Wooley Bloomers / Diaper Covers for Boys and Girls


 I love diaper covers.  You know – the pretty white ruffle-butt thingys that are often monogrammed?  Yes.  LOVE.  But since I gave birth to:  1. A boy, and 2. In January…ruffle-butt bloomers were never purchased.  Now, with baby #2 (again, a boy, November) I thought I was still out of luck.

But I came across these cashmere wool shorties pictured at left, $14, from Etsy Seller rebourne, and I was hooked.  I love the rather sophisticated black-and-white stripes — so cute on either a boy or a girl.  How refreshing to see something so truly
Il_430xN.163759788 unisex.  She also has a totally adorable orange version, made out of merino wool and cashmere (pictured at right).

I think these are really meant to be diaper covers for cloth-diapering mamas….but I'd use them just for pure cuteness over any old diaper.  I think baby picture perfection is achieved best when the babes are either naked or wearing only diapers, and these diaper covers would make an adorable pic.

Want more? 

Another Etsy seller, grandmagift11, makes merino wool diaper covers reminiscent of a cozy old sweater.  With ruffles for girls, of course.  Her prices range from $20 – $28.


So what do you think?  Perfect for a holiday card picture, no?




  1. So…my mom is new to facebook, and I sent her some links to “like,” including y’all’s from ANMJ. She saw this article, promptly headed over to etsy, and bought both the grey and orange diaper covers! How funny–gotta love the over-eager grandmas. Little man is going to have a very warm bum this winter.

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