Weekly Sales Report 3.11


Happy Friday, friends! When it comes to this time of year, a go-to shirt dress that can be layered up or down is key in my closet. Scotti scooped this plaid shirt dress (ooh, it has pockets) from Backcountry last fall, and it’s a steal at $30 (down from $120!!). Layer it under cardigans (this one is perfectly oversized, and under $20), over base layers, or even open as a light shacket.

Bold Colors & Pretty Pastels + Cute Tops & Gorg Dresses For Spring

Now, a few classics for the forever closet. We go wild for La Ligne during the #NSale, and this striped sweater is one of S’ most-worn pieces — a great layer to have in the mix for spring (ooh, here’s a similar stripe in cashmere). Or, if hoodies get the most work out of your wardrobe, we’re currently obsessed with this vintage hoodie. It’s slightly cropped, and I’d pair it with some high-rise jeans (20% off for Madewell Insiders) or denim shorts.

One more to consider for your spring wardrobe: Linzi’s onto something with her cute black dress uniform for warmer weather… and this gorgeous number has serious potential.

More great finds on sale, below! Happy scrolling.

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday. Woke up to a sunny morning here and it’s giving me some life. A group of friends and I who met in our prenatal yoga class have been having dinner together at a local Russian restaurant every few months for eight years now (can’t believe it.) We were able to go again last night for the first time in a while. We adore our herring under a fur coat, vodka martinis (they make THE best at Kachka…this time using Icelandic vodka) and our buterbrodi (I could eat like 50 of those things.) It was a beautiful reminder of the rich culture of the Russian people who are in fact very separate from the atrocities that are being carried out by their leadership. 

I am a firm believer that food can unite us and am continually also inspired by the work of World Central Kitchen, founded by Chef José Andrés…it’s a lovely organization to support if you need one.

Fellow foodies…you can check out my latest YouTube video talking about some of my favorite kitchen items. If you’re more into a fashion find, I’m stoked about the 25% off for Stars & Icons at Madewell right now. I keep finding gems there lately like this great leather shopper bag (pic here from my try-on) and these wide-leg Perfect Vintage jeans. Much love right now and always, friends. xo

Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

Oh no, you guys. Us fancy bag folks are in trouble (again!). Yet another incredible take on my fav summer Clare V Pot De Miel.  The addition of pearls this year was genius, but this new black and natural design??? Even better. I love it with all the neutrals or with pattern mixing (think florals or stripes or geo patterns that pick up either the tan or the black). Not on sale (nor will it probably ever be), but too good not to talk about today. 

And now for sales.

  • * Eileen Fisher Fans: I love the cut (and price) of this top. Would be great for work with black pants, or play with denim and flip flops. I’m also looking at this newer (not on sale) version.
  • *Designer Fans: Loving all the Parker designer pieces on SUPER sale …in particular this dress.
  • *In the Comfort Shoe Arena: These cushy sandals are winning the game.
  • *Most Popular: This top was a huge hit this week…sizing almost sold out in navy, but the other colors are cute too. 

Happy Weekend!

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

This week has been an especially tough one. Two of our friends passed away suddenly within days of one another — a tragic reminder to live in the present and tell your loved ones how much you love them. They both had huge personalities that made other people want to be around them — and smiles that lit up a room. Gone way too soon.

We actually found out on our drive down to North Carolina–we’re temporarily relocating to Carolina Beach, where Zack’s sister and family live. It’s been slow going–with two kids in the car, about five hours a day has so far been our max. (These travel trays have been key!) I was even able to pop into a Nordstrom on the way (a rare treat for someone who lives five hours away from the nearest one). I picked up this cardigan on sale (super-soft and comfy–I sized down) and this Charlotte Tilbury eye serum that’s nothing short of amazing. It depuffs and brightens tired, puffy eyes, and the cold applicator feels awesome when applying. I highly recommend it! Happy weekend, everyone. Hold your loved ones close!

Meredith’s Top Sale Picks

Oops…I did it again. Major hair change as I continue to grow out my short-lived pixie (watch the before and after here). 

It’s been like “single-digit, icicles-off-the-car” cold this week and my new vintage hoodie (still on sale) came in right on time. I’m obsessed with the color (I own it in hot pink) and it’s oh-so-soft. It pairs great with my A&F Dad Jeans that are still going strong.

Next week I’m playing around with skorts (which I am determined to make into a cool, non-athletic look for moms). Will report back on how that goes…

Happy weekend everyone! xo 

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

Oh, helloooo. The past few days have felt like a whole year, as it was the first time we took our 1-year-old on a trip via plane. WOW, flying with toddlers is a whole experience. We’re introducing him to my husband’s hometown for the first time (while celebrating the hub’s birthday) and although it’s just begun, it’s already been totally sweet and memorable…feeling very thankful. 

The travel-size versions of my favorite skincare products have been the shining star of my suitcase. I strongly dislike having to change my routines when away from home, and when I have done so in the past to save room, I always arrive back home looking like my skin (and hair, another thing that can be hard to pack for) needs some major therapy. I was able to pack my entire (extensive) skin routine in hardly ANY space at all! And although this adventure has just begun, these pants have been another standout favorite from the suitcase so far (more colors here)… check back with me next week and we’ll see how good my packing has truly panned out! Xx

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

I became a gym person. To give you some context, I’ve never had a gym membership. I work from home and rarely go out except for school pick up/drop off and some errands, and I was going nuts all this time at home. Then a friend suggested we joined together, and I said, “de una. Pa’ mañana es tarde.” No translation for that, but it means a big yes. She’s Colombian too. It’s been three weeks, and we paid for the whole year. Wish us luck. 

Ps. I found my next favorite going out top! Love. 

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

This week has seriously been way more stressful than I would have liked. I’ve been dog sitting my childhood dog, Murphy, while my parents get settled in Nashville and we were scheduled to leave for TN today. However, Murphy fell ill and I woke up on Tuesday morning to find him in a less than desirable state. So instead of leaving today, he is actually in surgery right now as I am typing. I truly have the hardest time handling pups getting older, and I am so thankful that his surgery isn’t too invasive and he should be on the mend soon. We will make it to Nashville, but unfortunately not in the timeframe I had hoped for. So let’s get onto a little distraction with some retail therapy…

This week I have been working out almost every day… it seems to be the only thing that calms me down, and I am loving all the sale pieces at lululemon right now. I really want to add another pair of align leggings to my collection and these joggers look so cozy for post-workout lounging. Oh, and my absolute favorite faux leather pants are on sale right now too. XX – Kat 

Cam’s Top Sale Picks

Rainy days here this past week, with more to come this weekend. Now, I’m one of those people who really enjoys the rain (guess it’s in my blood.) It gives me an excuse to wrap up in a blanket in my favorite oversized chair with my laptop, coffee/tea, book…and slowwww down. It also makes the sunshine-filled days that come after so brilliant! 

This week I looked around for Spring Shower-type things: jackets, boots, hats. I found some winners! For instance, this ultra-cool Polka Dot Waterproof Jacket. Sheesh, I love it.

Also, I threw in a favorite pair of Levi’s – the 501 Stretch Skinny Jean (perfect wash for spring) and a blush pink, lightweight wrap sweater to go along with. Cheers!

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  1. I’m also a fan of taking your skincare on vacation, but I just use a travel set I bought at Dollar Tree and refill from my own containers. Plus I have a few sturdy travel sized from other products that I refill. Even though we only travel a few times a year, I keep my and my kids travel kits fully packed. That way, if you run low on products and have no time to get to the store, you still have about a week’s worth as a spare!

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