Weekly Sales Report 7.14


Happy. Effing. Friday. We’ve had a WEEK (of #NSale…ever hear of it?) and are ready to breathe deeply and get (semi-) back to our normal sale-searching & everything else

But real quick! How cute is this Re/Done graphic tee in the NSale (under $100!)? Inspirational, undoubtedly true, and hitting really close to home after the week TME just had. We love our team, and we love doing this for you guys. Gah. Let’s all just buy the tee and match. For sentimental purposes. 

(Anddd if you’d like to see more NSale content, head here.)

OK. And back to sale stuff we go.

Amy found these fab Gap cargos that would actually transition that Re/Done tee into fall soooo nicely. Actually, these carpenter pants at Shopbop (Laura loves ’em) would look amazing with it too. Pair with some fun pink Camper flats (another Amy find) and you’re lookin’ really freakin cute (and have been dressed by Team TME! haha).

The 5 Best Sales Right Now

NSale Faves + Cool Cargo Pants, Pretty Tops, Print Dresses & More Top Editor Sale Picks

Keep scrollin’ for more editor faves on sale! Happy shopping…


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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday! Wowza, I’m a little punchy today. I hope everyone is enjoying the NSale content. It’s a lot, but we really love being able to help wade through it all for you to be helpful. That’s always our goal! And A HUGE SHOUTOUT to our Philly team if we haven’t said it enough this week (we never could) for all their hard work. I sure miss my Philly pals right now because the camaraderie on this Mom Edit team is legit, friends. I’ll spare you more sappiness, but just know that with your readership here you’re supporting seriously amazing humans. 

How about some other content for a bit, eh? There are some fabulous sales going on all around the internet right now. The seriously good parachute pants from Athleta are down to under $45 (I know!) | this cuteness is $19 at Anthro | and I’m still asking myself if I’m enough of a GNR fan to wear this (bc it’s so rad.)

Pants (29) | Top (M but exchanged for S)

ONE: These carpenter (barrel-style) pants from brand NSF are true favorites. The way they fit and the fact that they’re structured, yet light enough for summer, keeps me grabbing them constantly. They’re one of the few non-stretch pants I’m wearing these days because they’re so comfy. They aren’t low but aren’t super-high-rise, and they have the coolest seams and panel details. On sale at Shopbop!

TWO: This one-shoulder top from Athleta is a little outside my comfort zone, but I LOVE it. It’s perfect for summer, and I style it with sporty sneakers and comfy pants to make it feel very “me.” And now that it’s hotter out, I’ll be living in it (esp to work on that tan line a bit, haha). Size down for more support, IMO. I also pop in liners from a sports bra to make it more seamless and supportive!


Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

What a week! It kind of flew by in a blur, to be honest. It wasn’t until I was looking at the date today that I realized it’s been two years since my brain surgery. 😳 It feels like SO much time has passed and like it happened yesterday at the same time. Crazy.

That surgery keeps me humbled — it reminds me how precious life is and to be thankful for all the little things. Going for walks, enjoying the sunshine on the dock, snuggles with my kids, laughing with mom… I try to live in the moment as much as possible. Of course, I have anxiety, and it’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of the day, but I try to catch myself and take deep breaths…it’s all good. 

For those who are interested, check out my Nordstrom sale picks here. For those who aren’t, I’m obsessing over Anthro’s extra 40% off sale (this gorgeous top is my top pick) and Gap’s Forever Summer sale for up to 60% off (I mean, can’t afford not to get this tank). Happy weekend, everyone!

Silk PJs (M) | Tights

ONE: I have to shout out these silk pajamas this week — I tried the classic, piped set at full price, and they were meh, but the washable ones in the Anniversary Sale are actually lighter & softer. They’re also wildly comfortable and washable — I might pick up another pair. (Both small and medium worked, but I went with the medium so I wouldn’t feel the waistband at all.) *Also…this robe is the ultimate cozy/comfy/luxurious thing ever, and it will be replacing my giant, ugly fluffy robe. I kind of can’t believe it’s still in stock — wearing a small/medium.

TWO: The rip-resistant tights we all love (super-comfortable) are on sale at Sheertex (up to 80% off)! My two favorites are the micro dots and the backseam sheers (your fall/winter self will thank you). **The sweater is also on sale (up to 55% off), and the boots are over $200 off right now!


Kat’s Top Sale Picks

Wow, am I excited that the weekend is finally here! It’s been a hella busy week, and I have to say, I’m in need of some serious R&R. I’ve been trying to implement my “75 soft” glow-up challenge — you can hear more about that over on the pod ‚ but it’s proven to be a bit of a struggle keeping a routine with our NSale “summer camp” hours! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the sale, but dang do I need a nap. 

Anywho, sales this week are bananas good! I think I need to do a Madewell haul because I currently have 15+ on-sale items in my cart, and they are GOOD — get an extra 25% off your purchase with code SUNDAZE. Anthro is offering an extra 40% off sale items, and the blazer I bought and forgot to share in my selfies post is still well stocked and so freaking good. Sending you all good vibes for a relaxing weekend! XX 

Bag | Hoodie 

ONE: I’m a hugeeeee fan of Simon Miller. I have some seriously stellar dresses and tops from the designer, and you guyssss, my absolute favorite purchase from the NSale this year is my newest designer bag from, you guessed it, Simon Miller. It’s so freaking cool, and I know it’s going to get so much wear! Oh, and P.S. Just added this gorgeous Simon Miller bag that’s on super-sale (not Nsale) to my cart! 

TWO: It’s no secret that I am an adidas stan! It’s one of my absolute favorite places to shop for plus size, and my favorite cropped hoodie is currently on sale for $42! It’s perfectly oversized and one of my most-worn pieces. It makes a great option to throw on for those chillier summer nights too! 


Amy’s Top Sale Picks

WHEWWWW, Happy NSALE WEEEEEK (or end-of, rather)! Is everyone as equally frazzled and excited as I feel?! No? JUST ME?! All jokes aside, our behind-the-scenes TME Philly staff have worked their asses off this week, and deserve every ounce of love (and warm bubble baths…and naps…and tequila shots…) on Earth.

If you don’t care about the NSale, I’ve got a whole curation below of epic sale finds from all of my other fave retailers (spoiler alert: There are some GOOD FINDS). If you do still have piqued interest in the Anniversary Sale? These boots are my most favorite thing I snapped up (ugh, OK, wait — there’s shockingly a handful of things I really super-duper-love and might be tied for first — but THE BOOTS). This super-cozy coat that I live for was stealthy restocked late last night, which makes me think we need to watch our favorite out-of-stock NSale finds verrryy closely. And for a top pick NON-NSale find this weekend? THESE.

headphones | ballet flats

ONE: Amazon Prime Day is long gone, but…these headphones in a few select colors are still (magically) $100 off?! Regardless of why they’re still marked down, these are the best investment I’ve made ALL YEAR. Hands down. They’re worth every freaking penny.

TWO: I luuuurve these ballerina flats so freaking much (comfort = unmatched). You can find select sizes on sale in Nordstrom’s regular sale section, but THIS is where the sizes are the best stocked (AND still on sale).


Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

I’m so relieved that my period arrived just a day after I did my NSale try-on. It may explain why I felt more stressed, anxious and fatigued than usual this year. However, with the help of the Philly team, I managed to get through it. I couldn’t have done it without them. 

Now, let’s move on to Nordstrom’s regular sale and Shopbop because they’re fire! I can’t get this little white dress out of my head. Cinq a Sept pieces are timeless and are some of my favorites in my closet. And this weightless Good American jumpsuit looks like the chicest and most comfortable piece to have right now. 

Jeans | Pajamas

ONE: Levi’s Ribcage Straight-Leg Jeans – I love these jeans. The black wash is perfection, and I love the contrast with the warmer stitch and hardware. These are full length instead of the ankle length in the retail pic because I got them straight from Levi’s in the longer inseam. 

TWO: Moonlight Eco Pajamas (S) – Part of the NSale but so worth it. They’re available in new colors this year, and I love the long-sleeve/shorts combo. I can wear them pretty much all year. You can get a short-sleeve version here


Em’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, gang! If you follow me on IG, you may have noticed that I, um, skipped the NSale this year and went to the lake with the fam. Well, mostly. I did curate my own small wish list and sign on promptly from the cabin at 9:01 p.m. PST, so I could snag a fresh pair of my fave jeans (below) and wait for it…this deodorant. No, really. I’m almost comically giddy for its arrival, probably because I adore all things Kopari (which makes me very excited for this duo that features The Best Body Scrub Ever and is inexplicably 59% off). 

But the lake! We rented a boat for the day and cruised around Emerald Bay (a first for me!), visited with cousins, played in the sand, and even took the girls adventuring on a little leg of the Rubicon — which received rave reviews all around. I know we’re lucky enough to live on the coast, but something about a lake break is just…ahhhhhhh.

I took advantage of Nordstrom’s glitch and got these Levi’s Ribcage Jeans just before we left town. They’re very similar to the pair in last year’s sale, so here are my thoughts:

The composition is perfect — my fave cotton-Lyocell blend that looks and feels like perfectly broken-in rigid denim, but way comfier. Sizing is about the same as advised last year, so size down one for a snug fit that’ll conform to perfection in the first wear. I was expecting the wash to be pretty light, but it’s only about a shade brighter than last year’s wash (though I think I prefer the thigh distressing on this year’s version).

Bottom line: If you don’t yet have a pair of distressed Levi’s Ribcage Jeans, I can’t recommend them enough. Or if you bought last year’s and, like me, eagerly await their return at laundry day, it might be worth it to snag these too. Still prefer last year’s “After Love” wash? It’s available here.


Jess’ Top Sale Picks

So…I don’t know if you’ve heard about this little thing called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Just kidding, because it’s literally all we’ve been talking about on the blog this week. There’s an amazing team behind the scenes at The Mom Edit that makes it all happen, and I consider myself extremely lucky to get to work with this truly wonderful group of women. I also just need to take a second to shout out a big thanks to my mom for coming along for the ride. Thanks, Ma! I’m lucky to have her in my corner. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Romper (6) | Matching Set (M): Top, Pants

ONE: Banana Republic’s Maxine Romper Set – This romper set from Banana Republic is hands-down my favorite purchase of the summer. I cannot stress enough how much I love it and how flattering it looks. Right now, it’s $30 off, plus an extra 25% off at checkout. 

TWO: Farm Rio Top & Trousers – Obviously, I love the color blue, so I knew I had to try this set as soon as I saw it during the NSale. I did not expect to love it as much as I do, though! The fit is gorgeous, and the details are above and beyond. Even better? It’s still fully stocked! 


Anne’s Top Sale Picks

Phew! This week was a whirlwind. Shopping the Nordstrom sale with Kat was so much fun. Time spent with a good friend is never wasted, and perhaps twice as fun when you get to try on beautiful clothes and hype each other up. Just like last year, my wish list and the list of items I actually purchased were not the same. I’m so pleasantly surprised that I was able to come up with a fall capsule wardrobe. If you’re not on the Nordstrom sale train, never fear — there are other great items on sale elsewhere that I’ve rounded up below.

Jacket (12) | T-shirt (M)

ONE: The AllSaints Balfern Biker Jacket in this beautiful bone color is my new favorite jacket. I know I’ll be wearing this classic for years, and there’s no better time to pick up this investment piece than when it’s on sale. Ran TTS for me — I’m wearing a US 12.

TWO: The Nordstrom sale is a great time to pick up quality basics, as well as hero pieces for a fresh addition to your fall capsule wardrobe. One of my best finds is this simple, black mock-neck EILEEN FISHER T-shirt. The drape and fabric quality is there, and I know I’ll wear this all the time.


Mohini’s Top Sale Picks

Quilted Zip Jacket l Rain Boots

ONE: This quilted bomber jacket is ultra-cozy and flattering. I fell for the color. However, if you want something more versatile, it’s available in black too. It’s less than $60 in the Anniversary Sale…!

TWO: These are my first Hunter rain boots, and I’m already obsessed with them. They’re the PERFECT marriage of form and function. The only catch is that they’re a little narrow, so I wouldn’t recommend them if you usually buy wide shoes.

Also, if you live somewhere a little rainier than California, the Original Short Rain Boot and the Original Tall Rain Boot might be better for you! They’re just as cute and a little more functional.

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