Only “Mabel” In The Building: Outfits Inspired By My Favorite Hulu Series


I’m a sucker for a good mystery, be it in book, series, movie or podcast form. And I’m currently in love with the quirky, modern-take-with-a-nod-to-the-classics Hulu show “Only Murders in the Building.” I just finished up season two the other night, and while I was sad for it to end, it dawned on me…half the reason I love the show so much is because of Selena Gomez’s outfits. IYKYK.

I knew I had to prolong this season a bit more for myself with an inspo post based on this gorgeous character, Mabel…who we find out has many layers to her story. If you haven’t watched the show, you must. Not only is Gomez phenomenal, but she holds her own with legends Steve Martin and Martin Short — not a small feat. And they just announced Paul Rudd is on for season three?! YES, PLEASE.

It’s No Mystery — Mabel Mora’s ‘OMITB’ Style Is Killer: 5 Fall Outfit Ideas

While Cara Delevingne’s killer looks (murder-show pun intended) on her season three character do give Mabel a run for her money (Cara forever), Gomez as Mabel still steals the show with her standout ‘fits. Think gorgeous, rich fall colors that are amazing on her and clothing combos that give a noticeable nod to the ’90s fashion we’re seeing everywhere right now: fall plaids, chunky boots, cropped jackets, long trenchcoats and slouchy sweater vests. Here for it! As a fashion fan first, murder-mystery fan second, it’s really Mabel in the building that I’m paying the most attention to!

It's no mystery why I love Selena Gomez's "Only Murders in the Building" style. Rich fall colors, '90s vibes, plaids, fur coats, chunky boots, slouchy sweaters & so much more.


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Outfit 1: Iconic NYC Mabel

This is quintessential Mabel, and I think the first outfit we see her in on-screen. Gah. It’s perfection. Dana Covarrubias is the costume-designer genius behind these looks. She was quoted as saying, “This is not a show about murder — it’s a show about coats.” Haha, I love her.

Outfit 2: Pieces Of The Puzzle

Don’t you hate it when a piece of the puzzle is missing?

I knew I had to find a yellow jumpsuit — score! This boilersuit is at Target, friends! I just ordered but haven’t gotten it in yet. Stay tuned. It comes in a few other great shades too, including an olive green and a dusty rose.

Outfit 3: Short Skirt + A Loooong Jacket

Maybe the only Top 40 song ever with the word “allocations” in it?

I mean, this green faux-leather trenchcoat. While I don’t think she wore exactly this, I think she would, yeah? I know I would!

Outfit 4: Dying For Plaid

Wondering if, as a 5’4″ person, I can pull off these pants…because they are legit good. Damn.

Outfit 5: Fur Real, It’s Good

But don’t worry — it’s faux.

Mabel’s faux-fur jackets are one of my favorite parts about her whole wardrobe. They’re in those rich fall shades I talked about, and I can’t get enough of them. If you’re more of a neutral peep, this one is calling to me too.

Shop More Mabel-Inspired Fall Clothing Finds

I couldn’t help myself with this roundup… Lots of fun yellow/gold, faux fur, plaid, and a few chunky knits and chunky boots. And while it’s not exactly my typical style, I’m for sure down for making some of these pieces my own…definitely ordered that gold jumpsuit!

Thanks for indulging me in this fun post, friends. I hope you enjoyed it too! Let me know your favorite murder mystery (book, show or movie) in the comments!

It’s hard for me to pick a fave, but the classic “Clue” movie from the ’80s is probably my top pick, and the more recent “Knives Out” is up there too. Excited for the follow-up to that one! Until next time…



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It's no mystery why I love Selena Gomez's "Only Murders in the Building" style. Rich fall colors, '90s vibes, plaids, fur coats, chunky boots, slouchy sweaters & so much more.


  1. Ok, I LOVED this post! More of these, please!

    I used to watch Mystery! every Thursday night on PBS with my mom back in the day. Poirot was a favorite. I recently watched the modern Kenneth Branagh adaptation of Death on the Nile, which would also make a gorgeously glamorous outfit roundup!

  2. Love! this post. I was late to OMITB and am so enjoying watching it. Gosford Park (2001) is one I go back to again and again – it’s soooo good. Very like Clue, but with distinct Downton Abby vibes (makes sense since they are both written by Julian Fellows). And KTinBK, yes! I watched that every Thursday with my mom too! I always loved the intro sequence!

  3. OK, I hear what you are saying, the colors, the prints, the fabulous faux furs, but…the fit and proportions. I cannot handle cropped straight leg pants with boxy sweaters and clunky shoes. Any of those are fine in other configurations, but all together they make even Selena Gomez look shlumpy and *that* is saying something. I know that’s the look (or at least was 3 years ago when they filmed the first season) and I’m sure Ms. Gomez approved it, but NO. Also, get off my lawn.

    Probably any UK mystery series. Shetland. Endeavour. Granchester. Father Brown. Oh, but for excellent Australian art deco feminist flapper fun, try Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. (The spinoff, Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries is ok, but not the same.)

  4. Loved this post, the references, and I’ve also been swooning over Mabel’s fits. I’m new to murder mystery novels, and my first love are the Louise Penny novels! They’re also little love letters to good food and to Canada with its complex history.

  5. This post is perfect. I’m going to use Mabel as my inspo for fall fashion for sure. I love how feminine and tough her looks are at the same time. Definitely “stab you with a knitting needle.”

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