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Helloooo, Friday! We finally got a hint of crisp air in Philly this morning…hang in there, fall. is. coming.

Swap your go-to denim jacket with this versatile linen blazer for a fresh update. Scotti dresses hers up for work or dinner with a pair of white jeans or pants, and wears it with cutoff shorts or jeans for a more casual look. The lightweight fabric and oversized silhouette make it the perfect layer to transition from hot summer days to cooler fall weather. All colors are currently on sale at Nordstrom!

We’re leaning hard into relaxed, wide-leg jeans this season, and whoaaaa — Shana’s fave Veronica Beard jeans are on super-sale. Like, nearly half off. Major score. Dress ’em up with strappy sandals (under $100) while it’s warm, or grab your go-to sneaks and a cropped jacket (25% off for Madewell Insiders) for a casual vibe when the temps start to drop.

The 5 Best Sales This Weekend

Cozy Sweaters, Fall Jackets, Must-Have Shoes & More Top Editor Sale Picks

Happy weekend! More editor picks on sale, below…

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday! We did it again! Update: My child has gone a whole week without her iPad (we’ll chalk it up to extra sassiness) and guess what? She DIDN’T die. Heh. And she hasn’t even asked for it the past few days…thank you, twice-a-week soccer practices and those out-of-sight/out-of-mind genes I gave her. She even got into an audiobook. I know. On a roll. Don’t worry — now it’s the weekend, and I’m a pushover. It’s fine. We’re FINE. She’s 10 going on 16 and has been working on her teen death stare for years. Where my parents of spicy kids at? I see you. Xoxo

Moving on…to sales… I’m loving J.Crew’s member sale (up to 40% off!), and these are my top pick. My very favorite comfy bra that still provides decent lift and support is $21 in the color Butterscotch (and I think a few others too). True to size. I wear it pretty much daily. Lastly, these low-slung straight jeans from Madewell are on sale and don’t look too low. I’ve been wanting to re-create this outfit for weeks now. NEED.

Top (M) | Jeans (29)

ONE: This Madewell top is one of my most-worn black tops. The sides are cinched, and it fits so well. It’s slightly thicker than your average tee and so comfy still! 30% off everything for Stars + Icons and 25% off for Insiders at Madewell. There are some really great things.

TWO: The Gap Faux-Leather Baby Bootcut Jeans I love are also on major sale! They’re marked down to $71, then 30% additional off in your cart. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

We’re getting into a routine now with school and activities, and I love it. I love all things organized/planning/rules/schedules. I’m exactly opposite of my sister, Shana, in that way. (Getting her to commit to a time for dinner reservations is like asking a teenager to put their phone down.) I love getting out my planner and writing everything down — I mean, I use Google Calendar too, but there’s something about the act of writing things down. And if everything is color-coded?? OMG. Swoon. (My current planner is actually currently 30% off right now — I highly recommend this one! Ooh, and I just saw the colored pens I use are on sale for $7! My nerd self is geeking out right now.)

Also…I told you guys I’d keep you posted, so Greenlea landed the role of Tessie in “Annie”! She had her heart set on Annie but is now fully devoted to developing her character (she’s the “oh, my goodness” girl, IYKYK). Ozzie didn’t get a part, but given his incapability of listening this past week, I’d say that’s a good thing. There’s always next year.

*I also have a random coupon code for 20% off hair tools at Ulta through 9/16 — I hope it works for you guys (it’s even supposed to work on Dyson products. I’m really tempted to buy the Airstrait…has anyone tried it??!). CODE: 132RKV5Z1YA7RQ

Jeans (28) | Top (S)

ONE: I just did an article on fall favorites from Saks OFF (there’s an awesome sale right now), but these jeans are kind of the unsung hero of that post — I’ve been wearing them on repeat since I got them. (And they’re over 60% off!) jeans (28) | sweater (s) | boots (waterproof!)

TWO: Yaaaaaaas, I was waiting for this Anthro top to go on sale!! I almost bought it at $98, but with the extra 40% off sale, I just snagged it for $35 at checkout. Woot! top (S) | shorts (28)

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

TBH, I’ve really been going through it the past few weeks. My sweet — well, more sassy than sweet — pup Mia has been horribly sick. We’ve been to countless vet visits, and if she doesn’t get better soon, we’re approaching the point where it might be her time. I love my little 10-pound furball more than words can describe and am not ready to say goodbye. Mia has been my ride-or-die for years and life without her just won’t be the same. So, I will take all the positive vibes that you all can send out to the universe. 

I’ve always found retail therapy to be one of the best distractions, and this week distracting myself with sales is about all I can do to keep my sanity. I have been eyeing this gorgeous corset dress for months and think it would be so fun to style with Western boots and a pretty fall jacket. I’m still headed to Asia in T-minus two weeks and just bought these… I’m hoping they will work for evening looks. Oh, and these?! Obsessed. XX – Kat 

Half-Zip | Dress

ONE: J.Crew is having a massive sale right now, and its entire site is 30% off. I’m waiting on this half-zip to arrive, and while I absolutely love the heather gray, I’m debating whether I should grab it in the color Kiwi as well. 

TWO: Yeah, this corset dress is absolutely stunning. I love the chest detailing and have been seeing this style worn by some of my fave influencers all over NYFW. While the dress is white, I do think it can be styled to wear into fall. P.S. It’s currently an extra 40% off the sale price. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

The temperatures have cooled off a bit here, meaning I can sorta, maybe, kinda get away with a cozy layer for the time being, and I’m stoked about it!! The misty, cool mornings that turn into warm, sunny afternoons are one of my favorite things about living in San Diego, and I’m finally getting good at layering/making outfit changes to accommodate. I’m genuinely so excited about dressing for fall here. I’ve only lived in extremely hot valleys or super-chilly (yet picturesque) small towns — a warm ocean climate for fall is a fun new adventure.

Sales are fun if not a bit all over the place this weekend. In my own cart? The prettiest top I’ve ever seen aaaand maybe, just maybe, these 2000s throwback pants (eek, I have to try them). OH, and I can’t sign off without mentioning my favorite cozy jacket-sweatshirt combo of all time is on SUPER-SALE (over 50% off) over at Saks OFF. I’ve had mine for multiple years, and it’s still a regular go-to! Xx

 Trousers (28 Tall) | Top (L/XL), Boots (TTS)

ONE: I can’t say enough good things about these trousers. They’re perfect for tall girls in the longer inseam (too long for me, but I love ‘em like that), and they lie flat without any pleats. Only this color is included in this weekend’s 30% off sale, but I may scoop up the black pair too…they’re that good.

TWO: This washed satin top is so soft and comfy, it almost feels like wearing pajamas. It’s on a whopping 55% OFF SALE, along with the matching pants (ooooh, if I worked in an office). I sized up for an oversized look. Bonus, these fave black boots of mine are on sale too and come in a few other colors.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

This week I started my Fall Color Consults, and it was amazing. One client was celebrating her 50th birthday and wanted to edit her closet to be more joyful and have more color. Another one is living in Paris for a year and wants to buy pieces that will stay in her closet for a long time, and wants to make sure the colors make her glow. She was surprised to see how soft, cool-toned brown and navy were better neutrals than black for her complexion. It’s so good to be back doing something that helps people simplify their lives and look amazing.

Now, I’m so excited to see these EILEEN FISHER pants on sale (limited stock). I wore the heck out of them during my recent travels, and they were perfect for traveling and the fall-ish weather in Bogotá.  

Joggers (S) l Pants (XS — runs slightly large; also avail in plus sizes)

ONE: Cinq à Sept Giles Cargo Joggers (S) – These pants have been one of my best purchases. I’ve owned them for over a year, and I love the gorgeous color options and how versatile they are. I’m thinking of getting a darker color (maybe the olive, peacock blue, even black). They’re part of the spend-more/get-more event at Saks.

TWO: EILEEN FISHER Jersey Pants (TTS) – I’m working on a post with these chic pants, but I’m worried they’ll sell out before we publish it, so here they are. They were great for my travel outfits to Jamaica and then Bogotá, and I’ve worn them in cooler and warmer temperatures always feeling amazing. Dress them down with sneakers, or dress them up for the office with boots and a sweater or button-up. shoes l bag

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Em’s Top Sale Picks

An extra-short one from me this week because I volunteered in Lana’s class this morning, and after three years of doing so, today I got to participate in my first fire drill. Such a throwback — except for the fact that their subtle (almost pleasant!) fire alert tone is preceded by a lovely “heads-up” announcement from the vice principal, while the fire drills of my childhood were much more jarring, blaring and chaotic. (Lana’s teacher also let me know that they opted not to do any lockdown drills this year because some of the kids found it too traumatic. Uhhh, ya think?)

Much lighter content, my fave sale finds this week: Anthro’s famous Somerset Maxi in this botanical motif (additional 40% off and available in plus) | this sneaky “layered” sweater tank (both colors, please) | and these cap-toe flats, in the gold (obv). Have a great weekend! Xo, Em

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

Greetings from Sky Valley, Georgia. We’ve been vacationing with my family in the Smoky Mountains this week, and let me tell you, it’s been an adventure. Among the hiking and waterfalls and amazing food, we also met the area’s infamous “Tomato Guy,” and we ate the most delicious non-engineered tomatoes ever. I also got called a “yankee” for the first time ever — because I’ve never cooked grits before. *Shrug* Kiiiinda ready to be off this mountain.

As for sales this week, one of my favorite sales of the year is happening now: Banana Republic’s 40% off Friends & Family Event. Yay! So it should come as no surprise that I’ve included A LOT of BR picks in this week’s sale post. Happy weekend, everyone! 

Sweater Dress | Bomber Jacket

ONE: Hello, gorgeous BR Andiamo Merino Sweater Dress. I love the silhouette of this dress — it’s very flattering. Also, I love the whole outfit. I need the boots too. It also comes in camel and black, and at 40% off, it’s $90! 

TWO: Gah! How amazing is this Ava Tweed Bomber from Banana Republic?? I am obsessed. I seriously love everything about it. I think I just found my new fall jacket! It’s 40% off at checkout. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

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