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Happy Friday! Let’s kick off the month with some favorite finds on sale…

Cool Jackets, Spring-ish Tops & Chic Booties: Top Editor Sale Picks From Nordstrom, Anthro, Vuori & More

We’re big fans of Vuori’s performance apparel (comfortable, flattering and buttery soft), and Amy found a few of our favs in their end-of-season sale! The daily leggings (under $60) are a team fav; they’re fantastic for working out…but also really great for lounging around the house. These clean elevation leggings (also on sale) are just as amazing, but without the tie-waist, and come in a few more colors.

Speaking of, S has us covered with the best boots to spruce up our leggings for everyday wear. The answer: mid-calf, lug sole Chelsea boots (on major sale right now, 50% off!). Comfortable, weather-resistant and even better…they work with cropped jeans, too.

Craving a little spring inspo to look forward to? Linzi’s most-worn spring top is on major sale (under $100), and Scotti found this gorgeous piece in a fabulous, bold color (oh hey, Valentine!)

More great finds on sale, below. Happy scrolling!

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, Friday! Not only is February my B-day month, it’s also NOT JANUARY. Hooray! Haha. Lordy. I know all the jokes have been made, but for real, last month felt never-ending. This month I’m celebrating 44 by going to the coast (Cannon Beach this time) and by having Pinky & Sienna make dinner for me on Wednesday, my actual birthday. My request is to “make anything you think I’d like” and I’m already cracking up thinking about them in the kitchen together. Haha. This was a good idea. I fully embrace my Aquarian energy in Feb.

Speaking of embracing being a weirdo Aquarius, check out my sale picks! I was having fun this week with some random but stand-out finds, friends. There is no time to be basic and boring IMO. Grab that phenomenal piece you’ve been eyeing, balance it out with something you feel comfy in (for me, that’s usually high tops) and have fun. Life really is too short. This and these are my very top picks this week. Have a great weekend, pals. xo

Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

I am sitting here typing at the TME office dripping on all the furniture (sorry, Gwen!). I wore my beloved super-soft Athleta pants this morning in the pouring rain. Not rain appropriate for sure. Extremely soft and comfy, but not when they’re soaked up to the knee. Ugh. Don’t know what I was thinking… these joggers (on sale) I could have at least hiked up in the puddles. Random Friday weather ramblings…now for the sales…

The winner this week is Saks Off 5TH. I am SO ready to shop for spring, and they have beautiful warmer weather picks from our fav fancy designers. One of my favorite spring/summer tops from FRAME is on sale, this easy Vince tee is under $40, and this cotton this cotton Vince sweater (under $100) is perfect for spring. This pretty little thing at Nordstrom was very popular last week, so I included it again in this week’s roundup —gorgeous. Happy Weekend everyone…hope everyone makes better fashion choices than I did this morning!

Em’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, gang. Happy Friday. Another pretty weekend on the coast here. We’re doing family maternity pics this weekend, my mom is hoping to come out for a night so Chris and I can have one more date before we fully embrace baby-could-come-at-any-moment mode, and Lana and I will probably start tackling our annual Valentine’s Day project soon. If you need something new to watch, Aziz Ansari’s latest Netflix special is – I’m just going to say it – probably the best 29 mins of content I’ve consumed in the past year. Funny as hell and super poignant. Don’t miss it.

My sales picks this week definitely straddle the seasons a bit. Top picks are these creamy Superstars and this packable puffer that’s down to $50. I reviewed it last year and was super impressed with the features and quality for the price (and that was when it wasn’t on sale). And just an update: my Biossance order arrived, and the squalane hand cream and toning body cream that come with my favorite face wash live up to the hype. The whole trio of full-size products is still available for just $24 – less than the face wash alone – if you didn’t snag it the last go-round. Have a great weekend, pals!

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

Remember when I mentioned being lured in by all the bright, vibrant clothing? Well, I’ve gone deep. Not only did I buy the orange leggings (see them on me right here), but I’m posting a new reel today with how I dreamed of styling them up and…you might need sunglasses just to watch it. But I can’t get enough, and now I’m even on the hunt for jeans in a colored hue. My favorite AF ’90s Straight pair were just released in a pink that sold out immediately, and I’m totally heartbrokenbut heads up, every wash is on sale right now!! Run!

Last, but certainly not least, don’t miss Vuori’s End of Season sale that’s running right now, featuring some of my FAVORITE pieces. I’m including those with the rest of my fave sale picks below. Happy Weekend! Xx

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

Like Amy, all of a sudden I’m drawn to all things color…specifically, RED. Maybe it’s Valentine’s Day, but everything from my lips to my nails and clothes are red right now. I just bought this ($40!) super-soft cropped cardigan in red instead of my usual black or beige (although it comes in those colors too) and just saw that my favorite pjs are on sale in a gorgeous bright red color–perfect for a Valentine’s Day movie marathon with the fam! 

This weekend we’re going to start celebrating Black History Month with the kids–I came across this great resource from the Minnesota Children’s Museum that lists picture books, videos and other websites that are all kid-friendly ways to explore the importance of the month! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Meredith’s Top Sale Picks

We’re off to the slopes this weekend, so I’ll keep this brief. In honor of Black History Month, I want to highlight some of my favorite Black-owned businesses and ones on my radar. For wall decor, check out this Woman of Color-owned Etsy shop, ThePariaBirds. Her prints are so vibrant and joyful. I own two and adore them. For the most beautiful, colorful earrings, BR Design Co. is the GOAT. I own multiple pairs and am currently eyeing these. Also swooning over this furry bag from Brandon Blackwood, and this highly rated triple fix serum from Black-owned, clean beauty company LYS Beauty. 

A lot of bigger retailers are making it easier to search for Black-owned brands. It’s a great way to discover a new fave! Have a great weekend! 

Cam’s Top Sale Picks

My mind has started to move into spring, in many ways – with food, how I’ve been cleaning and decorating the house…and also, of course…with clothing. Even now I am in the sweetest floral tank dress, layered over a turtleneck. I am ready. I have been Wintering, but I now feel the stirring inside of a welcome new beginning, where everything will be made new again. I wait expectantly until then :)….and plan early spring outfits with transitional things, like the ones below (here, sandals are transitional — haha).

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

Happy weekend, y’all! This week has been wild on the home front. After waiting for three months I finally got a new garage door, and the contractors have been hard at work finishing my fencing. I also had my second mirror from Crate & Barrel delivered and, again, it arrived shattered. I am hoping it was just Mercury in retrograde, but I’ve got to wait another two weeks for a new delivery. Fingers crossed that the third time will be the charm. 

In other news, we were inundated with so much snow yesterday, and I am hoping to shovel my way out of my driveway and go snow shoeing this weekend. Since I am committed to all things Colorado, I think it makes total sense that these would be in my cart. I’ve also been loving all of my Sweaty Betty base layers for my winter hikes, and even though this isn’t a base layer, I am in LOVE with this color block sweater that’s on sale. Oh and I just bought this top (currently on major sale) and am OBSESSED! Hope you all have a happy weekend. XX – Kat 

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

The recent oil spill on the coasts of Peru and the Ecuadorian Amazon have been in my mind a lot. Animals covered in oil, thousands of people don’t have clean water, while others who live off fishing are now without work. How can you help? Please, go first and listen to Elena Soledad, a fantastic Peruvian Activist. Then please consider donating and sharing this fundraiser organized by her. Every dollar goes directly to local organizations doing the hard work. Lastly, you can help the Ecuadorian Amazon here. 

Saleswise, James Perse pieces are on sale at the Rack, and this hoodie is calling my name. 

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

It’s officially February, and while I’m usually not big on Valentine’s Day, I guess I feel like making Jon suffer extra this year because we are booked to go….ROLLERSKATING. Ha. He is going to hate me, but that’s all we used to do as kids growing up in West Texas: head to the roller rink. Although the last time I went as a kid, I fell and knocked my front teeth out…so, it should be a good time for all! As long as I keep all my teeth and don’t break any bones, I’ll call it a win. 

For sales this week, Nordstrom Rack has a TON of designer handbags for majorly reduced prices right now. I found so many great Marc Jacobs and Longchamp bags, including this super amazing Quilted Nylon Baby Bag & Changing Pad for 48% off! There is no way I could have included them all, so make sure to check them out for yourselves! 

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