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Happy Friday! It’s been a super-rainy couple of days here in Philly — which calls for all the loungewear and athleisure to cozy up in. Thank Santa for Athleta’s quick 25% off sale (ends 12/18)… pieces worth scooping up: the unbelievable soft Tugga jacket (under $100 at checkout!), these fleece-lined leggings and this new sherpa jacket S & Kat have been raving about.

Cozy Athleisure, Warm Boots, NYE Outfit Gems + More Top Editor Sale Picks

For serious lounging, run to aerie for their sitewide sale — up to 60% off everything! Scotti wears this waffle henley year round, and Amy’s flare pants are marked down to $20. aerie is home to some of our favorite bralettes, too (50% off).

Need some last-minute NYE pieces? Head to Saks and get $50 back on every $200 spent. This black cami with a little sparkle is just the thing to dress up jeans (or, check out this satin pearl tank) and this party-ready bag caught Laura’s eye.

More editor picks below. Happy scrolling!

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey Friday. Whew. I’ll start by saying I’m 100% thankful for vaccines (repeating to myself all day). I had COVID in September and just now got my booster yesterday and yeah feeling like I got hit by a bus today. Heh. But I have a cute, chonky cat next to me on the bed and peppermint coffee as I write this, so really, all is well. 

Two much more exciting things happened this week though–I got to see Jonathan Van Ness Monday night and that human is a gift to us all. They are so so beautiful and freaking hilarious and so whip-smart with their observations of the world and humanity. And, I took Pinky to see “The Moth” (check out their podcast if you haven’t!) for his Christmas gift on Tuesday. I’m so impressed by people who can tell their stories in such beautiful ways, especially on stage to a ton of people. I feel so honored to have gotten to share in their lives. This weekend I’m laying low, but we do have a fun Christmas high tea with friends on Sunday afternoon! 

And can we just have a moment now for the beautiful human that was Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss. That hit really hard this week. He brought such joy to so many people and promoted dance in such a wonderful way. Sending light out to his family and please please, friends, know that if you are struggling we want you here. Tabitha Brown said it beautifully on her Instagram this week “joy will come again” and I truly believe that, even in the darkest times. Love you all and hope you have a cozy weekend. Xoxo 

ONE: Gap, friends. Head over there for this fab velour set — top here, bottoms here (I think they’re going fast) but now I want it in all the colors, too. SO cute, booty-flattering and so 2000’s vibes. It’s adorable for casual days or lounging around. Wearing an S in both the top and pants. Size up if between or for a looser fit. They are on major sale at $19 each! I’m loving the blue option, too.

TWO: Nordstrom Cashmere under $100! If you need a great classic layerable sweater, these sweaters from Nordstrom are just so good. This camel shade is lovely and not too light (they come in a bunch of color options) and they are so soft. Wearing a M here as they are a bit fitted and they’re long enough to tuck and perfect for the office. I love the V-neck style so I don’t get too warm, but cashmere is also the best at temp regulation. Loving it too with a Y necklace like mine here. 

More Sale Finds I’m Loving

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

The death of Steven ‘tWitch’ Boss hit me hard this week. I obviously didn’t know him personally, never spent any time with him…but from all outside appearances he had a beautiful family and was just full of joy and laughter—he seemingly “had it all.” And, like a lot of us, I was shocked to hear that he died by suicide. I didn’t know him, but I’ve known people like him. People who are seemingly happy on the outside but are struggling on the inside—with mental health, with sobriety, with depression. And the holidays can be such a sensitive time. It’s easy to get caught up in Instagram scrolling and the idea that everyone else’s life is perfect…there’s really no such thing, right? We’re all struggling in our own ways and I often have to remind myself that “comparison is the thief of joy.” And as someone whose job often revolves around looking happy in photos…outside appearances aren’t always a reflection of what’s going on inside. Let’s be kind to each other. ❤️ Enjoy your weekend, friends.

ONE: EVERYTHING is on sale at aerie right now!! I LOVE their loungewear. These cozy pocket leggings (that come in a TON of colors) are 40% off and I love this waffle henley so much I have it in multiple colors and wear them year-round (they look awesome with denim shorts, too). Oh and this bralette I’m wearing underneath is my all-time favorite — 50% off right now!

TWO: Speaking of all-time favorites, these Sam Edelman’s Yaro sandals are on sale! They go with everything from jeans to dresses and come in a TON of different colors and styles. The block heel makes them comfy to wear and easy to walk in…and this flash sale makes it the perfect time to buy. (They also come in a gorgeous feather version — similar to the pair I wore in this post!) 

THREE: Saks’ $50 off every $200 is a really good deal…and everything I’m wearing here is a part of it (except the shoes)–the top, jeans, belt, bag, AND the cardigan from the post (see it here).

Happy weekend, everyone! Here are more of my top picks: 

More Sale Finds I’m Loving

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. From crying while watching the Harry & Meghan Netflix series to my deep sadness learning of the death of tWitch, to feeling the general stress of life, it certainly has been a real one for me. I say this to remind you all that life is precious, and it’s so important to check in on the people you love and care about. And if you yourself need help, text or call 988.

Even with all that is going on in our world, I am so excited to head back to Nashville to spend the holidays with my family. This will be our first Christmas in Nashville, and the start of new traditions. For me family is everything, and I feel so incredibly grateful to be able to spend time with mine this holiday season. Sending you all so much love & light. XX – Kat 

ONE: I never thought I’d say this, but Abercrombie has become one of my favorite brands. One of my fave sweaters is on sale right now for $30 and I am convinced I need this graphic tee

TWO: I LOVE SKIMS PJs so so much, and own several pairs of these ultra-luxe and cozy PJs. It’s so rare for SKIMS to ever be on sale, and a few colors are currently on sale right now! 

More Sale Finds I’m Loving

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

It’s been legit chilly here this week, we had a low of the upper 30s the other night, and the days have hovered in the high 50s. I recently had a conversation with a neighbor who has lived here for 20+ years, and when I told them about the weather in the town I just moved from, they laughed — only to cover up the sheer nervousness and panic that first washed over them as I began describing Northern Michigan winters. They nodded towards my kid, who sat playing on the sidewalk in a sweat suit and sandals, and said “ah – that makes sense why we’re dressed so differently” and we both chuckled. We said goodbye and I watched as my neighbor, dressed in a fur coat, hat, mittens, and solid winter boots that could withstand a snowstorm, bobbed away down the street with his dog (who also had a sweater on). 

Cute stories aside, I DID pull out my Uggs this week (I found the beloved chestnut color in stock!) but then glanced ahead at the forecast and saw it will be in the 70s for Christmas. This is why I love it here. I also spent all week trying to find a drawstring bucket bag. I saw this high-end luxury bag that made me swoon, but then as I tried to find a dupe (which I couldn’t BTW) I realized I was drawn to all bags with that drawstring top. Nothing really clicked for me — except just this morning when I spotted this one on sale (the suede feels perfect for winter)! And before I sign off?! Don’t miss Athleta’s 25% off sale. We all know I’m a major sucker for the elation flares (they’re perfection) and now they have a rib snap version, ugh, so good. Xx

ONE: I found Sorel Tofino II boots on major sale in two colors (all black and a gorgeous taupe)! These were my go-to, best-of-best boot for blustery wintery days or playing outside in the snow with my kid. I sized up a ½ size! (PS: you can also scoop up the Joan Cozy boot on sale, too!!)

TWO: A pop of color in my workout leggings is juuuust what I need to keep myself motivated all winter. These Adidas leggings (and the whole outfit, for that matter) are on sale! Under $60! Made with recycled materials, stay put during workouts, and well – gorgeous

More Sale Finds I’m Loving

Em’s Top Sale Picks

Bah, I’m sick again. (Like full-body chills and seeing stars sick.) But by now I feel like that is such a sad, tired tale, so let’s focus on the positive. If you haven’t watched Jonah Hill’s new documentary, Stutz, I highly recommend it. He aimed to make a film about his therapist because of how deeply he influenced positive change in Jonah’s life, but it ends up being so much more than that. And there are some great takeaways, too. Netflix handily summed up some of the tools from the film here. The “Grateful Flow,” in particular, stood out to me enough that I actually put it into practice yesterday when I was feeling particularly low. It’s a tool I’ll be glad to have as I focus more energy and effort on protecting my physical and mental well-being.

Also on the positive end of things, it’s Chris’ birthday this weekend, which means a long-awaited date night out for mom + dad (assuming I kick this bug) at one of our favorite restaurants, Birdsong. (The same restaurant responsible for us ordering this luxe hand soap and this diffuser on the way home after falling in love with them in the restaurant’s bathroom.) We’ll have his parents in town for the weekend to watch the girls, and I’m making a carrot cake today (this recipe is excellent, I swap the raisins for really well-drained crushed pineapple) and a skillet pizza tonight for movie night. In sum, lots to look forward to over here. Have a great weekend, friends!

ONE: My Danner hiking boots are 25% off again and well-stocked in sizes. That’s a big savings on what is admittedly a decent investment piece. I’ve worn these for hiking (duh) but also for urban hiking and just as fun street shoes, too. (They’re cute with a dress and slouchy socks in the fall.)

TWO: These super classic round sunnies are 70% off! I’m just not yet on board with the resurgence of little skinny sunnies (they look SO fun, I just can’t get over how they would not at all flatter my face), so call me cheugy or basic or a boring ol’ millennial but give me oversized frames any day.

More Sale Finds I’m Loving

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

Gang!!! I booked our flight to Colombia two days ago!!!! We have to leave from Newark instead of NY and make stops but that was the only way to get cheaper flights. I’d promised my abuelita I’ll come to see her during the holidays and I’m keeping my promise. I just saw a video on IG about an abuelita from Mexico finally getting her VISA to visit her kids who she hasn’t seen in twenty years because they are undocumented and I was a ball of tears. I’m grateful for the privilege of being documented and getting to see my loved ones every year. I hope you get to hug your loved ones soon. And if they make you too crazy like my family makes me at times, remember to set some boundaries and take moments to fill your cup. 

ONE: Free People Slouchy Tunic – My friend Eliana LOVES this tunic and the last time we saw each other we were going over her personal colors to determine what colors would make her glow. We landed on this periwinkle and the pomegranate wine (on sale and under $80)

TWO: Cinq a Sept Joggers – Last week I took my sister for lunch in the city and was in the mood for something comfy yet interesting so I went for this outfit topped with a long wool coat. I love the versatility of these joggers and you can get $50 off this weekend. But between us, I’m obsessed with the newest blue color (not on sale, unfortunately).

More Sale Finds I’m Loving

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