Huaraches: These Cute Sandals Are More Than Nostalgia


Apparently shoes must be nostalgic for me, especially summer sandals. Who had huarache sandals when you were younger?

I had a white pair that I adored! I think I was 10 or so? I remember that they molded to my feet just perfectly and became my summer favs.

Huaraches: These Cute Sandals Are More Than Nostalgia

I’ve had some various woven sandals over the years that were cute, but nothing like the classic huaraches. My friend recently had a pair on in one of her IG stories, and I then started noticing them everywhere! It’s funny how that happens. And, in true fashion, I then had to have some. This led me to think that others might be searching for huaraches, too. So here’s a little roundup of a few pairs: some handmade from Etsy and some “inspired-by” styles. (sandals above here)

Cute Huarache & Woven Sandals

I just don’t know if there is a more summery shoe. Perhaps because in México and Central America where they originate from, it’s always summery. The shoes are a brilliant design of sturdy yet soft leather that really does mold to your foot and stretch just enough with wear. I like some of the pairs that I’m noticing with a bit thicker sole these days, like the Brand X Huraches. I was on the hunt for the open-toed kind, but promptly found so many other cute styles I had to do a full roundup.

I've had various woven sandals that were cute, but nothing like classic huaraches. Here's our roundup: some handmade from Etsy & some "inspired-by" styles.

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01/ pink huaraches: OK, these might be my favorites. They’re handmade in México, too, and ships directly from there. Just classic and gorgeous, but in such a fun shade that would really go with everything. I’d style with my favorite Levi’s cut-offs and a white knotted tee (surprise, surprise, haha.) The Etsy shop is Mexican and woman-owned.

02/ Sbicca tan huaraches: This is the pair I have on at the top of the post, but in a different colorway. Which do you like best? The orange details on mine are so fun! But the tan here might be more versatile overall. These fit TTS and I can tell they’ll break in beautifully. To keep slip-on shoes like these comfy and on my foot, since I have narrow heels, I always use these heel grips. This is a Philly-based company, too! They offer a ton of great colors, including a pretty gold, black, an awesome silver, and even a black-multi that is totes nostalgic!

03/ Catrinas slides: (More sizes, but not at the discount here) So cute! Love this inspired-by version if you prefer a slide!

04/ Etsy bone color peep-toe: These may be my other favorite! Or maybe I’m just saying that about all of them. Haha. This color and the peep toe are so great. This shop has all the styles I want! So wonderful. This Etsy shop is Mexican American, family owned, artisan-made and ships from California.

05/ Etsy diamond huaraches: I mean, these are so great! From the same Etsy shop as the bone-colored pair. Love the contrast pattern in this. So unique!

06/ bedstu: These are just reminiscent of huaraches, but I have loved this shoe brand for a while now. They make cool slightly rustic styles and these are a great shoe that would go with everything.

07/ gold mules: OK, these. Are fabulous. So fun. And for those of you who like or need to wear close toed shoes, I got you. This Etsy shop also has this mule style in black, as well as this thicker sole huarache style I love! This shop “aims to bring attention, respect, and appreciation to the stories and labor of love that people throughout Latin America bring to their work” as stated in their bio. Ships from California, as well.

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