What I’m Wearing To Workout And Run Around

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I’ve been wearing the heck out of this outfit.  I wear it to Pilates, I wear it to grab coffee, I wear it to run errands.  Or to eat “gelati” – one of the East Coasts’ greatest inventions, IMHO. Gelati is like Hawaiian water ice, combined with seriously creamy soft serve ice cream.



Anyway, this outfit couldn’t be easier:  sports bra, mesh top, crazy pants, metallic sandals.




And cute baby feet.  Because my days with a baby are numbered. sob!

Thankfully, Mike and I make snugglers – even to the ripe old age of six.



mesh top: c/o Missguided Fishnet Jumper, $45 (I’m wearing a size 4)

sports bra: My boobs are fake, so I’m wearing this bralet by Spendid.  But Moving Comfort’s real sportsbra looks just as good (and is nursing-friendly).

crazy pants: Zoe Karssen (SOLD OUT)…butBUTBUT….try the Zoe Karssen leopard print sweatpants (currently 70% off)…or the Zoe Karssen bat prints sweatpants (50% off)…I’m wearing an XXS.

metallic sandals: old…try Yosi Samra’s simple metallic sandal…or this DV gold sandal.

sunnies: Ray-ban

on Pax: Nico-Nico dot surf shorts, similar Gap tee

on Raines: Petit Bateau shorts bought on Thred Up…try this crewcut pair, also on Thredup


Have you heard of Missguided?  They’re a UK-based online retailer of seriously cool fast fashion.  Think Forever21, but higher quality….and they ship for free to the US.  I met two of the Missguided gals at the Reward Style conference, and I’m now a huge fan.  My favorite piece was this mesh top, aka “Fishnet Jumper”.  Confusing, I know.  Jumper.  Something in which one can jump?  Ok.

I’ve also worn this, uh, Fishnet jumper over these Lululemon running shorts and a workout tank.  You’d never know I had just finished running.  Except for the beet-red complexion.  There’s just no help for that.   Want to see pics?  (Of the outfit, not the face.  Obviously.)

ps.  The jumper also comes in black.





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  1. I have those pants too! Wow you are one small girl! I had to size up because they seemed to run skinny….I do love them too.:)

  2. wow, you are brave to wear a see through top and a bra to run errands!! Not for me, that is for sure!

  3. I love love love this outfit soooo much. Totally going to recreate. If I get up enough noyve to wear the fishnet top outside of the gym. I’m forever on the hunt for a fishnet top to wear to pilates/yoga – love that one.

  4. You look amazing!!! Love LOVE your hair 🙂 C’est tres chic! And, this may be totally inappropriate and sorry for that!, but I want your boobs!! They look awesome in the rash guard you were wearing in your last post! I want one but I’m afraid mine would look like sad lil’ pancakes! You rock and I love reading your blog 🙂

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