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Happy Friday, everyone! Let’s jump right into the good stuff…

Cozy Sweaters, Cute Boots & Luxe Skincare: Top Editor Picks On Sale At Nordstrom, Anthro & More Fave Retailers

We take our cashmere pretty seriously around here (especially when it’s on sale.) Shana votes this Naadam turtleneck (currently 40% off) “Most Luxurious”. This is truly delicious cashmere: thick, rich, drapey gorgeousness! The sleeves have a slight bell shape, yet they are still long and snuggly. Make it a set with these cashmere joggers (under $100). Read more of Shana’s cashmere insight in her recently published best cashmere article.

These. Boots. The cushy shearling is simply amazing…cozy and durable for a hiking boot. For the more casual adventurer (I’m counting walks around the block as an ‘adventure’), these shearling booties look plush. (Water-resistant, too!)

One more for those of you (*raises hand*) pulling together gifts for the holidays: this skincare set from one of our favorite beauty brands is on sale for under $100, and includes SO many of the products we love!

Happy shopping! More top editor picks, below.

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday. I am definitely glad to see the weekend here. My heart and brain want to be distracted by sales instead of revisiting what we had to go through in our neighborhood schools this week. NO parent should have to get the school text that there is a threat of violence EVER. Please continue to support the efforts of Moms Demand Action. In our case, we are extremely fortunate no one was physically hurt. Thank you to our incredible teachers and school staff and police department. And I will now move onto that distraction because mentally and emotionally, I must. 

There are really some great finds on sale…my most-worn-with-winter-boots under $100 jeans (size down) are 20% off and one of my most useful little bags ever is almost half off (that would make a great gift!) Gorgeous easy Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks are also on sale at Sephora. Hug your family and friends, and let’s get to work, moms. I have a feeling it’s gonna take us. xoxo 

Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

I am trying hard to focus on finishing up my gift purchases, but TONS of my beauty favorites went on sale, so I feel like I need to pause on gift shopping and stock up. I ordered this Superfood Facial Wash on Black Friday and am so obsessed with using it in the mornings—it smells like a green smoothie and somehow the smell itself gives me energy. It’s 35% off today, but if that changes over the weekend you can still use SHANA20 for 20% off. My hair strengthener is on sale, my tinted moisturizer, my glow sunscreen,  gah….they make it hard when they put EVERYTHING on sale at once!

Okay, back to gifting for others…one of my fav luxe items to gift is this silk pillowcase. Does WONDERS for wild bedhead. Price-matched right now at a good price, but warning: price-matching sometimes disappears. Looking forward to sleeping in LATE this weekend and enjoying my own silk pillowcase (if my kids don’t sneak in and steal it per usual). Happy weekend, everyone! 

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

I’m drinking all the hot beverages today while we happily await the snowstorm here at the top of Michigan. I think it’s safe to say we’re officially in that Christmas-snow-globe-Hallmark-movie bliss on this side of town. Anthropologie is keeping that bliss alive with their sale section that they keep adding to. This *quilted velvet* jacket is included, along with these stunning bouquet gift sets — if you’re still in need of some presents, Anthro is absolutely where you should be clicking through. 

And while undies might be a weird thing to gift someone else, consider gifting some to yourself, because my favorite underwear company gives back to women by funding microfinance loans so they can start businesses and break the cycle of poverty. I meaaaan, if incredibly comfortable underwear can give back like that, why wouldn’t I support it? Plus, it feels very true to the holiday/giving season. Cheers, friends!

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

There’s a huge winter storm on its way to us. I’ve never heard the term “thundersnow” before, but I did this morning while watching the news. I’m actually pretty excited about it — snow before Christmas seems so festive, and Zack and I are actually skiing this year, which makes the snow so much more enjoyable. 

The other thing that makes snow more enjoyable?? Staying WARM. I’m telling you, I have NEVER worn warmer boots than these. (And that’s saying something because living in Marquette, I’ve tried a LOT of winter boots.) I have a post coming out soon, but they sold out last year, so jump on them while you can! (Ooh, they’d go perfectly with this cozy oversized tunic from Free People (on sale!)) 😍 Happy weekend, everyone!

Meredith’s Top Sale Picks

In an effort to achieve maximum hydration, I mistakenly purchased a water bottle that doubles as a weight/3-month-old. I need positive reinforcement, which this jug provides, so, so far, so good.

By the time you read this it should FINALLY be snowing in Colorado. While I had every intention of ordering these sensible gloves with over 33,000 nearly five-star reviews, I couldn’t resist these beauties. They feel very Carrie a la SATC, “and just like that” they’ll appear in my stocking Christmas morning. 

Sales are still going strong even post-Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Don’t miss out on Free People’s spend $150, get $!100. I ordered a few pieces including this cardi and this dress. And, one final sale of note, my lace bodysuit featured in my going out blog post is 25% off with Bloomingdale’s F&F deal. Have a great weekend everyone! 

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

The kids and I are flying to Colombia tomorrow. Packing is always a mess when you go to countries close to the Equator because of the climate diversity we have, but it’s always fun to experience it all. I’ll be sharing all about our time there on my Instagram if you want to check it out.

On another note, I just used the Dry Bar single shot brush and, well, I got my shoulder-length hair done in less than 10 minutes — and it looks shiny and soft. I might be in love. I usually rock my natural waves but sometimes I like to change looks, and I don’t want to use the straightener for that (it’s more damaging), and the Dyson is out of my budget right now.

Em’s Top Sale Picks

Hey gang! Happy Friday. Feels like this last run-up to Christmas is speeding right along, so we’re trying to decompress a bit in the beautiful Russian River Valley this weekend. It’s gorgeous here — cold, clear and woodsy, and it feels removed from everything despite that it’s still just a stone’s throw from wine country and the coast. Then next week, Chris and I are escaping for his birthday for two nights (kid-free — hey, hey!). It’s kind of a milestone birthday, and since you know how tricky he can be to shop for, instead we’re going all out with phenomenal meals. Not at all complaining that I get to tag along for the festivities.

I can’t remember the last time I bought a true blue pair of heels, but if you need something for the holidays (that would also be fairly cool paired with ragged denim and an easy sweater), I just picked up these patent pumps, and they’re the perfect blend of timeless, cool and comfy. (Hello, memory foam insole!). The back zip and pointed toe keeps ‘em feeling just sexy enough, the strappiness is modern, and the heel is walkable. And best of all, they’re shockingly affordable (on sale for under $30). And two of my most-used skincare products are bundled together and on sale at Sephora right now. I use the face mist before bed daily and any time I need a refresher (so nice when you pull your mask off, post-grocery shop), so I keep one in my car, too. Easy stocking stuffer material! Happy weekend, friends. — Em

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

Hello, lovelies! It’s Friday, and I am beyond excited for the weekend because I am headed to Aspen to go be a snow bunny! Let me tell you all that finding ski and snow gear above a size 14 is basically impossible. I have spent the past few years searching, and while I did finally find base layers and snow pants that will work for me, there is so much that is lacking for people in larger bodies. Anyways, if you want to peek at some of the ski and snow wear I’ve purchased, or watch me be a snow bunny, it will all be documented on my YT channel

Okay, onto this week’s sales…I’ve been looking for a few gifts for my brother, who by the way is loving college, and I think I have landed on these (not on sale, but $55) as one of his gifts. They are practical, but I think he will actually love them all the same. My parents are getting ready to move to Nashville January 3rd, and asked for new black towels; these are over 50% off!

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