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Happy Friday and hellooo, July! Backcountry’s Fourth of July sale is going strong with the best gear to bring on your next trip. Shana’s favorite Kelty folding loveseat (back in stock and 25% off!) seriously increases outdoor happiness–it’s perfect for camping cuddlers.

The Best NSale Preview Items, Fave Leggings, Designer Denim & Super-Cute Sandals: Editor Top Sales Picks

We’re huge fans of Vuori performance apparel and our beloved Performance Joggers (they feel like a dream, seriously) are marked down as low as under $45. Major score. Kat’s favorite leggings are in Athleta’s Semi-Annual sale, as well as Scotti’s Cabo Linen Joggers in a fruity summer shade for under $40. Oooh, and this one-shoulder midi dress for under $45 at Gap? Hello, date night.

BTW…Can you hear the Nordstrom Sale alarms going off in our Philly office? The 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale pops off next week and, guys…the preview alone is getting us all kinds of excited. A few of us have already started putting together capsule wardrobes and looks (Shana, Kat, Amy, Laura and Scotti) from the #NSale that we’re hoping to get our hands on. If you want all the updates on what’s going down with the sale, subscribe to our newsletter here and they’ll come right to your inbox.

Aaaaanyway, let’s get into the sales…

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Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, hey Friday. It’s my last day with my fam here in the South and whew, it always goes too fast. Sienna and I are taking my grandad to see Willie Nelson tonight, his favorite. Should be a blast! Then it’s back to the PNW tomorrow. I missed my pup and cat and, yes, I have now also fallen in love with the gecko Sienna got for her birthday. Who knew I would ever write that sentence. Haha. Life is full of surprises, friends. And if a tiny cute lizard helps with moments of escape from all the shite going on in the world, so be it.

Ooh the sales are good right now! And I don’t even mean the NSale preview, y’all. (But you CAN peep my picks here if you haven’t yet + make your wishlist.) We’ll get stoked for that next week when we can do our epic try-ons for ya. But this weekend, there are some fab finds:

  • The ONLY leggings I wear, on sale! I’ve tried them all it feels like, and I always come back to Beyond Yoga Spacedye leggings. You can wash and dry them for years and they still hold their shape AND they’re the softest for lounging, too. On sale in the matching pretty aqua of the BY tank below, for $58 down from $97 right now! TTS.
  • And…more insanely soft pants, on sale: If you can believe it, our beloved Vuori Performance joggers are ALSO on sale right now! At publish, they’re $42 down from $84 in a gorg brick color and worth every penny. I wear mine constantly and you better believe I ordered another pair. They also magically don’t stretch out with wear, even if you sleep in them (I do line-dry these) and they’re so freaking soft. TTS. Size up if between.
  • THIS is stunning! And on sale for $52 bucks! Final sale, but gah…I just bought because YES. My living room couch needed an upgrade and this will do the trick.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

All of my boys (including the hubs) visited family for a few days this week, while I stayed here in Philly on my own…COMPLETELY on my own…in my quiet peaceful house. I chain-locked the door, so Shana couldn’t do any pop-ins. Just a bit of quiet nourishes my soul SO very much…I was SO ready to see my boys when they returned…but dang! Those quiet days were “something”.

Hmm…is the upcoming NSale madness filled with similar peaceful vibes? Not so much…but definitely lots of fun! For those of you who get into it, the preview period has aptly been described as the fantasy football draft of fall shopping, and I have to say…the whole thing CAN be pretty darn entertaining. Verdict is still out on who my very top draft pick will be. So for now, additional sales talk…

Scotti’s Sale Picks

The week of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview is always a total blur. I don’t remember a lot of details from this week, but I do know I spent a ton of time looking at what’s going to be in the sale. I put my favorites into a capsule wardrobe that actually has me looking forward to fall…but not quite yet.

Kat’s Sale Picks

Today is the first day that I really feel like I have let the ramifications of reversing Roe v. Wade affect me. I don’t typically like to dwell on the negative, and in fact rarely watch the news. But yesterday when I was scrolling through TikTok I watched a story about a young woman who had an ectopic pregnancy, and couldn’t receive the procedures that could save her life. This story struck a chord with my entire being, because that girl could have very well been me. I have never endured more pain in my life than when I had a cornual ectopic pregnancy in 2019, and to think that I wouldn’t have been able to receive care with the new laws in place is sickening. I know this is supposed to be a lighthearted little spiel about my ongoings this week, but I feel so disappointed in the direction that our country is going in. In a direction that doesn’t protect women, that is filled with fear and that is taking 10 steps back instead of any steps forward. Sending love and light to all of you, in what are, yet again, unprecedented times.

There’s no easy way to transition into sales talk, but retail therapy is certainly one of my favorite distractions, so let’s dive right into it…

  • This feels like a warm hug: Anthropologie is having a major sale this weekend! I’m talking an extra 50% off of all their sale pieces. And one of my absolute favorite blankets is on sale for $52 (originally $148). It’s seriously so soft and feels like a nice warm hug.  
  • Give me all the zen vibes: I am headed to my favorite restorative yoga class tonight and I’m most often strutting in some of my favorite pieces from Athleta. This week they are having their semi-annual sale and I want everything! But if I could only recommend one thing you should consider purchasing, it would be the salutation leggings because they are absolute perfection.
  • Something pretty: Would it be a typical weekly sales report for me, if I didn’t share one designer piece?! I think not. I just ordered this pretty-in-pink dress that feels so zillenial to me, and I can’t wait to tell you all what I think. It also comes in black too!

Amy’s Sale Pick

Summer sales are heating up, and they’re good. The fact that the fashion industry is always a full season ahead can oftentimes be frustrating (why are we talking fall fashion in the best part of summer?!) BUT then we get to shop for dreamy summer clothing on sale while we’re still in the middle of summer… and I can’t help but think that’s a major score.

But if looking ahead ahead to fall is your thing, I put together an #NSale capsule curating pieces that can actually flow seamlessly from summer to fall (and be worn for years to come). It’s worth a peek, if I do say so myself. Until that sale opens up, though, here’s what I’m eyeing up this weekend –  

So many more goodies below! Xx

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Thinking about fall in the middle of summer with the #AnniSale gets me in the mood for my trip to Colombia, where I spend half of it in Bogotá (a fall-weather city). I rounded up six outfits for the casually chic mom (stay-tuned for the full post coming this weekend!) because you know I love to feel put-together, even in the most casual look.  

But while we wait for the live sale, let’s check some other faves:

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