Worn This All Week…Lets Call It A Uniform



I have worn this exact outfit approximately 10 out of the last 14 days.  I mean YES:  partly because of the large pile of laundry I have been successfully ignoring (I'm practically an expert in the field of laundry avoidance), and partly because I've spent the last 6 days alternating between banging my head on the keyboard ("Down!  The blog is down AGAIN!") and playing with my kiddos. 

Incidentally, I walked back from school drop-off the other day with Pax yelling, "MINE DICK!! MINE DICK!!" every two feet.   It took me a while to realize that dick = stick.  Ahhhh….



But here's why I keep reaching for this outfit:  It's comfortable, practical, and also….interesting.  Remember when we first talked about interesting sweaters, oh, years ago?   Well, I'd like to expand that 'interesting' label to, uh, everything.  

It used to be that I'd add one interesting piece into an outfit and call it a day, but as the years have passed, I just keep adding.  My favorite striped sweater is cool and everything, but doesn't it look better with snake-print flats?  And really, doesn't everything look better with snake-print flats?  And why not throw in a cool belt?  

Be prepared for this same discussion next year.  If I stick to my current trajectory, by next April I'll also be touting the chic perfection of mismatched socks and veiled hats.  "Um, that's INTERESTING."



sweaterEquipement (50% off at Bloomies)

jeans: AG - similar at J.Crew



Belt: Lucky Brand - similar

On Pax: Fabkids, Vans


Just for fun, here are three other outfits that follow this little formula I'm obsessed with:  striped sweater, interesting denim, patterned flats.  None of these outfits are perfect, but that's exactly why I like them.



Left: sweater, belt, jeans, TOMS

Middle: sweater, belt, jeans, Vans

Right: sweater, belt, jeans, sneaks



In short, I'm going to start dressing more like Pax.




  1. Okay, this outfit I can do. I love the entire thing…perfection! I just wish that adorable blue and white stripped top was like…$100 less!
    PS, I just ordered a pair of Toms that I think would totally work with this look. They’re the Jonathan Adler zigzag Toms and I’m DYING to get them in the mail so I can wear them nonstop!! =)

  2. I LOVE this outfit! Everything about it! Totally just trying to add one interesting piece is sometimes tough for me, but I was proud of myself last date night. Had a couple different things and even went with a colored layer. I’ve thought for several years that our styles are going more and more toward what our toddlers wear, and what we wish we could. When I start wearing tutus and rainbow leg warmers – together. I’ll know it’s over. lol

  3. Love the look, especially the sunglasses! I am constantly in stripes, this looks a bit like my uniform as well.
    Mismatched socks, though, are already a thing! At least with the under 10 crowd in my house. My girls never match their socks anymore, but they have gotten great at coordinating them!
    Thanks for another set of great ideas.

  4. Great look! Definitely going to copy this one. On another note, speaking of uniforms, do you have any good recommendations right now for a spring/summer army or military style jacket? My old one is fraying and I’m in the market to replace…thanks!

  5. I love the look! But as an hourglass, still carrying an extra few pounds from my last pregnancy, I’m worried those tops wouldn’t be flattering on me and my DDD girls. How can I change this up to suit a curvier body?

  6. I’m dying for that nude/ivory striped Equipment sweater, but I waited too long to pull the trigger on the Bloomingdales website and it’s sold out. Any suggestions for a similar sweater? (Those colors are so pretty!)

  7. Outfit looks great, but I especially love the beer choice. Firestone IPA = good stuff for hopheads. Have a great weekend!

  8. I love this, too! Very similar to what I’m wearing right now. To Erin, my variation (because if I wore a sweater like that I’d look like Humpty Dumpty) is a tee and soft blazer or long cardigan for the top part. The fun part is mixing up different elements that are cute and don’t match, though!!!

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