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Hey, hey, Friday. It’s been a hard week, and we all have Ukraine on our minds. If you’re seeking a break from the news / taking a mental breather, we’re here with a little reprieve…

Vibrant Loungewear, Cute Jackets & Cool Sneakers: Editor Sale Picks From Nordstrom, Saks, Free People & More

Saks Fifth Avenue kicked off the weekend early with a 20% off special (use code: FORYOU), a.k.a. the perfect excuse to splurge on that designer piece you’ve been coveting. Kat hopped on the sherpa trend and absolutely loves these rag & bone sneaks (S loves them too!). The texture is so interesting, and they’re super-comfortable. If nothing else, the denim section is always a winner (Scotti raves about these relaxed jeans).

Otherwise, we’re starting to look forward to spring with easy tops and pullovers (love this colorful striped sweater, under $50), our favorite loungewear (Zella leggings are a closet staple) and easy-to-wear black dresses. Also… bright, happy colors are trending for spring! Amy recently scooped up these vibrant leggings and the energy they bring into this transitional season is it.

More sales goodness below!

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Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

I’m definitely having a difficult time stepping away from the news coverage right now (like many of us). Thank you, Meredith and Laura and others in this crew, for providing additional resources for learning more as well as ways to help. It is appreciated. If you, however, are looking for a bit of a distraction…even just for a bit…that’s kind of our specialty around here on Fridays. There are definitely a ton of good sales to browse. 

Top picks are difficult to decide on today. I’m tempted to say this AllSaints top because it’s 100% silk, 40% off, and would be good for work or casual, but I think overall the Saks 20% sale is my top pick. So many gorgeous pieces (including my little Staud bag). Or if you’re a skiing family, tons of Burton on sale at Zappos (this jacket is so cool). And for SUPER budget-friendly deals, these gray jeans (that look like the perfect wash) are on their way to me (and are on flash sale for $34!!!), but at this price I don’t know if sizing will last. 

Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, Friday. What a week, my friends. I have multiple dear friends here in the states from Ukraine and my heart is breaking for them. Feeling extra thankful to get to hug my best friend this week on my visit to Nashville. Hoping humanity somehow freaking gets it together sooner than later. Here is an article from NPR on how we can help. 

It feels strange to move to a fashion distraction now, but that is how we can provide a little mental break around here. I’m pondering trying some flare leggings again for everyday…what do we think? These are mini flare and only $21, so they seem like a good way to ease back in. I’d pair them with my beloved Anine Bing tiger sweatshirt I just wrote all about here that is now 20% off! What timing, eh? Stay safe, my friends. Hug your peeps. Send all the good energy you can to the beautiful people of Ukraine. Love to all y’all. Xo

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

If you haven’t checked out the Saks sale yet, it’s really good (check out our top picks here). I own these pants and LOVE, love, love them–they’re made from super-soft Tencell Lyocell (a sustainable fabric) and are 20% off during the sale! Nordstrom’s winter sale is also really good–if you haven’t tried True & Co. bras yet, do it! Lots of good ones are part of the sale.

I’m with the rest of the TME team when I say my heart breaks for the people of Ukraine right now. It seems weird to talk about sales in the midst of such a global crisis but, like Linzi said, distraction is what we do here. And sometimes the news feels overwhelming and soul-crushing and a quick break is needed in order to continue on. (And I realize how lucky we are to have the option of taking a break.) Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement.-Albert Camus

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

Oh man, I don’t know friends. It’s Friday, and I’m thankful for the sunshine that peeked through here this week after the long snowstorm, but I’m feeling a little mashed up inside this morning with the news of what’s happening in Ukraine. I’m pressing into my present moment, kissing my husband and son as many times as I think of it, and staying tuned into the rapidly updating resources surfacing on social media and news outlets that enable us to help. Also taking big, deep breaths (underestimated + highly effective).

There are, actually, some very good sales to take note of if you’re shopping this weekend. Backcountry added all the hit brands to end their big seasonal sale with a bang. This retro fleece from Patagonia is a beauty, and if a winter jacket can be chic: it’s this parka. But oh man, the biggest find of them all — my favorite vibrant leggings (seen in this post) were just marked down (here’s the super high-rise version, my personal fave). These are top-notch quality, wildly soft, pass the squat test (not thin/sheer), and are guaranteed to put a pep in your step with that burst of color. 

Breathing in…breathing out. Xx

Meredith’s Top Sale Picks

Exciting news, I may have found an alternative to Shana’s Taco Dress (still salty over not finding it in my size back when it was available!). It would go great with these metallic sandals I am dying to get as part of Saks 20% off special. We may have had 100 hours of below freezing temperatures in Colorado, but that won’t stop me from desperately trying to manifest spring weather. If you are still on a cold-weather kick and looking for deals, don’t miss Nordstrom’s Winter Sale. Fantastic items still available such as: this half-zip I love and the boot brand I’ve been living in this winter. 

I just want to wrap things up by saying my heart is with the people of Ukraine and the brave citizens of Russia protesting the invasion of a sovereign nation. I’m a quarter Ukrainian and grew up on the story of my great-grandfather fleeing Ukraine because of Russian persecution and it’s jarring to watch history — in some ways — repeat itself. If you’re like me and need information to calm the chaos in your mind, I’d like to recommend the recent Pod Save The World episode, as well as this book I just picked up called The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin. For a list of some of the organizations accepting donations, click here

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone. <3 

Em’s Top Sale Picks

Nothing like a global crisis to remind me how lucky I am to be part of such a consciously good team here at The Mom Edit. Yesterday we did our best to avoid the news, but the late-night scroll got me, and I went to bed with heartache for the people of Ukraine and wanting to hold my own people extra close.

If you need a few wild distractions this weekend: Ali Wong’s new Netflix special is the absolute raunchiest (fine by me); we just traded our usual microwave-steamed eggs for these @nom_life steamed eggs, and the texture is vastly superior – silky, custardy perfection (and easy); and this easy little tabletop game has been a roaring hit around here. Super-quick to learn, and portable, too.

As for sales, H&M’s whole sale section is tempting (ohhh, this sleeveless hoodie is all I wanna wear with leggings and Vans for lazy days this spring). This nightshirt arrived this week, and it’s already a fave. Slinky, drapey, super-soft and still under $30. Super-flattering, too. And this bikini (from the TME bikini guide) is 40% off (top/bottom). Feels equal parts retro and sporty, so basically right up my alley. Have a good weekend, friends. – Em

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

I’ve written and deleted countless times already. This is one of those days you have so much to say, but little brainpower to express it. I usually just resort to finding organizations I can donate to, because there’s always someone on the front lines you can give more resources to. I am, however, mad at my country’s president commenting on Russia when our people are being displaced from their territories because of the Colombian armed conflict, and he doesn’t seem to care. More on that soon.

Woohoo, Levi’s has 30% off sitewide and I want all the ribcage straight jeans! But, I also saw their newest cropped bootcut style. Perfect for spring!

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

Wow, this is the first week that I have been beyond excited about sales! Probably because many of my most-worn pieces and current obsessions are on sale!!!! (Can you tell I am seriously stoked?!) If you remember me waxing poetic about my love for sherpa, then you know that these rag & bone sneakers have been an absolute staple in my closet, and ps. Shana loves them too! My most-worn jacket this winter is also on sale, and let me tell you all, it’s a total stunner. I recently styled it in one of our TME reels! I am also in love with the color lilac right now, and think it’s such a fun and whimsical vibe. Seriously, the sales are 20 out of 10 for me this week, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Cheers to the weekend, y’all! XX – Kat

Cam’s Top Sale Picks

We say little prayers on the way to school and one of my sons said simply, “that all of the people in Ukraine will be safe and no one will die”…and well, I was quiet after that. Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine right now.

My sale favorites this week are the types of things I look for this time of year – fantastic basics with a splash of Spring thrown in. This has been one of my favorite bras to wear every day…and [entering the chat] Levi’s 501 ripped jeans for early spring! 

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