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Happy Friday! Is it just me, or did April pass in the blink of an eye?! I’ve been looking forward to a little birthday splurge, and in true Taurus fashion…This luxe, washable silk pajama set from Quince is sitting in my cart (you’ve convinced me, S). And the best part? The set is under $100.

Also not-to-miss? We love Halfdays, and today is the last day to use our special discount code for 20% off! Get the code (+ more special content) by signing up for TheMomEdit newsletter. Perfect timing to upgrade gear for the next ski season, and S has fallen in love with their base layers for daily wear, too.

Breezy Dresses, Cute Tops, Sexy Sweaters & Jeans, Of Course: Editor Top Sale Picks

We’ve heard of sweatpant-jeans (Laura’s eyeing up this pair at Madewell) and even jean-joggers, but how about jean-trousers? Em noticed this pleated, wide-leg pair at Gap (under $40 with code: YOURS), and I’m curious in the best way.

Happy shopping! More finds on sale this weekend, below…

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Amy’s Sale Picks

I never knew how wild Free People’s sale section was until this week: I had eight items picked out (everything from MOTHER to Levi’s + more), shared a few on our TME Facebook, and within 24 hours every item in every color (multiple colors!!) sold out. The takeaway? When the sale sections are good, do not hesitate even for a moment. Noted.

Here’s what I’m finding *real good* this weekend –

  • Awkward, But Necessary: It’s an awkward time to buy cashmere, but when these luxe sweaters are 60% off and in gorgeous hues, I mean…
  • My Kind Of Workwear: If I still worked in an office, I would absolutely positively show up wearing these (with a white blouse + simple shoes).
  • The Perfect Wash: These MOTHER jeans are the perfect ’90s supermodel style and in that hard to find wash; these would make any outfit.

Even more goods below, Xx –

Scotti’s Sale Picks

I caught what Ozzie had and let’s just say, it was not fun. The timing was even worse — the day after Mom arrived! It didn’t last too long (thank God!) and we were able to make the most of her time here. It’s been so nice having her, but the visits are always too short. We crammed as much as we could into the week…starting with shopping (of course) and we even got to my nephew’s spelling bee this morning (he got second place — yay, Presque!). This weekend we plan on having some family time at the beach…and finally getting those donuts I’ve been talking about!

  • Platforms, Please: There are SO many good platform sandals on sale right now! I can’t decide between this neutral pair or this coral pair – both are 30% off!
  • 2000’s on Repeat: Inspired by a recent TMEI post, Mom and I just tried on these platform flip-flops in-store and we both LOVED them. They gave us extra height AND were comfy! (This would be the SECOND style of shoes I had in college and am wearing again.)
  • Travel ESSENTIAL – OMG where has this been all my life?? This makeup case is PERFECT for carrying all of my brushes and liners and makes it super easy to find everything — AND it’s on sale for under $20!?

Laura’s Sale Picks

Hey, Hey Friday! My mom is visiting this weekend and as usual we have plans to eat all the good food in Portland. We started with our friend’s phenomenal restaurant, St. Jack, last night in NW. Today continues with Din Tai Fung for lunch and Laurelhurst Market for dinner. Let’s just say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to geeking out on really amazing food.

  • Sweatpant jeans? Yes, please. That’s about where my head is at with getting dressed right now and these pants from Madewell look so cute and comfy for spring and summer…AND are $34 off right now. Just want gray classic joggers? These are under $40 and cute. Or these at Target are kind of a combo of both!
  • Treat yourself! I recently upped my PJ game with this gorgeous washable silk set from Quince and I’m never looking back. And a fab price point on these, too. I sized up to a M for comfiness. SO lovely.
  • Ok, More Joggers, But Leveled Up: My stylish mom had these on yesterday and they are SO cute, not sheer at all, really flattering AND they’re under $100. Come in a bunch of colors.

Enjoy your weekend, friends! xoxo

Julieta’s Sale Picks

One of the hardest parts of living away from my country and family is not being there when times get tough. This time, I couldn’t “not be there,” so I talked to my husband and found the cheapest ticket I could find to be with my mom for five days. But something curious happened: I never expected how much good it would do to my trauma healing process. I landed early today and couldn’t be more grateful for these past few days.

Linzi’s Sale Picks

​​I’m having my colors done with Julieta next week and I.can.not.wait! You may have noticed my hair is getting significantly grayer (not dying….yet), my skin tone has changed in the past several years, and I feel like I’m at a loss many days with what colors will help make my changing hair and skin tone look more vibrant (especially without makeup). My Mother’s Day Treat to myself! So fun!

Speaking of fun…sales!

  • Most Popular This Week: You guys have been very interested in this guy. As a super cute cover-up I’m thinking that could easily transition with earrings and cute sandals.  
  • Best Budget-Friendly Deal: This beach dress for under $40. I didn’t like the colorways at first, but if you zoom in on the darker one, it’s pretty cool for an easy beachy look.
  • Goes with Everything Summer: I keep looking at this bag. Under $70 and really would look good with everything I wear all summer long. Fantastic shape.
  • Wild Card Pick: What do we think of these Beyond Yoga leggings for workout with a black tank? Fantastic? Or horrible?

Em’s Top Sale Picks

Well hey, friends! Back again with a little more pinch-hit sales report action. Our Eleanor is already 8-weeks-old and a constant reminder that time is no longer linear once you have kids — just a mass of now and later and when did that happen all fighting for space in the ether. It’s a wild trip, and I’m so excited and relieved to report that, this time, I’ve been dealt a really lovely postpartum hand. Here’s what I can’t resist this week:

  • The Good Shit. A couple of weeks ago, Gap sent me an email with the subject line “The Linen Shit Edit.” Whoops. It got us chuckling on Slack (and also wondering if, knowing my foul mouth, it wasn’t a typo but target marketing, hmmmm) – but the bottom line: Gap’s linen is the shit. Particularly into this linen blazer, which I’d pair with everything from leggings and sweats to the matching linen pull-on pants. Comfy. Chic. Very Diane Keaton. My jam.
  • Eating My Words. Despite my initial reluctance, we’re recent air fryer converts around here, and my exact model is still on sale. We’ve been using it for crisping up all the veggies, but this weekend we’re finally taking it for a spin with wings. Exciting times!
  • Dream Jeans? Dipping my postpartum toe back into denim, and these jeans look far more expensive than they are (under $50!) and feel like a good low-investment way to get into a trendier silhouette while I’m still fluctuating in size.

Have a good weekend, gang. Don’t forget to binge Part 2 of the latest season of Ozark. It’s out today and I’m obsessed. Xo, Em

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

Well, it’s been a week. The sun is shining here in Michigan now on a regular basis, my favorite hiking trails have finally started to thaw and my daily hikes have resumed. So, really, I can’t complain. I’m looking forward to date night dinner tonight at MDRD, The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids’ ABSOLUTELY amazing Spanish restaurant, and going over plans for my Birthday Trip to Chicago with Jon. Life is good – AND so are the sales this week (haha, how’s that for a smooth transitional sentence?):

Happy hunting friends! Xo, Jess 

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