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Helloooo, Friday! With the end of the school year and vacation on our minds, it’s really feeling like summer now. All I want to wear during these hotter months ahead is a pretty cami…and Linzi’s rag & bone 100% silk cami just went on sale at Saks! The attention to detail is gorgeous in person; the seamed neckline is elevating and the contrasting straps deliver a subtle mood-boosting pop of color.

Summer Dresses, Stylish Sandals + Our Fave Beauty & Skincare Products: Editor Top Sale Picks

I can’t get enough of these pretty summer dresses! This sweet floral midi dress is effortlessly flattering, and an extra 50% off with code: SUNNY. Need lightweight pants for this warmer season? Scotti’s linen joggers in Cactus Peach are the perfect alternative to shorts and just as easy to dress up or down. But, if denim shorts are your jam, Gap’s selection of denim shorts has been crushing it and this high-rise pair (under $50) fits the bill.

Don’t skip the deals on summer skincare & beauty: we can’t rave enough about Supergoop! sunscreen (this Glow Screen adds a fun shimmer) and Laura uses this Nudestix color balm daily during summer.

Keep scrolling for more editor picks on sale! Happy shopping…

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey, Friday! My dearest pal who I haven’t seen since 2020 has been visiting this week from Toronto with her family…including her 6-month-old cutest cutie ever that I have been dying to meet! (She has had a natural mohawk for the past few months…OMG, it is the literal best…I’ll put some pics on my Instagram.) What incredible good this visit has done for my soul. I am a friends person…my friends are truly my joy, and Nicole and I were the instant-besties-kind when we met in 2015. It was and still is magical.

Sales are so so fun this weekend, friends! Here are a few favs…

Happy Weekend, all. Happy Pride Month. To my LGBTQIA+ friends and fam…I love you and celebrate you! xoxo

Scotti’s Sale Picks

Today is our LAST DAY in Carolina Beach and we’re all a little sad. Excited to get home to our own beds, our friends, our families…but this place is just so… peaceful. I can 100% relate to Jess as a fellow Michigan girl. The winters can get realllly long and a little “sunshine and seashore”  is always good for the soul.

We start the long drive back tomorrow, with a stop in Ann Arbor for my yearly MRI/brain tumor check up. (And I’m sure a little shopping along the way is bound to take place — I’ll share any great finds with you guys!)

  • Robe, But Make it Summer: You guys loved this long, lightweight cardigan with a hint of cashmere that I wear as a robe in the summer…super-comfy, easy to throw on over whatever and 58% off ($33)!
  • Worth the Wait: The boots I featured here and here are (finally!) on sale and I LOVE them. The perfect boots to wear with cropped jeans or flares or wide legs or…you get it.
  • Flawless Foundation: One of my all-time favorite foundations (I’ve tried a LOT) is on sale! Lightweight coverage that makes your skin look better instead of covering it up. (Check out the awesome reviews!)

Linzi’s Sale Picks

​​I just blew Shana off for coffee…she’s annoyed but she also knows that I would be no fun to hang out with in my current “state”. End of the school year feels like madness every.single.spring to my brain. This year especially with my oldest moving on from the school he has attended for nine years.

All week I’ve actually been looking forward to this moment. Sitting in my quiet kitchen…alone…pouring myself a cup of coffee, turning everything off in my brain, and focusing ONLY on beautiful outfit pieces that are on sale. My own personal quickie luxury vacation. And there are PLENTY of beautiful things on sale to focus my brain on…lucky for me. Top pick is DEFINITELY Saks this week!

Hope you guys are able to create your own quickie vacation in your mind as well today…whatever that is for you. I’m feeling more human already.  

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

It finally feels like summer has arrived here in CO, and I couldn’t be happier about it. This will be my first full-on summer experience in CO, and I am so stoked for all the things I have on my bucket list. You all know I am a girl who glamps instead of camps, but you just might actually find me camping this summer! Who the heck am I?! Anyways, this weekend is going to be hella busy, and I am so excited to celebrate Kendall’s wedding! She’s one of my besties and my photographer (she takes all my TME pictures). I am also headed to Denver for an art festival. All around I am just so excited and happy for all the sunshine and love celebrating! XX – Kat 

  • MAJOR GANNI SALE!!! – One of my favorite designers is having a huge sale right now, and there are tons of stellar pieces that are currently up to 40% off. I just added this gorgeous eyelet shirt dress to my cart! Oh, and these mules remind me of the ones that Gucci just dropped. 
  • SHOPBOP “BREEZY” SALE – Shopbop rarely has sales, and this weekend their entire sale selection is an extra 25% off with the code “breezy.” There are too many things I am adding to my cart, but this is at the top of my list! 
  • THE WRAP SKIRT I WILL WEAR ALL SUMMER – Gahhh this Free People wrap skirt is absolute perfection! It makes me feel so sexy! I have it in black and in orchid, and I am certain it will be one of my most-worn pieces. It’s on sale at Nordstrom, but the sizing is limited and it’s fully stocked in all sizes at REVOLVE

Amy’s Sale Picks

I discovered this week, all thanks to Abby, that my aesthetic is what TikTok has coined “coastal grandmother.”

I’ve heard this phrase over the past few months but never paid much attention to it — that is until Abby sent a photo of my favorite set in a stunning new ‘prep peri’ shade and said “It totally evokes that coastal grandma style that I feel is so up your alley.” At that moment I looked down at what I was currently wearing — a beige, knitted top + matching pants, my hair in a claw clip, and clogs on my feet, plus plans to go trim some lilacs in my backyard to display in vases.

Suddenly, all of life made sense.

  • If Your Aesthetic Is Also Coastal Grandmother: I’ve been eyeing the Anthro wrapped candles and they’re currently on sale, as are all of their ‘summer entertaining essentials’!!
  • Hit The Trails: The summer version of my favorite hiking boots (I have the “all season” pair) is currently marked down! If you primarily hike in warmer/dry weather, these are the best and 25% off!
  • Designer Spotlight: Nordstrom has a lot of rag & bone on sale: this gorgeous silk skirt in three colors and these straight-leg jeans are worth a glance.

More sale favorites below, cheers! Xx

Julieta’s Sale Picks

Gang! I have a kindergartener. My youngest had his last day of pre-k this week, and it’s another bittersweet milestone. Two months ago, I had this feeling of wanting to try for a third baby — maybe a girl? I told my husband and kept imagining how we would make it work.

But as you know, motherhood is HARD. Mothering away from family is brutal. Gosh, I’m tearing up here. If you know my childhood abuse story, becoming a mother brought up all the trauma, and it’s been a healing but very hard journey. A lot surfaced even after that post, so I don’t know how I would handle my mental health with three kids…for now I’ll enjoy my two amazing boys and nieces.

Em’s Sale Picks

Happy Friday, gang! Lana still has her bum thumb, so we’ve spent the past week trying to make the days feel as “summery” as possible whilst avoiding playgrounds, climbing, water sports aaaand basically anything remotely jarring that could disrupt her stitches. So far we’ve explored a blue whale skeleton and dined on our fave acai bowls in Santa Cruz; hit up the local county fair; visited our friends’ house for a playdate (which is a bonafide farm, complete with ponies!); spent a little mad money at Target (fun for all ages!); aaand set up a snack-and-craft tent situation in the backyard. Feeling like the Consummate Fun Summer Mom, if I’m being honest. Oh, and lest you think there isn’t also a fair amount of screen time involved, we also started watching the whole Marvel franchise as a family (in order of release, not chronological, for anyone nerdy enough to wonder). It’s been so fun, and gives big sis something to look forward to every evening after the babe goes down.

Here’s what I’m contemplating for sales this week:

  • BOGO 50% Off! You know we love some Colleen Rothschild around here. My three faves are the cleansing balm, the glycolic acid peel pads (near-clinical results, I swear — yet mild enough for my sometimes sensitive skin); and this tourmaline primer, which makes all my everyday super-minimal makeup glide right on, blend effortlessly — and stay put! Also protects skin from nasty pollutants and the like. Great buy. If you’re looking for a fourth item to round out the BOGO, this face oil is a verrrrrrry close second to my fave Squalane + Rose Oil from Biossance. I stopped using the CR one while pregnant because of the retinol, but it’s genuinely effective. The whole team loves it.
  • Even if you’re not into designer stuff…Saks’ Designer Sale is so good, with prices slashed up to 50% off. I’m loving this Theory dress that’s artsy enough to be dressed up or down, but also easy and just seems…wearable; and there’s lots of great, marked-down denim, too (I’d start here and then filter by size). 
  • rag & bone Dres – on sale! And well-stocked in an easy, everyday wash. One of my most-worn pairs of jeans (I have them in several washes). More details on the fit and finish (and a budget-friendly comparison) in this post.

Have a great weekend, friends! Xo, Em

Jess’ Sale Picks

It’s been another week in paradise here in Osprey, Florida (where I’m currently visiting my parents). I can’t even begin to explain how much I need this time with them, as well as time away from Michigan. The winters there are doing my soul in, bit by bit. I did not grow up in the midwest and each year it seems to take an even greater toll on my emotional health. So, my parents and I came up with a plan to have me come visit (and help them with errands and stuff) once every other month — so I can get a break from the monotony. A little sunshine and seashore have been doing wonders! And I usually leave feeling refreshed and revived and a little sunburnt. Back to the sales this week… seeing as I’m on vacation, my mind is focused on all the summer vacay essentials: dresses, shorts, sandals, etc., and there is so much good summer stuff on sale all over the place!

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  1. Laura, I got the Vans checkered MTE-1’s and I loved them. Last year I got the MTE-2’s (they were a men’s recommendation last year, but I literally wore them every day until recently. WA weather?!! They are so comfy and warm. The 1’s are a bit lighter but so comfy as well. I haven’t worn high tops since 8th grade, but now I love them again!

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