You’ll Never Guess Where I Found This Rockin’ Jumpsuit…


I’ve been drooling over these Mara Hoffman jumpsuits for years.  The patterns are both bold and chic, the shape has this sort of 70’s vibe, and, like most Mara Hoffman pieces, they’re very well-made.  My only issue was that I tend to wear these types of pieces just for fun (read: sparingly), so the cost-per-wear of almost $400(!!) didn’t quite work out.

So when eBay reached out, asking me to take a look at their summer clothing options….guess what I found? Yup.  The very romper that I’ve been watching and waiting for (for a fraction of the usual price). AHHHH I DIE.

I’ve been a long-time fan of eBay.  My first stroller was an eBay purchase (a special-edition Bugaboo – in denim – that came with a note from the seller: “We have so many happy memories with this stroller.  Please take good care of my baby.”), and several of my forever-pieces hanging in my closet were eBay purchases (vintage bags, and Elizabeth and James button-down, I’m looking at you).

I love eBay because I can always find that exact piece from…someone out there.  EBay’s inventory is so rich, it’s a virtual shopping playground.  And add in the element of competition?  OH YES, I WILL PLAY.  I’m a pretty fierce eBay auction winner.

I have a strategy.

That I refuse to share.

But WHO CARES because most of the items up for sale on eBay these days are a much more manageable “Buy it now” (and many of them are actually new, not necessarily pre-owned, if you care about that kind of thing).  The other brainchild that eBay has started is seasonal shopping events.  These are bascially curated lists from their fashion editors.  For example, I found this particular romper in their Summer Clothing Event (starting at $24.99).  And I’m also drooling over this little denim Minkoff bag from their Breezy to Beachy Handbag event.

eBay also offers 30-day returns on just about everything.

So.  Let’s play, shall we?  Starting with my outfit:

I’m wearing the Mara Hoffman ‘Herbarium’ romper (size 0 for reference).  But there are a ton of sizes and colors to choose from if you go with the search term ‘Mara Hoffman Jumpsuit‘.  If I change it up a bit and search ‘Mara Hoffman Herbarium‘, then eBay displays all Mara Hoffman clothing with this print (not just jumpsuits).

Fun, right?

Ok – let’s keep going:  THE BAG.   I’ve owned this thing for years, I always get questions about it, and it’s been out-of-stock forever.  My first search attempt, ‘feather clutch‘ resulted in some really cool pieces with a similar vibe, including this Halston Heritage one that’s basically a dead-ringer for the one I’m carrying.  When I changed up the search to ‘Sondra Roberts clutch‘ my feather bag didn’t pop up, unfortunately, but….this one did – SO FUN.  Sometimes searching by the designer yields pieces with a similar (and in this case, playful) vibe.

I’m giving you guys until tonight, then I’m buying that clutch, haha.

Anyway, that’s my eBay obsession in a nutshell.  It’s kiiiinda hard to stop.  I mean….one could start looking at Golden Goose sneakers, right?  One could….

May the eBay shopping odds be ever in your favor.



A huge thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated!!


  1. You look PHE-nomenal in that jumpsuit! It was made for you. Hope you got that cute boy of yours to take you out in that outfit. Gorgeous.

  2. Wow! Not only is that a great outfit but I think it is so cool that you are featuring something that you got second hand!! It’s a great savings for the wallet and recycling is good for our planet too!!

    I love Ebay for finding deals too but have you seen the ebay for charity feature? It takes it to another level. It’s a win-win-win! You can shop for items and the sale benefits the charity listed!! You can pick your charities that you want to shop under too!

  3. I am now obsessed with this romper! Love it. Such a flattering cut/print/color way! Shana, how do you think the fit is? There is one available that might be my size, but if they run small, it will not work. And I need it to work because I love it now! ?

  4. I bought this, thinking it’ll never work but what the hey it’s returnable…omg…it’s amazing. So cool and chic looking. I bought a size 0 and I think it’s true to size. It fits quite nicely to the body. The only thing that’s not working for me is the bust – I’m very small chested and the cups are a little loose since I can’t fill them up, even though the straps fit perfectly. Tried wearing one of those sticky bras but you can see the clip in the middle through the opening. The opening doesn’t really lay right on me so that’s my only issue with it. Going to take it to a tailor to see if the opening can be taken in a little or maybe adding a snap since it kind of moves around. It’s also very long so if you’re tall it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re larger busted and can go braless it may not be an issue for you. Good luck, it’s gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for the info! I saw your comment on Instagram, too! Thank you. The one that is in my size is not returnable, so I was a little worried about it, but then realized, that if it doesn’t fit, I can just sell it on eBay, too! I’m going to go ahead and get it. I love it so much! And thanks again for your input! It’s so helpful!

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