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Happy Friday! Let’s wrap up January with some sales…

Laura’s Sorel boots are on sale (under $100!). We appreciate a cute-yet-hardworking boot, and these are just that: sporty, lightweight and built for wet weather. And, the higher shaft pairs great with both straight leg and skinny jeans. The taupe is super-versatile, but they’re well-stocked in other shades, too.

In other news, Madewell is running an extra 20% off sale with code “FLASH”! Scotti’s Perfect Vintage jeans are included in the sale (under $50 after code…score!), and leave it to Linzi to find the coziest, weather-resistant boots (aptly named “The Toasty”).

And one more seriously good deal….Scoop up a clean beauty trio including Em’s favorite gentle facial cleanser, a hand cream and a body cream, all full-sized, for under $30.

More finds on sale, below. Happy scrolling!

Our Editors’ Top Fashion Picks On Sale At Nordstrom, Madewell, Saks, Shopbop & More

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Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

I’m finally back to dance classes ​​after a VERY long break (due to an ACL injury). Just finished a morning Bachata class with my dear friend Laurel Card and am SO feeling the joy. I forgot!! THIS is what gets me through these cold and gray days of Philly winter. 

And also a bit of Friday sales shopping, of course. One of my favorite cashmere sweaters is on sale at Everlane. The lime green might be a bit too much for me, but I love the Basalt. Or I don’t know…maybe the lime green is just what I need for more of that joy Laurel gave me this morning. I also keep coming back to look at this super pretty 100% silk Theory top that’s on super sale. Trying to decide if the black or the white would be worn more…tough call. Hope everyone is finding their own moments of joy this weekend and thank you, dear, Laurel, for giving me mine!

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

Well, it’s official, the constant negative temperatures we’re experiencing have somehow begun rewiring my brain and causing me to do bizarre things (reminds me of how the heat and humidity affected the characters in Hart of Dixie — anyone else adore that show?!). I just sent through multiple orders — multiple — of brightly colored clothing items…if you’re curious, here’s a sneak peek. I’m also seriously considering a pretty swirly housedress (on sale) for Valentine’s Day “because that looks cute and festive!” WHO AM I. 

I’m finding a whole bunch of athletic sneakers throughout all the sale sections, so if you’re in need of new kicks, I say now’s the time to hunt some out. A few of my fave shoe finds, and so many other cute things, are below. Happy Friday, TME fam! Xx

Laura’s Top Sale Picks

My birthday is coming up in a week or so and while I don’t typically get too nostalgic, I’m so missing my 40th party where I made all my friends dress up like Wes Anderson film characters. Mostly, I miss having all my friends together in one place, ya know? 

It’s only been cold (in the 20s & 30s) for like a week here and I’m already so over it. Haha. We thrive in the 50s here, not below that. You can see by my sale picks I just want coziness. But we have had some sunshine and it is life-giving. I’ve just been spending my time staring at it and playing Wordle. You? My sale picks this week definitely reflect what I want to wear these days…cozy coats, cool jeans and sneakers. This and these are my top picks. Stay warm out there, friends. And if you need some cute chonky cat content, I got you.

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

We finally got to have “Christmas dinner” with my mom this past weekend. She makes the most unbelievable beef tenderloin with popovers (aka Yorkshire pudding) and gravy—we literally wait all year for that meal. I’ve been trying to cook more myself, and I found that if I don’t do a meal delivery kit it just doesn’t happen. I don’t know why, but the idea of choosing what to make, shopping for all the right ingredients and figuring everything out seems so mentally taxing. I’d been doing HelloFresh prior to the holidays (these Firecracker Meatballs are our favorite) and am now trying out HomeChef (this shrimp primavera was amazing the other night!) I just feel like they make it so much easier to plan, especially when we get busy as a family (and unlike my husband who’s kind of a wiz in the kitchen, I really like following recipes when I cook). 

That’s kind of where my head is at currently — figuring out how best to organize all the things from meals to kids’ activities to doctor appointments and everything in between. I do love schedules and lists (unlike my husband who immediately gets uncomfortable the second I mention any commitments we have), and just discovered this dry erase “computer pad” that I LOVE along with this weekly calendar that’s clean and simple—but is there a point at which there’s too many lists and calendars?? (I mean, no, right?) Gah — happy weekend, everyone!!

Em’s Top Sale Picks

Heya gang! We’re getting very close to the point at which our midwife has instructed us to hang real close to home, so we have one more weekend to adventure (still somewhat locally) before we go full homebirth lockdown. Part of the reason why we went the homebirth route was for the opportunity to “lie in” for a week or two with the little one, undisturbed, post-delivery – but as someone who is chronically terrible at both relaxing and/or staying in bed, I’m going to have to rewire my brain a bit to get there. So, I’ll be taking the next 4-5 weeks to “practice” relaxation, starting with 15 mins in the evening spent with a guided meditation and my favorite cheapie eye masks. (They’re so very soothing.) And I’m still trying to park my butt in the sand for a few minutes when I get the chance. It’s strangely therapeutic.

Sales this week – scoop up this Biossance set on sale while it’s still in stock. My favorite gentle face cleanser is included (I gave up my salicylic acid cleanser when I learned I was pregnant, and this one keeps my skin clear without drying it, and it’s got a really light, pleasant lather I love) plus their squalane-rich hand cream and toning body cream – all full size! – for $24. That’s less than just the cleanser. And free shipping. Other finds are kinda all over the place: I’m more or less still gravitating toward cozy things, but I’d love to live vicariously through whoever would be in a position to rock these glitzy heels with jeans, maybe for a little Val/Galentine’s Day situation. Happy weekend, friends!

Meredith’s Top Sale Picks

It’s beginning to look a lot like…the winter weather I was promised in Colorado this week. Truly thankful that I bought these Sorel’s. Giddy over this week’s sales: the best straight-leg cords I’ve ever owned are on sale, and my favorite sweater this season from Saks is under $100. Another closet staple is this Reformation Cashmere Blend Sweater, currently 29% off (see how I’m styling it here). Also, this Vince funnel neck boiled cashmere sweater is wildly marked down. It’s time to hop on those late season sweater buys y’all because they are good. Have a lovely (and warm) weekend!

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

Hola from Mexico! Never would I have thought we’d book flights last minute to Mexico, but we have a big group of Colombian friends who started joking about coming together, and then one day one of the families wrote on our whatsapp group that they had just bought tickets and BAM. We all follow suit because #YOLO, and here we are. Six crazy families in Cancun. 

This dress, that I did not want to buy but ordered along with a lot of ones on sale, ended up being the only one that fit. And OMG the fit. I had to close my eyes and ignore the price. 

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

In the words of Lorelai Gilmore… It smells like snow! We finally had our first real snowfall of the season, which is so atypical for CO weather, and I actually really love that the ground has been kissed with a few snowflakes. I am so looking forward to this weekend. I am feeling like I want to spend Saturday somewhere new. I have had the hot springs of Mount Princeton on my mind lately, and think it would be a fun day trip to trek around in the snow and enjoy the natural hot springs, too! Who knows where the weekend will take me, but I just have to say I am so excited to finally be able to get out of my house for a day! 

As for sales, I am beyond excited about these Free People pants that are only $29 and come in a ton of colors, and this GANNI bag that is so me and comes in two different sizes that I am debating on. Oh, and the heels that I wore and walked in comfortably for 8+ hours are on sale right now too! Happy weekend, y’all. XX – Kat  

Cam’s Top Sale Picks

There’s water pouring down, out of the entry light, onto the wooden floor below. Splattering, not stopping, just pouring. Pouring, ya’ll. I immediately start yelling and running up the stairs, in unison with my daughter, “TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF OFF OFF! OFF!!!!!!”. Our son, completely oblivious to the downstairs beginning to look like a scene from Jumanji, looks up at me with a smile, like “hey, mom. whassuuuup?”. Holy f, child. At this point, Matt (husband) is just standing there, staring, stuck to the floor boards, seemingly. Anyways! after I have a moment of freakout, where I cry, shout and then laugh…all was okay. Our youngest is not allowed to take a bath in that bathroom. Ever again.

The end. 

Happy weekend!!

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

Snow, snow and more snow: I know it’s super lame to always mention the weather, but Michigan in January is probably the toughest time of the year for this Southern-raised girl. After coming down from the high of the Holidays spent visiting family in coastal locations, the month of January in Grand Rapids always has me feelin’ a li’l blue. So I hibernate and watch anything and everything worth watching on TV (recommendations always welcome). It’s definitely not a bad life, just a little isolating.  

So it’s no surprise that my sale picks this week are all about coats and boots (with a pretty floral Reformation dress thrown in because I couldn’t resist). Also, my most worn jeans from Levi’s are 30% off $100+ purchase with the code: NEW30. Have a great weekend everyone!

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