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Oh hey, Friday. Anyone else feeling the whirlwind this morning has been? If you too have doom-scrolled too hard, sit back with us for a mental breather.

Cute Tees, Our Fave Jeans + Flowy Maxi Dresses: Our Top Sale Picks From Anthro, Gap, Nordstrom + More

If you missed out on the Classic Ultra Mini UGGs last season (in the highly coveted Chestnut color), they’re stocked and on sale at Backcountry! While you’re there, check out their sale for up to 50% off more outdoor gear like this cooler (just the right size for day trips) and Scotti’s fave lightweight pants to pack for summer vacation (more sizes in the color Natural).

Before we get into the rest of the sales goodness this weekend…who’s ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022?! Our coverage kicks off next week, so subscribe to our newsletter here to keep up with the latest. It’s going to be a fun one, guys.

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey hey, Friday. It’s always so fun and nostalgic coming home to the place I grew up. This week we drove through some of the most beautiful spots in the Ozarks, and I was reminded how lovely it is here. If you’ve been here, you know. It’s not a place most people think to visit or get to, but gosh. It’s gorgeous. And as much as I love the Pacific Northwest, there’s just something about where you grew up that never leaves your soul. I’m pretty much someone who always looks to the future most of the time, but sometimes it’s really lovely to visit the past.

OK, my friends…sales! I’ll get out of my childhood now and move on, haha.

  • The softest blazer: My favorite summer topper is now on sale at Nordstrom! It’s incredibly soft and just oversize enough to be able to push up the sleeves, which I adore and can’t always do with jackets. LOVE. TTS otherwise.
  • Tabletop upgrade: Don’t miss out on the major sale on these fun melamine plates, friends. They are so much higher quality than the Target set I had before, AND they’re an extra 25% off right now with code EXTRA25. Loving this print + this one.
  • Those weird shorts: OK, so I keep calling them weird…but I keep wearing them. The $19 Amazon shorts I got two summers ago are almost as good as the Vuori Halo Vintage shorts we all keep raving about. They are super-soft and comfy, and you just want to wear them all the time. See them on + styled up here. Wearing a S/M.

More fun sale pics below:

Happy weekend, friends. Hope you’re having fun where you are. Xoxo

Linzi’s Sale Picks

Two posts on the blog this week that I want to keep talking about: Cheerful Tees & Flares Outfits and Cute & Comfy Flip-Flops I know, I know…I already wrote two entire posts, but I have a LOT to say about these two topics. 🙂 And I’ve had some requests for some budget-friendly options for cheerful tees, so my answer is: Absolutely! And my whole sale round-up at the bottom this week is flares and cute tops on sale.

Happy weekend!

Scotti’s Sale Picks

We’re BACK in Michigan! And after being away for over three months, it feels good. BUT. I did have a bit of a freak-out when we got home. The truck was PACKED with all of our stuff, and the house was also packed…so I decided that I needed to get rid of all the things immediately. And rather than being a sane person who would go through things over the course of weeks or, you know, months, I did it all in the first two days we were home. 

I don’t recommend it. The house looked like an absolute bomb had gone off, but I have to say it does feel good to have a bit more room to breathe. Our house is small, so we need to maximize the space we have. (I couldn’t live without these space-saving hangers!)

Happy weekend, everyone! 

Amy’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday! The weather in Michigan has been absolutely divine. It’s warm, the sun is hot, the air has a touch of humidity, and I am in my prime. I’ve been taking long daily walks, and even though I have a nice little collection of athletic shoes, I keep lacing up these sneakers the most. I bought them last year when they captured my heart on Pinterest, and they’ve continued to prove themselves as one of my faves. Don’t you love when a purchase keeps making you super-happy even more than a year later?! Those are the items to take note of.

As for sales?! They’re great this weekend!!

  • Love When This Happens: I’ve had this top in my cart for weeks, and now it’s under $30!
  • Cozy For Summer: Some of my fave sweatshirts are on sale in the most perfect yellow and pink shades for summer. They’re 100% organic and a total score.
  • Too Soon? Is it too early to plan for fall? Because I think I NEED this sweater next season, and it’s 60% off.

More sale favorites below! Xx

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Mi Mami is here! She landed last night after a year and a half of not visiting and will be helping me with the kids during the NSale. I love it when she can spend quality time with them and hopefully make good memories. Once I’m done with the NSale, we’ll head to Colombia to spend the rest of the summer there.

This week’s sales favorites:

Em’s Sale Picks

Well hi, friends — happy Friday! I took last week off the Sales Report because we took an extended Father’s Day weekend in Truckee. Chris got a couple of great days of mountain biking in (biased, but mountain-biking hubbies are pretty hot), Lana went rollerblading for the first time and loved it, and I…got to hang out with the wee babe. But all while sipping fancy decaf lattes from one of our favorite coffee spots. Couldn’t ask for much more! Here’s where I am with sales this week:

  • Tee’d Up: I got a couple questions about the linen tee I’m wearing in my minimalist kitchen post. Happily, it’s still in stock, available in a ton of colors and 40% off at Gap! One of my most-worn items — ever. While you’re there, I’m also super into these slouchy, relaxed Low Stride Jeans (been having a moment with relaxed jeans ever since this budget pair came into my life). Now the real question is: Do I need to get some skate shoes and just fully embrace my ’90s self? (Are baby-blue-and-white Etnies still a thing?)
  • Uhhhh, How Did I Miss This? Going to blame maternity leave for completely missing Cristina Martinez’s collection with Nordstrom when it debuted. I literally want every single piece, and now, of course, it’s all on sale — but sizes are kinda picked over. This blouse, however, is gorgeous and would be so easy to wear with denim shorts (or the matching skirt, if you’re so lucky to have your size in stock). Pretty amped on this silky bomber too. The details!
  • Color Me…Indecisive: And finally…this halter is summer perfection. The strappy details, the flounce (which would make it fairly straightforward to go braless and still not be nipside up all the time). But I’m seriously torn on color. They’re all just too pretty (the saturated tones, in particular, take the sweetness down a notch.)

Xo! Em

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  1. Every week most of the sales are over once this gets posted. The sale ends that Friday. Can this be posted in the morning so it is still relevant?

  2. Hi all, not sure if this will get to you before your Anniversary newsletters go live, but on behalf of retail workers EVERYWHERE please remind your readers that we are people too! And that if they are not Icon/Ambassador, please don’t try to bully your way into the roped off area the first three days of Anniversary. Or pretend that you don’t know your shopping level. We don’t like asking anymore than you like being asked. But if that’s the corporate rule, that’s the corporate rule. Also, we are all short staffed, both on the sales floor and in web fill. So you might have to wait in line to pay or return. And BOPUS will take hours (please don’t place an order and come in an hour later expecting it to be done. My store averages about 500 orders in the queue at any time, and I’m not a huge store. Anniversary will be in the 1000s). I realize that this sounds negative, but I am asking people to accept reality and act with kindness.

    • Yes! Such a good reminder – seeing the numbers really helps keep things in perspective (and kindness always, no matter the numbers). Thank you!

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