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Hey, hey, Friday (and hellooo, February)!

Scotti’s white booties are over $100 off at Zappos right now and just the thing to freshen up the daily jeans uniform. A pop of white is just so fresh during cold winter months (and we’ve got six more weeks, according to Punxsutawney Phil). The higher shaft looks just as great with cropped jeans (these Levi’s are under $50!) as it would with full-length jeans.

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Here are a few more sales we highly recommend:

More editor faves to scoop up, below. Happy shopping!

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday. I’ll probably keep this short and sweet today because I only got ONE DAY into birthday month and came down with yet…another cold. I had a doozy of one in the fall, after having COVID in September, and I’m just really over it. I’m sure a lot of you are too. 

I’m the worst sick person who thinks, “Welp, it’s been a good run,” every time I come down with something, haha. I also get really mad. LOL. Body, come on! Let’s get that immune system back up after quarantining for a couple of years, please! I’m missing a cabin weekend with my gals, and I’m just downright pissed. Give me some good British TV recs, so I can have something to watch while I sulk. Hope everyone else is feeling A-OK out there. Xo

A few things I love that are back in stock? These and this beauty (so versatile + flattering). And this? Well, it’s at the top of my spring wish list. And if you’re in love with Nike Dunks like I am, THESE. Gah. 

One: Madewell Greenwich Loafer These are so lovely, really well-made and one of my favorites from my recent try-on article. On sale for $119 down from $168. TTS, and they have a croc texture but otherwise remind me the most of the Gucci loafers of all the pairs I tried! Sweater | similar Levi’s

Two: A $36 dupe for my sold-out AllSaints shacket! I included a pic of mine for styling purposes, but I can speak from experience that this one is GORG in person. My friend had it on at barre3 the other day over her workout wear. It’s thicker like mine (tough to find), longer than your typical denim shirt and SO freaking good. pants | similar boots

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Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

Greenlea went down the chairlift for the first time on Sunday! And as I was watching her ski down the hill I was like, “OK, there’s no way that’s Greenlea.” She was going SO fast! And I was somehow cheering her on and holding my breath at the same time and then…she fell. Hard. Skis went flying in different directions, and she went down. I tried to stay calm and somehow miraculously resisted the urge to run up the hill to see if she was OK. (Because running up a ski hill in moon boots while skiers and snowboarders are flying down wouldn’t have been embarrassing…for either of us.)

One of her instructors was right behind her, though, and helped her get back into her skis. When I saw her giving him a high-five, I knew she was OK. She’s got a pretty crazy bruise on her knee, though…aaaaand she took it preeeetty slowly after that one. (Thank God.)

If you’re looking for a movie to watch this weekend, I recently watched “You People” on Netflix, and omg. It was hilarious, cringe-worthy and insightful all at the same time. I mean…can you really go wrong with Jonah Hill and Julia Louis Dreyfus? (The answer is no.) Watch it, it’s good. 

And now? Sales.

One: These block-heel/platform loafers are over 30% off, and I love them. The gold hardware is my favorite — they look super-similar to the Gucci loafers Laura tried (omg, amazing) but for 10% off the price…TEN percent. 

Two: Free People’s Jayde cords and jeans are SUCH a great fit, especially for curves and a booty! On sale at Nordstrom (also in blue) and Bloomingdale’stank | boots (over $100 off!)

Three: I had to include a better pic of these white (OK, technically more like a cream) booties from Franco Sarto because they’re OVER $100 off at Zappos! 

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Amy’s Top Sale Picks

Helllooo, weekend. My trio is popping up to Disneyland this weekend because, well, when you live only an hour away, it’s just too tempting. Some might think going with a toddler is madness, but my husband and I adore it. The parks become less about thrilling rides and more about food, balloons and Mickey magic in general. The weather will be warmer than when we visited in November, so I’m looking forward to putting together lighter outfit options…and since I’m back on that Insta grind after taking January off, come follow along for the adventure!

This week I kicked every shoe aside in favor of these pretty ones I recently scooped up (more colors here). They’re making all my outfits better. I’ve got a YT review coming plus some other fun stuff that includes the shoes, but they’re so good that I had to mention them ASAP. Also obsessing over this sweater (I grabbed a large for some slouch), mixing this product with my foundation for a glowy/more natural base, and these candles — they burn/smell so freaking good (highly recommend “golden hour”). Okurrr, now let’s get to some sales.

One: Ope, I specifically chose this image because of the cute throwback — those baby thiiiiiighs. Errm, anyway, BIRKENSTOCKS are on sale! Whoop! Both in my Stone color, plus a gorgeous Mink I’m tempted to scoop up & also black. Such a freaking good score. (Psst — here’s a big-buckle version on sale too). 

Two: NVM the toy sand pit that was pulled in front of the mirror while it was raining outside — these PANTS are on sale, and they’re goooood. I recommend sizing down. I went from my usual medium to a small for a comfy fit (+ the tall inseam). Perfect for the office, going out and anything in between!

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Em’s Top Sale Picks

After three days of waking up thinking it’s Friday, it’s…actually Friday! Hurrah! That should tell you how our week’s going. I’ve been home with COVID (mostly asymptomatic, fortunately — which is more annoying than anything) while the rest of the house battles a good ol’ cold. Fun times over here.

If you missed it, I finally documented my matcha latte ritual (made directly in my milk frother in under one min!), so it can have a place to live on the grid. And I’m working on a post of the best things I’ve cooked so far in 2023 (surprise, Gwen! I haven’t pitched this one yet, so hoping you greenlight it, ha!) — with this recipe for super-easy, restaurant-style Chinese eggplant topping the list. Also finally bought myself “A Court of Thorns and Roses as an early Valentine’s gift (*smirk emoji* — YA smut is MY FAVE), so I’m looking forward to tucking into that one while I continue to isolate in the guest room. Between that and binging “Bling Empire” on Netflix, I kinda can’t complain.

Happy weekend, friends! Xo, Em

ONE: You know I’m not one to shy away from low-rise pants, and Gap’s low stride jeans are some of my favorite jeans ever. The quintessential pair of California denim — hip-slung, cool, and just perfect with Vans or Birks or flip-flops. I’m wearing one size up from my usual here (in the regular length, and I’m 5’5”), but you could absolutely buy them TTS for less slouch. Also love this wash. blazer (TTS) | Vans (size down half) | backpack

TWO: Under $20! I’m always looking for slinky little tops to layer under sweaters, and this cropped bra top from FP Movement looks to be perfect. Super-cute with a sexy T-back too, so it’s pretty enough for mat workouts or to peek out from under something. Love all the colors offered.

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Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

Guys! I’m obsessed with Pilates. It’s been the only workout I have stuck with and happily done four-plus times a week for over a month. I’m only doing 30-minute YT videos for now, but gosh, I feel the work. It’s helped me love and connect with my body in ways I hadn’t before. 

I just ordered this night-out top and can’t wait to see it. On another note, these Sorels just got here and…I’m underwhelmed. Any platform-sneaker recommendations? 

One: Levi’s Ribcage Bootcut Jeans – My all-time favorite bootcut jeans are on sale and available in a gorgeous washed black, and some sizes in medium and light washes. I take my true size, but some people prefer a size up. They stretch a bit in the beginning but hold their shape after. If you want more washes and flare, try the ’70s style (also on sale).

Two: Levi’s Ribcage Straight Jeans – Another Levi’s Favorite. This is a straight-leg with just enough stretch to hug your curves. If you go for this exact wash (or any that is 98-99% cotton with elastane), you can size up for a looser fit — I go for my true size. And if you go for any of the washes with Lyocell/TENCEL, they’re TTS and stretch at least a size after some wear. I go for the 29-inch inseam to get a longer and almost full-length silhouette on my petite body. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

Last weekend, we went to a comedy show featuring the hilarious comedian Dusty Slay at a local legendary establishment called the B.O.B. If you’re in need of a good chuckle like I was, you should definitely check him out on YouTube — we’ve been watching his vids and laughing all week. The B.O.B just so happens to be a four-story nightclub, and being there was pretty depressing actually, and I felt super-old the whole time (must the music be THAT loud??).

I found myself spending the whole night worrying about all the young women at the club: How were they planning on getting home safely at the end of the night, and why did none of them have coats? Turns out you can be mom-like without having actual children. Le sigh.

Also, after playing darts with friends on Friday, we’ve suddenly picked up a new hobby. Mainly, it’s Jon’s new obsession, but since I’m actually pretty darn competitive when it comes to sports (even though I may not seem the type), I’m determined to get good enough to beat Jon at least every once in a while. Naturally, he went all out on our new dartboard and darts. I’m already getting better — I only poked two holes in the wall yesterday. Nice one, Jess. 

As for sales, I’m all about Colleen Rothschild’s current Valentine’s Day sale where everything is 15% off with the code CUPID, and some bestsellers like the Extreme Recovery Cream are marked down even further! I’m also still talking about these MOTHER The Maven jeans because they’re still on sale and stocked relatively well. 

One: MOTHER The Maven Jeans – As long as these MOTHER wide-leg jeans are on sale, I’ll still be talking about them because I love them so much, and they’re some of the most flattering wide-leg jeans I’ve ever owned.  

Two: Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm – Colleen Rothschild sales don’t come along that often, so whenever they do, I make sure to snap up at least one of my favorite products. And I strongly believe that there is no better way to clean your skin than with this Radiant Cleansing Balm. For a limited time, it’s 15% off with the CODE CUPID. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

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