Per usual, we’ve also included a few styling tips and tricks along the way. 

How To Find This Style Guide: Visit to shop “The Ultimate Guide to Winter Coats.” While you’re over there, you’ll also find our three debut guides:

And as a reminder, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to No More Secrets, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit combating period poverty in marginalized communities.

How To Build The Ultimate Winter Coat Wardrobe

Maybe you’re looking for a winter coat wardrobe overhaul or maybe you just need to fill in some gaps. Either way, we’ve got you covered with a guide that shows you how to shop by climate, price, and silhouette.

So, first, choose your favorite coat style per category…

Our winter coat style guide shows you how to shop for winter by climate, price & silhouette.

…then, browse by type. We have countless coats to choose from at a variety of price points and styles. Here are a few more example pages. Once downloaded, simply click anywhere on a page to shop the links!

Whether it’s a sexy, longline leather blazer or a statement-making wool coat in a delicious color, finding the perfect topper to complement countless outfits is the key to getting dressed this winter. Because, sure, your outfit underneath is important, but when you walk into a room, everyone is going to notice that gorgeous coat.

Get “The Complete Guide to Winter Coats,” right here.

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Not gonna lie, I think this one could be considered Shana’s official dissertation on coats. A++ work, S, Laura, Danielle, Abby & Jeni! Readers, thank you for your continued support — we hope you’re LOVING these guides!! As always, help us brainstorm our upcoming guides by leaving a comment with the topics you’d like to see next.


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