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Happy Friday! This week flew by, which means…it’s time for some sales! Laura’s rag & bone straight-leg jeans are on a bonkers sale at Nordstrom right now (under $100…RUN!!). They fit TTS, break in beautifully with just a couple of wears, and work with all the fall boots and sneakers.

Designer Jeans, Fall Boots & Comfy Sneakers: Our Editors’ Top Sale Picks From Gap, MOTHER & More

Also worth scooping up on super-sale, Linzi’s splurge-worthy A.L.C. teddy coat is marked down 50% at Saks OFF! A coat like this deserves to be worn over EVERYTHING (see it styled up for fall). It’s a statement piece, but with the neutral colorway, it still feels versatile. While you’re there, Amy found her oversized MOTHER sweater back in stock and on sale, just in time for fall.

While we soak up this last stretch of summer, snag our team fave Vans Slip-On sneakers for 30% off with code TAKEALAP (because we need new back-to-school shoes too). S wears hers with everything from denim shorts to dresses.

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday. Whew. August, man. I’m ready for September. My kiddo is THE best…and totally exhausting, haha. School is good for all of us in this household… She’s ready, I’m definitely ready. I’ve learned my lesson — no matter what the summer camp is, you gotta spread that shite out instead of having them all land in July. 😅 Just got her these as a fun back-to-school extra, btw. Maybe they’ll keep her busy until Tuesday.

Anyhoo, I’m getting stoked for fall clothes too. Stay tuned for an article inspired by my favorite Hulu series (publishing soon! Can you guess what it is?) and a video this weekend on our YouTube channel about the shoes I’m excited to wear this fall (also styled up a bunch of ways!) There’s some great stuff on sale this weekend in the meantime…

Hop On This Luck: If you need a phenomenal trenchcoat, now’s the time to find one. This one I adore is restocked and WILL sell out, and I can’t believe this one is on sale for $90. Both are so well-made and gorgeous. Check out the trenchcoat try-on I did last year.

Rag & bone Jeans for $89 Bucks! I know. I can’t believe it. I have and love these straight-leg jeans, and they are $225 full price! TTS for a really flattering fit (see them on here), Full length, gorgeous wash, nonstretch, as well as comfy and great!

Still Gaga For Green: I’m so happy to see green everywhere this fall again. I’ve added this sweater to my cart, have been wearing these constantly lately (gah, LOVE), and just got this fall saddle bag that has the most beautiful details.

Scotti’s Sale Picks

We’re down to the last week of summer, and Greenlea just found out who her teacher will be this year — and not ONE of her five best friends will be in the same classroom. She’s crushed. I know she’ll be fine and make friends, but…my heart breaks for her a little bit. So we’ll be doing some retail therapy (school-supply shopping) this week AND celebrating Ozzie’s fourth birthday on August 30th. He wants THREE cakes. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Need Makeup? Macy’s is having a big beauty sale (take 15% off with code ULTIMATE). I’ll be buying my favorite eye-shadow primer (I use it daily whether or not I wear any eye makeup), loose powder and this mascara that has crazy good reviews (I’ve tried it and love it myself).

30% off Vans, Adidas, & Other Athletic Shoes: DSW is having an amazing sale on athletic brands. Use code TAKEALAP to get 30% off a ton of sneakers including the classic adidas Grand Court sneakers and our favorite checkered Vans Slip-Ons. (This is a seriously good sale!)

Apparently I’m Really Into Sneakers: Because these Nike Daybreak sneakers are one of my favorites as well… I love the retro vibe. They’re super-comfortable, and I love all the different colorways!

Amy’s Sale Picks

I’m about to photograph my last wedding of the year. I purposely cut down my schedule this season because my husband and I have actually been planning something fun for awhile… A big move! The next two months will see a lot of change, and because of that, I’m looking at my wardrobe with a whole new perspective, trying to edit it with intention to make packing a little easier. I’ll keep you posted on how this actually goes… Wish me luck!

MOTHER Says You Need This Sweater: I scored this sweater on sale a few months ago, and then it promptly disappeared from the internet… But I just found it again — 50% off! I highly recommend it!!

The Best Tee I’ve Ever Worn: My friend showed up to a hike in this tee, and I immediately went home to order one. It’s soft, thin and ah-mazing, plus a new color just hit the sale section.

The Applicator, Though: I’m not kidding when I say this is my favorite lip product of all time — I own, uh…multiples. I recommend every color, but Pink and Rosewood might be the ones I reach for most!

Julieta’s Sale Picks

We spent this past week in the Colombian Pacific, where beautiful beaches meet the rainforest and limited internet makes you live in the moment. It was glorious. I hope to tell you more about it soon. For now, this little jacket (more colors) has been a lifesaver during all these changing climates occupying almost no space in my bag. I’m wearing it for my flight back as I type.

Now, some things I’m eyeing as I get ready to go back to real life in NY: 

Em’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday! We had Back To School Night this week, the first in-person in years, and I’ve never been more gleeful to squeeze myself into a tiny chair in my kiddo’s classroom and revel in everything planned for her this year. She’s got an excellent teacher, and she’s already made a few new friends and, dare I say, things are actually starting to feel somewhat…normal again. (*aggressively knocks on wood*)

This weekend we’ve got a long to-do list of simple things to tackle around the house, and I’m debating initiating a pretty big DIY project for Lego storage. I’ve taken the Pinterest deep-dive into Lego storage solutions, and nothing truly offers the level of organization, mobility and, most importantly, concealment that I’m after. So if you’ve got ideas, lay ‘em on me!

I hit the sales pretty hard last week, so I’ve pulled the brake on shopping for a minute. A shame because there are some great finds out there. Here’s what I’m lusting after.

If You Buy One Sweater…Gap has just nailed the 100% cotton sweater game this year. I picked this one up during last week’s sale, and now it’s under $50 (use code PERK). It’s weighty, super well-constructed, and the perfect length for a little tuck. Plus it’s got a flattering rolled neckline and every color is just lovely. I bought the beige (handy, since I proceeded to slosh an approximate boatload of tahini on it the second time I wore it – thankfully it survived!) but the Bainbridge Blue is beckoning.

Still Loving Everything Schleppy Chic. And some of my favorite pieces from Backcountry are super marked down. This elevated linen top is unexpectedly chic, and this heavier-than-chambray-but-not-as-thick-as-denim shirt is 50% off and offers the perfect bit of warmth while still being soft in structure. Both are featured in this post (along with those wide leg pants I keep yapping about, also still on sale).

I Don’t Usually Wear Fragrances, Butthis Jo Malone scent sounds so alluring, and typically Jo Malone fragrances manage to be juuuuust intoxicating enough without overwhelming the senses. Contemplating picking up the smaller size just to set the tone for date nights. 

Hope you have a great weekend, friends! – Em

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