Something New & VERY Exciting: Our Downloadable Style Guides Are Here!!


BIG NEWS. Our brand-new downloadable style guides have arrived!!!

S dropped major hints about our secret project in her latest Weekend post, but now that the work is done, we’re thrilled to share exactly what we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes.

Think of our style guides as an extension of your favorite TME content — but made to evoke the feeling of your most-loved magazine. The kind of reading you’d reserve only for a calm Sunday morning, cuddled up on your favorite chair with a hot coffee in hand, while your family is still asleep. That is how we’ve designed these guides to feel…and our team has done a damn good job of bringing it all to fruition.

Hot Off The Presses! The Mom Edit Style Guides For Fashion Tips & Outfit Ideas

(OK, fine, they’re downloadable. I just really wanted to say “hot off the presses.”)

Introducing: The Mom Edit's downloadable style guides! Our editors are dishing their tried-&-true fashion tips + tricks, outfit ideas for all seasons, & shopping inspo.
A page from The Mom Edit’s Downloadable Style Guide: Let’s Get Dressed, October

What To Expect From Our Style Guides: From helpful style tips to outfit ideas and a TON of shoppable options, these guides are some of the most exciting things we’ve ever created. This is a true glimpse into our team’s creative process, and we’ve spent countless hours curating the best content, with the interests of TME readers at the forefront of our minds (as always!).

Where To Find Our Style Guides: Visit for all of our current guides and launch dates of future guides. We’ll have one more dropping this month, and it’s going to be BIG.

The Best Part: 10% of all proceeds will be donated to No More Secrets, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit combating period poverty in marginalized communities.

Without further ado, I’m THRILLED (literally, giddy over here) to share our three debut downloadable style guides…

Shana’s Style Notes, October: Fall for Blue

These downloadable style guides include notes that are a behind-the-scenes peek into Shana's October fall outfit inspiration.

These style notes are a little behind-the-scenes peek into Shana’s October inspiration. The pieces, trends or ideas that feel especially fresh, outfit ideas she’s been playing with this fall, and/or what’s on her shopping shortlist.

Get Shana’s Style Notes, October

Let’s Get Dressed, October

October's TME style guide will get your creative juices flowing with some amazing fall outfit inspo.

The guide that gets your creative juices flowing. Getting dressed isn’t always as easy as it sounds, right? Well, “Let’s Get Dressed, October” offers a little direction with a LOT of whimsy. Discover the prettiest pieces out there this fall, and we’ll help you pull them all together (you’ll look great every time).

Get Let’s Get Dressed, October

8 Fresh Outfit Ideas For Cropped Jeans

We've come up with 8 fresh, current ideas to keep cropped, straight-leg jeans in your outfit rotation. Here's to shopping your closet

If you, like many of us, are staring at a pile of cropped, straight-leg denim in your closet in the midst of this resurgence of longer-and-looser denim — don’t panic. We’ve come up with eight fresh, current ideas to keep those bad boys in your rotation. Here’s to shopping your closet and feeling GREAT about it.

Get 8 Fresh Outfit Ideas For Cropped Jeans

New style guides drop monthly, so leave us a comment with anything you’d like to see next!

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Readers, thank you for your continued support as we venture into new mediums and explore the best ways to help grow our business. We have a team full of wonderful people here who can do the most amazing things. (Like whipping up these incredible guides, for example.) Abby, Danielle and Jeni, you NAILED it. Thank you for your countless hours of research, creativity and hard work.

OK, now I’m crying — gotta go!

Team TME

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  1. I LOVE these. They are beautiful, the format is perfection, and it is truly just like reading a magazine.

    I appreciate all the work and craftsmanship that went into them and I am over the moon happy you will continue to produce them. As someone who has been in the world of non-profit leadership, I am genuinely moved that you are sharing proceeds with one whose work makes such a tremendous difference.

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