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Hey, hey, Friday! The weather seems to finally be warming up, and I’m looking forward to upping my jean-shorts game. It’s no secret that the AGOLDE Parker shorts (now 25% off at Nordstrom!) are a crowd favorite here at TME. Shana coined them as the quintessential jean cutoffs: They’re timeless, could be right at home in any decade, and true to form, only get better with time.

Must-Have Jeans, Spring Tops, Cute Sandals & More Top Editor Sale Picks

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Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

Hi, everyone! I’ve disappeared for a while from Sales Reports, but the Saks sales (and Nordstrom price matching) this weekend are way WAY too good for me to ignore! If you’re looking for MOTHER jeans on sale, best to search by size here and here to avoid sellout frustration. I shared a TON of selfies of the various styles and fits of MOTHER jeans on sale, so hoping that’ll be helpful to you all. Also, DON’T MISS the Madewell sweater I can’t stop wearing (it’s that absolute perfect weight and drape for spring). It’s finally on sale during the Insiders event. Yay sales!!! 

ONE: Some sizing left at Saks, some sizing left at Nordstrom, and then more sizing at Neiman (all on sale…yay!), so hoping most of the sizes are covered between the three! My most-worn MOTHER jeans of all time. I’ve tried to take them out of my rotation, and it’s impossible. I wear my true size (29) as well as my “size up” (30). The 29 holds its fit on me a bit better, but sizing up just gives a more relaxed fit once they stretch. I also have my old 28s that I can still squeeze into (even though I’ve changed sizes) because they’re so stretchy…so the sizing you choose just depends on the fit you like. Not for you tall gals, though — they’re short! Super-cute with Veronica Beard stripes

TWO: These are fabulous jeans, and as of now…sizes still available. This super-cool striped tank is in my cart to go with them. I’ll tell you, though…if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly pick, the Gap patch-pocket jeans are fantastic and very VERY similar at $80. But the wash on the MOTHER jeans are a bit better, and there’s nothing like that MOTHER stretch. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday! It’s the Friday before spring break here, and though I just returned from Palm Springs last week, I’m already like…why. Why didn’t I book us some sun for our break. Heh. We’re going to enjoy some of the beauty that Northern Oregon and the Hood Canal in Washington has to offer. I just hope it comes with a side of some sun somewhere. Enough about weather though…

Have y’all seen the cuteness that is Super Smalls? Omg. If you have a kiddo into bling, then it’s for you. I got Sienna a couple of things for spring break (like this mini nail kit) and of course those swim goggles. Super Smalls is a super-adorable, Latinx- and mom-owned company that’s awesome to support. I only wished we’d found it sooner! 

Other things I’m adding to my wish list right now? Speaking of bling, these sandalsthese gladiators…and these super-fun adidas slides. Guess my brain is on sandals right now, and if you too have, uh…we’ll call them “annoying” feet, stay tuned. I’m doing a post on the only sandals I like wearing to hide my problem feet.

Sales are fun this weekend, here are more top picks! Xo -L

ONE: A bunch of Boden swimsuits are on sale right now, including my fave from my try-on last month, the Ithaca Halter One-Piece. Boden swimsuits are my favorites — besides J.Crew — because the fabric is so high quality, and the fit is great. I size up a size in their suits. Wearing an 8 here. They’re going fast! This one is available in other colors. Sunnies | Birks

TWO: I keep raving about these Madewell mid-rise jeans, but I haven’t comfortably traveled with a pair of jeans in a long time, and I wore these multiple times on my last trip! AND they’re 25% off for Insiders (free email sign-up!). They go with all the spring shoes I want to wear and are comfy at the waist…stretchy but still structured and don’t stretch out too much — but still size down. They’re magical. My full review with styling ideas is here. They come in some other washes and lengths too! And a full range of sizing. Wearing a 27. Top | Sneakers

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Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

Hello, everyone! It’s the official start of the kids’ spring break, and I, for one, am ready for a vacation! We’re headed to Florida this week — Disney World, to be exact — and I’ve never been, so it should be fun! I’m looking forward to getting out of the cold and snow and wearing summer clothes again. I’m packing my favorite denim shorts (on sale!), my new favorite $15 dress from Target, a couple of my favorite bodysuits (also on sale!), and multiple pairs of white sneakers… Ooh, and I just picked up my favorite Birks in white! These are my favorite summer/travel shoes because they’re SO insanely comfy and waterproof — and being under $50 helps too.

And I just got these faux-UGG boots on Amazon. The UGG ultra minis I’ve been wanting have been out of stock, so I took a gamble on these based off of reviews and they’re awesome — half the price too. (I love the cheetah print.)

Happy weekend, everyone!

ONE: My favorite puffer jacket from SAM. is $100 off during Saks’ Friends & Family sal — in a TON of colors too. (And there are a ton of MOTHER jeans included in the sale as well. These are my favorites — that wash, tho! 😍) 

TWO: OMG, AGOLDE’s Parker shorts are part of the sale too! These are THE shorts…the pair I’d choose if I had to bring only one pair with me on vacation. LOVE.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

I’m not entirely sure why, but Nordstrom really decided to send some love to the people this weekend (and I’m not going to question it). It currently has a limited time “under $100” sale, and it includes SO MUCH of my favorite makeup products — such as the best lip oil ever (I literally give these as gifts to every one), my longtime-fave mascara, and while I don’t personally use powders on my dry skin, this blush has a cult-like following that has always made me want to try it. It gets better the more you scroll.

I’ve been sick this week, so I’m just now getting around to perusing the Saks Friends & Family Sale, and naturally, I want everything AGOLD. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need another pair of cargo/utility-style pants, but, but…

And last but not least, please do yourself a happy weekend scroll over in Anthro’s sale section. The artwork is perfectly spring and makes me actually relax while looking at the pieces, and of course…my fave candles I never pass up on sale.  Xx

ONE: I can’t. stop. wearing. these track pants. They take me back to high-school basketball days, which makes me feel happy/young/carefree/energetic — all the good things. And they’re amazing for slipping on to head to the park with my kiddo. You can score 20% off with code SPRING (and don’t miss the entire spring sale section, it’s amazing).

TWO: I’ve loved AGOLDE Parker shorts for a while, but I’ve gone back and forth on the regular and long lengths… The past two years, however, I’m firmly camped in Team Long. They are *so* perfect for long legs, but I also feel more put-together when I’m wearing longer-inseam shorts. Even better?! My new favorite non-distressed wash is included in the Saks’ sale. I don’t yet have a photo in them (the photo above is an older wash for reference), but non-distressed shorts are my new fave because I don’t feel as…childish in them (is that just me?!). Slightly smaller than my last pairs; I typically size down in AGOLDE bottoms but prefer my true size in the new wash. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Em’s Top Sale Picks

As I write this, I’ve got one kiddo home sick and another who’s not sold on napping, so a quick one from me today. We’ve got soccer this weekend (assuming the big kid heals up) for the first time since she was THREE. Ready to be that family showing up with a wagon of layers and Foodland bags fulla hella snacks for the baby. Wish me luck!

Highlights from sales this week: 1. this embellished suit set from Free People. Hello, WHAT. I’m SO curious. 2. This classic utility jacket is a forever piece (at a steal). 3. These super-soft coveralls are a great way to try the trend at a great price. Nursing-friendly too!

ONE: Shana’s recent post on pairing a white shirt with jeans was just the jump-start I needed to get me outta my daily Vuori habit. (See below…) My silk shirt is past season, but what I’m really eyeing for spring is, well, yeah, the Frank & Eileen shirt she writes about, but then also this gauzy number from J.Crew, on sale. And my jeans, I’ll say again, are absolutely tops. On sale (with an extra 40% off!), wearing my true size. Other washes here.

TWO: I’ve been slipping into something Vuori almost every morning, if only because it guarantees that I’ll look decent at drop-off — and then drastically increases the likelihood that I’ll do something active later in the morning. Most of the time, it’s what I wear the remainder of the day too. Both of these pieces are on sale (Yosemite Bra here, Daily Leggings here) in the most gorgeous ruby color — basically, a plummier version of the red I’m wearing. I wear in small in both, and they’re my absolute favorite for running.

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

How’s spring treating you? This week got me walking all the miles and spending all the time outdoors I hadn’t in months. It was amazing! Something super-fun also happened: For years I’ve felt like I had a clog when it came to social media content creation aside from my TME commitments, but I’m finally feeling unclogged. I recorded two videos with color commentary about the Oscars, and I know you will love them. Watch them here!

ONE: Joe’s Mia Jeans – I will never get tired of singing praises about these jeans. I’ve had a darker-wash pair since last summer, and I’m trying on this new wash. The retailer picture is a little deceiving because the wash in person is how it looks in my photo. Still, they’re stunning and perfect for this new season. I wear a size 27, TTS, but if betwee sizes size up. I’m wearing them with this Nike half-zip sweatshirt

These Cinq à Sept cargo pants can be dressed down or dressed up with a nice top & heels.

TWO: Cinq à Sept Cargo Pants – I love comfy pants with a fancy feel. My bronze pair, this stunning blue, and a light pink are on limited sale. I’m on the verge of getting the blue one. You can dress them down like I did, but also up with a nice top and heels. Incredibly versatile!

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

As some of you know (because I can’t stop talking about it), I’m headed to Northern Italy for a trip with my dad. And the time has finally come! I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’m so excited. I’ve been planning my capsule wardrobe for what seems like months now, but I’m still nervous I won’t be prepared. I’m heavily relying on three pieces to get me through the trip: my Good American jumpsuit, my Topshop faux-leather skirt and my Favorite Daughter trousers. But either way, my suitcase will be completely stuffed — like always. I’ll be documenting my trip in my Instagram stories, so you can follow me at @jessbobess to see what I’m wearing and where we’re going each day. 

As for sales, I’ve got Madewell on my mind. Everything is 25% off for Insiders, and it just takes a quick email sign-up to become one. I’m seriously considering this Large Woven Leather Tote (because it’ll last a lifetime) as well as these Clean Pull-on Shorts in Linen-Cotton

One: Madewell’s Curvy Patch-Pocket Denim Shorts – These patch-pocket shorts are pretty much perfect. They also come in plus sizes and are still fully stocked in all sizes. They’re 25% off for Insiders (and it’s free to sign up, if you aren’t an Insider yet). 

Two: Madewell’s The Cari Fisherman Sandals – I’m starting to see A LOT of cute fisherman sandals everywhere, and I ordered these in white. I predict I’ll be wearing them all summer long! They’re 25% off for Insiders. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Anne’s Top Sale Picks

This has been a wonderfully chill week for me. My husband is off work, and rather than going on our usual crazy camping-road-trip-adventures, we decided to stay home. My husband decided to learn how to make his own yogurt, and I decided to start experimenting with whole grains like barley and farro, inspired by Joshua McFadden’s book “Grains for Every Season.”

Kat and I are also continuing to record and release weekly podcast episodes, which is so much fun, and we’ll be recording more new episodes this weekend. I know a lot of people are planning their summer travels right now (me too! My husband and I are making a pilgrimage to see the Redwoods this year), so check out our travel episode. I’m pretty excited about incorporating interviews with badass women from all walks of life in our upcoming episodes as well, so stay tuned! 

For my own entertainment? A new season of “Perry Mason” is out and I’m hooked. I absolutely love noir, and this is noir done right. That’s probably why I’m so drawn to the gorgeous retro details of this corset-inspired one-piece swimsuit on sale at Saks and these ultra-cool Hollywood-glam sunglasses

One: My favorite loungewear is 25% off this weekend! Aerie offers sizes for a broad range, including my size 14 body, with tons of different options for colors and styles. I love these ruched-at-the-center leggings and matching bra (the burgundy leggings color I’m wearing is sold out, but Aerie still has black). The material is so soft. I also love (and have worn to death) these gray marled drawstring leggings and these high-waisted pocket leggings. I wear size large in all these styles (top and bottom). Bra | Leggings | Cardigan

Two: The Madewell sale of 25% off for any Insider is just too good to pass up. It has some gorgeous linen clothing for spring/summer that I have in my cart. The wide-leg linen pants, vest and blazer sets are giving me major Annie Hall-goes-to-the-Hamptons vibes, and I think I have to pick these up and see how they look on me.

However, my staple Madewell items are definitely the jeans — specifically, the Curve line. Made for anyone for a more than 4-inch difference between their waist and booty, the Curve line is a godsend for any pear-shaped babe. I love the Curvy Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Jeans (pictured above — I’m wearing a size 32) in particular; although I have and love other Curve styles similar to these Curvy Stovepipe jeans and these Curvy Straight jeans. Cami | Sneakers

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